Plans before Stormblood: changing Grand Companies for achievements

I’ve been trying to catch up on a few things in game I’d always planned to do but never gotten around to.  I recently completed my 200 Feast wins for my Gloria Airship and I’m left with a handful of things I want to do before Stormblood.


The first is to finish up all my jobs to 60. All I have left to finish now is Monk. I don’t enjoy playing melee DPS very much so both DRG and MNK have been a struggle but I’m 53 now and that will be over soon. It will mean I can finish the final GARO achievement, making me a Makai Master.

I need to finish up my SCH anima weapon, I’ve cleared 8 runes without much effort. I’ve not tried to farm lights at all as I’ve been focused on GARO and PvP achievements in the Feast. I have a WHM weapon at the light stage too so once SCH is done I’ll probably focus on getting that one done more quickly.

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while is change Grand Companies. There are a number of achievements (and minions!) available which you can’t get if you stick with one GC. I know we’ll likely go up more ranks in the next expansion but I figured I’d see how hard it was to cap out in the other two.

I’m a born and bred pirate. I love Limsa and I love Merlwyb. Changing to another GC feels really weird as I’m capped out for the Maelstrom. I  decided to defect to the Twin Adders first.

On Monday, I switched over. The first time you switch it’s free. All your PvP rank, your grand company seals and rank in your original GC are preserved but you can’t access them in your new GC.  If you switch back (as I intend to do) they’ll be waiting for you.

So the first challenge is you’re the lowest of the low and you have no Grand Company seals. You can’t trade in gear until you’ve ranked up a few times. I have max crafters so I decided to do some daily hand-ins.  I was lucky that four of them were starred, so I HQ’d the gear and handed them all in. That gave me a lot of seals and completed the challenge log entries which gave me another 2k. I ranked up several times very quickly.  Be careful, at this point you can only hold 10k GC seals. Don’t waste your hand-ins.

Then I had to start completing a Hunting Log for the GC. It’s done in stages so you need Rank 1 for one promotion, rank 2 for another later on and it’s only when you want to go for your final promotion (First x Lieutenant at the time of writing) that you need the whole thing complete.  Completing Hunting log entries at level 60 and the ability to run through dungeons unsync’d means that the mobs you need to kill inside dungeons don’t need to be a challenge. They can be completed in about 10 mins. I had to kill mobs in Qarn and Wanderer’s Palace.

Before you know it I’m at the point where I can hand in old armour and weapons for expert delivery (x Sergeant Second Class) and once you hit this point life gets so easy. Even if you’re not a hoarder like me,  gear is easy to either craft or farm in dungeons or you can take a little longer and farm FATEs or do daily hand-ins.

Eventually you’ll be asked to do some dungeons – I had to complete Darkhold and Aurum Vale – both of which take less than 10 minutes unsync’d with 2 of you. Suddenly you’re  Second X Lieutenant and all you need to do now is finish up the final rank of your Hunting log.


If you’re already max rank (First x Lieutenant) in another GC the last rank up is incredibly easy. You’ve already done all the hard work ranking up your squadron to 50 and getting them through the rank up missions. So once you have completed your Hunting Long for your new company, zone into the barracks and see all your squad members there. The good news is they don’t have to be re-leveled so you can send them straight out on the Flagged Mission: Crystal Recovery as they will meet the needed stats immediately.

So in a few hours work and one overnight mission, you can be max rank in another Grand Company! Don’t forget to buy any hatchling minions you want and collect your mammet from the achievements guy in Gridania once your new GC Hunting Log is complete!

Then wait 2 weeks to move on to the next Grand Company to do the same thing!


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