[Siren] Drunken Siren’s Call aka . Coming back for Stormblood? Check us out!

We’re a small, friendly, social FC, established since early access (2013) on the Siren server.

Siren is on the Aether data center which has the two biggest NA servers in it, so our datacenter party finder is pretty busy.

The FC has a small number of friendly players and we’d like more! We have EU and NA players in the group so NA players who have some playtime in the day might like the company of our EU players. If you’re a shift worker or an EU player on Siren, this might suit you!

If you’re a late night PST player, this group probably won’t suit you but we do have the odd late night player.


You can find us on the Lodestone here: http://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/freecompany/9231394073691030027/

We have a medium house in Ward 1 of the Mist with a workshop, 4 airships, summoning bell, crystal bell, armoire, triple triad table, chocobo stable etc which you are more than welcome to use.

We have players at varying levels of experience and don’t mind if you’ve played since alpha or joined yesterday!

You can find us on Twitter @DrunkenSiren (https://twitter.com/DrunkenSiren), Facebook and we have a a Discord server. None of these are mandatory but if you like to keep in touch you’re welcome to use any of them!

Apply in-game or leave a message here!
Mexi Lostbane – Drunken Siren’s Call aka <DRUNK>

P.S. The group doesn’t give a crap if you’re gay, straight, trans-gendered, black, white, pale blue or an alien. We’re a bunch of people who like playing video games together and that’s all that matters. Discrimination in the form of sexism, ageism, racism, homophobia and on the basis of any other inconsequential difference is not welcome and will not be tolerated.


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