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FFXI Dynamis: does anyone know who drew this? They need a medal! (And credit)



Are you looking for a new home?

ffxiv_19112016_102032Drunken Siren’s Call is a mixed EU/NA Free Company founded at launch on Siren. Our tag is DRUNK – but fear not, we’re not a bunch of alcoholics. We’re a small but friendly group who want to grow and we welcome players at all levels.

Do you work shifts or are an EU player on an NA server and need more people to hang out with? The group is most active in the EST afternoons and evenings. We’re looking for people who like to chat but everyone has time to do their own thing.

This is us on Lodestone Read More…

Why Palace of the Dead is my (current)favourite thing to do

I love Palace of the Dead Deep Dungeon. I love the concept and I love what it enables me to do.


At lower levels, it’s a great place for xp. You can even solo to 100 if you really want to. So far I’ve managed up to 50 on SMN. I like that you can go in as a ‘fixed party’ of up to 4 or that there is a Duty Finder specifically for it which matches you with random people. I love that you can go in with any combo of jobs at lower levels and get through okay. Don’t try that at 150+, possible 100+.

I like that through the Accursed Hoard system, you can obtain some interesting glamour pieces and rare minions. Sure there’s a lot of fireworks and materia too but a lot of pieces which were locked behind maps or airship exploration are now accessible.


Letting players try out classes and jobs in a contained environment is fantastic. You get to learn what your abilities are and see what’s coming up without committing to leveling the class all the way up. This is how I discovered that I don’t mind NIN. All those melee classes I really couldn’t face in FATEs and other dungeons, are all now 40+. My DRK is level 60 and my NIN is almost 50.

Having solid and vaguely interesting weapons which you can take away from the event too, is fantastic. By far and away getting weapons from this event is the easiest way to catch up. I’ve cleared Sophia Ex but not walked away with a weapon and honestly PotD is a far easier way for many players who are terrified or frustrated by the Extreme fights to walk away with a decent weapon.  Read More…

Updated Gathering Collectible Rotations for 3.3

I completely missed these on Reddit but Lord Rotz pointed them out to me. I could get up to 6 collectibles from Chysahl/Adamantite before these and a decent return on Legendary nodes so haven’t really felt the need but I want to try these out.  Read More…

Rath’s Crafting Rotation

Putting this here, for my own convenience. This comes from Rath on the Official Forum and has been updated using this Google Doc (Koyo Sorakiri) and I am in no way responsible for it. I can testify that it does work! Read More…

Haven’t been here in a while…

I spend most of my time now, spamming light updates on Twitter but occasionally I feel the urge to come and write something here.

I’ve been sick for the past 10 days (not great) and so I seemed to have managed to do quite  lot on the crafting front.  I was very down about crafting but now I’ve cheered right up.  The changes to scrips and the new omnigear are a step in the right direction.

I’m the first to admit that I kinda gave up/backed off from crafting once I hit 60. Not entirely but I focused on my SCH anima and on gathering a lot more because I didn’t have the gil to compete.  I wish I was driven by money-making in games but I’m not unless I have a particular target.


Right now, I’m a solid 3 star Weaver. I augmented my mainhand, I’d gotten my 170 offhand HQ’d having collected mats and then I augmented the 180 body and hands. I managed to make a 170 belt before the update and meld that up.

Red blue scrips ex

Once 3.3 hit, I turned in some red scrip tokens for blues. I know I could have used them for my SCH book but I’m honestly not as driven to push that right now.  I now have at least i180 tools on all crafters and all of them are solid 2 star.

My LTR is close to 3 star and I hope will be next week. Although you are reading the idiot who managed to automatically buy 9 x Red Scrip tokens instead of Goblin items. I actually used my one-time account restore for that.

The interdependence on Specialists for materials for the Ironworks gear means I’m having to have things made or selling the base materials and buying the HQ versions of the end product but the aim is to get me to the point where I can make the Ironworks left side and then hopefully be high enough to make some of the right. My specialisms are WVR, LTR and GSM.  I wish I could be CRP too but you can’t. Well not without an alt.  I have considered it. BSM, CRP and possibly ALC would all be great.

