Moving the NA datacenter & why it matters to EU players

I’m going to have a bit of a mutter about server moves.
Firstly, I hope that by SE moving the FFXIV NA servers from Canadian East to somewhere else, it won’t have an enormous effect on my ping. If it’s the West coast (which I think is the most likely) then it could impact my ability to play the game. However the game is designed to be played with up to a 200ms ping. Currently I ping 80-90 from the UK. I pinged a League of Legends server on the West coast when I heard about this and my ping went up to 142. So, hopefully it will all be fine in the worst case scenario.


How did I end up (as an EU player) on an NA server? Well. I played FFXI (SE’s earlier MMO) for many years. I met a lot of NA players. The guilds (linkshells) I ran were mixed NA and EU. So events were scheduled with both EST and UK players in mind. Anyone either side of those had to adapt a little. Einherjar at 09:00 PST on Sundays for some players was a reality.

When FFXIV was rereleased, a lot of my former friends from FFXI and I banded together to start a new group. Again, a mixed group. At this point I did consider whether to start on an EU-slanted server (Chaos data center) but as there was no physical difference in location and many of the players in the group only speak English, we decided to form on an NA server. As the servers were on the East coast, the UK players in the group didn’t suffer too badly.

What you may not know or remember is that FFXI servers were all global. So players from around the world were muddled together. Whilst this did cause a few problems, on the whole it was remarkably successful. This meant that you could meet players from anywhere – and I absolutely loved it.


So if you’ve played a game from 2004, with friends who in some cases you’ve known since the beginning and many who you’ve known for over 10 years and you see a second chance to team up, you’re not going to want to break the group up. I’ve met quite a few of these players in real life when I visited the US or met up in the UK. We’ve also collected some great friends along the way inside FFXIV itself.

So yes, I accept I made the choice to roll on an NA server because a greater portion of the group were NA and initially we’d decided to go to Gilgamesh where many of the forum groups were going. However we moved to another server on the same datacenter because we couldn’t get everyone into Gilgamesh.

If the ping becomes a nightmare and makes the game difficult to play, I then have to face a decision I’m reluctant to make. Do I (as leader of an FC, with a medium house in Ward 1 Mist, 4 airships, friends on the server) lose a group of friends and a great setup on Siren to play on EU servers where my ping is 5ms?

YoshiP knows that there are a wide range of reasons people play on NA servers – many of them social. He understands the situation better than some NA players. Many of which haven’t been playing since the beginning when there was no physical difference in data center location. When Chaos moved, NA folks were given free transfers off. Will EU players be given free transfers off the NA one?

Here’s hoping it’s all a storm in a teacup and actually it makes little difference. However, friends further West into Europe may have an even harder time than me.


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3 Comments on “Moving the NA datacenter & why it matters to EU players”

  1. May 10, 2017 at 23:47 #

    FINALLY! Someone else who gets it! I am on Leviathan, despite being from the UK, because at the time there was no difference in location & Chaos was suggested to be more geared to non-English EU players whereas Primal & Aether were for English speaking NA & EU players. In theory, everyone on Primal should speak English at some level, whereas on Chaos that’s not guaranteed. I do speak German & Spanish but nowhere hear we’ll enough to direct others in an MMO. Don’t even mention the abomination of auto-translate.

    Disadvantaged EU players should get a free complete transfer to an EU server if they wish, meaning that they can transfer houses & all goods/gil. That’s if the server move is a negative one, which they’ve hinted it will be. It’s just incredibly depressing to think all the social links we’ve made would be lost.

    My hope is for another East Coast location with equal, or better, latency than we have now. A huge amount of the current latency is introduced after the trace reaches the US shore, rather than the Transatlantic leap itself.


    • May 11, 2017 at 11:34 #

      It’s nice to hear from another UK player on an NA server!


  2. May 15, 2017 at 21:47 #

    I’m NA on EU server! I found your blog because of the onions. Thanks for that! ♥


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