Notes from the FFXIV EU fanfest keynote 2017

  • Samurai confirmed as second new job. Only two jobs for this expansion and both are DPS. SAM armour grouped with MNK. Main weapon Katana. IAI and other Far Eastern techniques. Heavy melee DPS. Art of Sen. Three forces Setsu, Getsu and Ka (Snow, Moon and flower).
  • Like RDM, will start at level 50. Quest will start in Eorzea
  • First we battle Imperials/Ala Mhigo then head further East to Othard (Far East continent)
  • New gear/crafted items
  • New city – Kurogane. Far Eastern port town on isolationist Island chain of Hingashi. Only place which welcomes/trades with other nations
  • Othard field areas mentioned.
  • The Ruby Sea, exclusive, rife with Pirate activity, connected to Kurogane and one of the first new areas we’ll encounter
  • New beast tribe: the Kojin. Turtle/tortoise like. Found in and around the Ruby Sea. Underwater settlements. Collectors of items which house powerful Kami.
  • New Primal: Lord of Revel – Susano. ‘Ruler of the Ruby Sea’
  • Multiple new dungeons, one was channelling Arrapago Ghost ship feels
  • Yanxia: second city to liberate will be found here. Controlled by Garlean Empire.
  • Azim Steppe: plains area. Absolutely stunning. Au Ri reside here
  • Dev footage showed some areas where there were rice etc
  • 4th Residential area: Shirogane. Will be released some time after Stormblood release.
  • Moving will be possible
  • Housing furnishing capacity will be doubled for all sizes
  • Theme tune will have usual Susan Calloway

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