RedScrip Cockup

For me (and I’m sure a lot of others) this opens up endgame crafting again. Augmented gear is good and a close second to Ironworks which makes it a useful stepping stone.

I love making my own gear and gear for others. The biggest competition I have right now is myself. I should, stop and gather all day every day (as my gatherers are all pretty good, hitting the highest nodes in the game before the update) and sell all the things and then buy a bunch of stuff but beyond materials, I don’t want to do that. I just want my name on my gear – wherever possible 🙂


Crafting right now

Hmm. Not in a happy place with crafting right now. I really think Square Enix needs to get a handle on what they’re trying to achieve with crafting. I feel like they’re trying out different things in the hope they’ll get the balance right between crafters dominating and being irrelevant.


I think SE is a bit of a victim of its own success. Crafting has been incredibly enjoyable up until the stage where they brought in Red Scrips. You could level steadily and enjoy being able to make stuff for your other jobs.  You could slowly make progress and with the exception of 4*, level 50 synths it was fairly accessible. They seem to have slammed the brakes on that. So many of my friends have quit crafting. Sure you can still repair your gear at 60 but if you want to make 1*, 2* or now 3* the commitment you have to make to the game in terms of either time or gil is enormous. Why are 1 star mats SO hard to craft for a new 60? And why do they continue to be for quite a while?

I think one of the issues is that they can’t balance things right.  Bring out weekly scrip gear, sure.  Don’t offer a craftable alternative which is better when melded at the same time.  What should have happened is that red scrip gear should have been slightly cheaper in terms of scrips to get and the secondary crafted set should have helped you get to 2* but not surpass red scrip gear.


So why do I think this? I think the current setup does nothing but encourage players to say ‘screw it’ and either abandon crafting or, to decide to throw gil at the problem. Which is fine if they had the gil to throw. But instead I think people take a long look at what’s needed and decide to pay out for key pieces/materia and the buy the gil they need.  I do realise that it’s easy to make gil in the game if you put a steady effort into it (and have the time). I also realise you can do favours and spend all your time turning in collectibles and spirit bonding. Making money is not my thing, it never has been in games. I’m always goal-oriented so I have to wait until I fixate on something before I can get into full on gil-generation. I’ve always been the same in MMOs. I went nuts to buy my Noble’s tunic back in the days of the Great Inflation (thanks RMT!) but after I had bought it, I couldn’t keep it up.


I know not everyone shares my opinion about RMT. I don’t do it and in most cases, if people are discreet and don’t brag about x, y and z I don’t really care. If you barely play and buying 5m once in a long while is going to make your life easier, well that’s your choice.  But all SE does is encourage people to consider RMT as an option to get them into a position where they can then dominate markets. I just quietly work on and hope that it’ll improve eventually. If it doesn’t then I’ll be really sad.



I was kinda downhearted by the Live Letter. I’ll wait and see what the new patches bring in terms of this new omnicrafter set.  I’m hoping it’s going to at least involve some work with the new crafting/gathering beast tribe. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another echatl sealant situation.  Just please, for the love of Hydaelyn, don’t make it dependent on scrips and favours so that the markets go nuts. Again.





Images from FFXIV

We don’t really use our Guildwork site anymore. We keep a presence there and if you login members can find the details for Discord and GroupMe but that’s about it. I’ve been paying for a cheap plan on there but decided it’s not worth it. One thing I decided to do was to archive the images we had on there (by patch) onto Imgur.  If you’re interested in them you can find em here

Here’s one example – our album from Early Access & Launch

Patch 3.2 Crafting stuff

I’m taking a bunch of screenshots of anything I can find to do with crafting and adding them to my imgur album. Check back for updates.


3.2 Allagan Tomestones of Lore previews

Previews of the brand new Allagan tomestone sets for each type are here