Mexi’s Amateur Guide to PVP for those doing the GARO event

I am absolutely NOT an expert at all modes of PvP in FFXIV and I do welcome constructive feedback. I have PvP’d a lot in SWTOR and Neverwinter as well as a bit in Guildwars 2. However in FFXIV, I am only rank 41 and I took a huge break until the recent GARO event.

While collecting my mounts, I worked out quite a few things and asked a lot of questions. Thought it might be useful to add this knowledge to a post here.

The truth about Healers and PvP

No matter which PVP event you go into as a healer, you are going to get the ever-living crap beaten out of you. You are. If you can’t accept this, don’t go as a healer.

I love it. Not because I’m a masochist but because I love frustrating the opposing team. I love the challenge of staying alive and of keeping my teammates alive. I am positively gleeful about surviving.

From time to time though it does take its toll on me, especially when you repeatedly confront experienced and focused teams and when that happens I take a break or play a different role.

In SWTOR, I would occasionally suffer from what our guild referred to as ‘Sage-Rage’. Which is where you (as a healer) would get so freaking angry and frustrated you just couldn’t play for a bit. Never lasts long and it happened to every healer I knew who PvP’d.

Also: if DPS as a healer is your thing, you’re going to be disappointed to know that Cleric’s stance is disabled and that magic damage is reduced. So you might want to reconsider if you’re not happy being a healbot.

PvP Skills

There are specific actions available in PvP only. You should use them. So for example – Purity can be used by anyone to cleanse debuffs on themselves or others.

As you rank up you earn points and you can put these points into the skills (or into things like VIT) to improve them.

You can setup (inside your PvP Profile) up to five sets of preset skills so that it’s easy to switch between classes.

You can have a macro which allows you to equip a gearset AND your PVP skills at the same time. (You don’t need the square brackets)

/micon [gearset number] gearset
/gs change [gearset number]
/wait 1
/apa preset [preset number]

So this assigns the icon of the gearset to the macro, changes your gear and equips the skills you saved under a particular, numbered preset.

Each job has a job-specific special skill.

Frontlines – level 60, Shatter and Seize

I honestly don’t really enjoy Frontlines much. It’s okay, I don’t hate it but I find it frustrating at times.


The things to keep in mind are:

It’s a game with objectives and whilst in some circumstances killing the opposing team’s players can help in almost every circumstance the best thing you can do is focus on the objective. Then your team will win points and points win the match.


  • Focus on the objectives, everything else is secondary. In Shatter, the aim is to earn points by destroying the crystals that pop. The bigger the crystal formation, the more points you can earn. By doing good DPS on these, you earn more points for your team.
  • In Seize, the objective is to take tomeliths and keep them until you’ve downloaded all the data from them
  • Do not isolate yourself – keep with a pack, ideally focusing on objectives
  • Don’t get drawn away from your pack because you want to pwn n00bs
  • In Shatter – be careful not to run through other teams solo after the crystals go down, they will kill you.
  • If you get hit with heavy whilst on a mount, consider whether it may be worth jumping off your mount, cleansing the debuff (possibly with purity) and then sprint if needed.
  • Watch the points very closely
  • In some circumstances it is a good idea to try and kill off players of an opposing team – but never alone.


Matches in the Feast are also about points but this is the place where player kills are more important. Matches are shorter and you can only chat in party, using PVP actions which you’ll find under Actions and Traits. These can be added to your hotbars.

Unless you’re confident and experienced as a PVP player or in a fixed party, only queue for 8v8 unranked. Career PvPers will have lower expectations of 8v8 matches and will expect to see lots of GARO-farming players there.

In the Feast, when players kill each other, the dead player drops medals which are worth points. if you pick those medals up, you earn points for your team but… by picking up medals, you will take more damage and you will drop more medals if you die. The game is designed that in most cases it is better to spread out the medals rather than one person hold them but you’ll see experienced tanks expertly defend themselves whilst hoarding all the medals. The mechanic involved in this is called Heavy Medal.

The aim is either to get to 1100 points or to be holding the most points when the game ends.

Matches are far quicker than in Frontlines and earn you fewer marks. I find them far easier to cope with not least because the worse your team is, the faster it will all be over.

PvP skills really help inside the Feast.

Things you can do to help win the match:

  • Help healers by destroying the crates surrounding the defensive supplies as they don’t have cleric stance in PvP  Okay with some input from I’m going to amend this slightly. Ranged DPS might need those defensive supplies. Especially squishy BLMs and SMNs. Depending on what you’re facing the healer may not be the best person to take them. If it’s just one of you, it’s probably worth it.
  • Supply boxes repop partway through the match and being aware of that and being able to safely grab the supplies can win the match for you.
  • Collect medals if you think you can hold them or if no one else does. If you don’t collect medals, they will go back to the other team
  • Focus players who are holding a lot of medals on the other team, or those supporting them
  • Don’t get cut-off from your healers and the rest of your team
  • If you’re being focused, don’t kite behind barriers unless a healer is with you. They’re probably not. If you line of sight a healer, you’re probably dead unless you’re a tank
  • Healers look after each other as well as the rest of the team
  • If the healers are killed, pull back until they rejoin.
  • If you’re carrying a lot of medals, play cleverly and don’t take risks.
  • If your team is winning and you’re down to the last 20s, one tactic is to pull back towards your base. Essentially play defensively until the timer runs out.
  • If you can sleep or stun, use it judiciously. Don’t spam on the same player or they’ll build immunity.
  • Blizzard 2 is a great spell to use to bind players whilst you run away
  • Learn what your PvP skills are – they can help other members of your team


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2 Comments on “Mexi’s Amateur Guide to PVP for those doing the GARO event”

  1. February 18, 2017 at 16:27 #

    Excellent stuff. I came here looking for the /apa command as I hadn’t found it anywhere & it’s not in the ‘official’ command list in the macro help. It’ll change the way I play now as I don’t have to manually do point allocations or use huge long macros! x Culf

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