Just stop it! Pre Expansion irritation!

Right. That’s it. I’m cross! You heard me!

Owl Stahp

Just stop! Yes, I mean you. I get it, you’re excited about the expansion – so am I! I wasn’t but I’m now fairly positive about it and looking forward to new content.

The job changes should make life more pleasant, especially for newer players and hopefully gently encourage all of us to do a better job by guiding us with the new job gauge system.

So – things I feel are utterly stupid right now:

  • Making definitive guides for any job, including the new ones. Seriously, we’ve already seen that there have been changes to the numbers on the tool tips and that there are things which we don’t understand yet.
  • Asking questions about how things will work when the freaking expansion hasn’t been released yet and NO ONE KNOWS! Why do you think other people magically have the answers that you don’t?
  • Deciding what the ‘meta’ will be. Who the fuck actually cares?! Oh ok that’s a bit harsh and I do get that raiders do really care but honestly until people really understand how their jobs work and all the small changes (proc rates, traits etc) factor in, it’ll be really hard to know…

I know no one will give a damn what I say but this is me venting and being relieved that Early Access is 10 days away!



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Categories: FFXIV, game mechanics, Rant


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