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Abyssean Armour

I seem to go in waves with this blog. Some weeks I want to write constantly and others I just ignore it. We’ve been very busy as a linkshell and I’ve had some time off work so I went nuts for a few days. Fuelled in part by the return of Clevan.

It was great to see him online. He’s just finished his chemo and that’s about all I can tell you right now. So we focused on getting him involved and a little caught up. He timed his return perfectly… there I was with some time free to get him restarted!

We managed to get him some xp, introduce him to Bastion & Dominion ops, pick up Razed Ruins & Voracious Violet AND complete 2 NIN AF+1 in 3 days… He was already 80 as he’d been on briefly in the early autumn but he’s now 90 and has a few more seals towards the Iga head +1.  He also proved how freaking good a tank he can be by holding his own at 83 with (at the time) one Atma.  Now he’s 90 and has 2 whilst we slowly get boss kills for the 3rd. We need some kills for others in the shell. Whilst I was offline on Friday/Sat the guys popped Kenda’s Tier 3 VNM and picked up a Hochomasume for C and the hands for Slaan.

We had quite a laugh when we realised that my PLD is a higher level than C’s… It’s been good to see him. We’re not sure of the big picture but I figure he’s here right now, so let’s make the most of it. Now to persuade Dell he wants to come back… so I have two of my favourite Elvaan back ingame to torment.

Orison Bliaud +2

Orison Bliaud +2

In terms of personal progress, I’ve made so much its insane. I’ve now upgraded the WHM body to +2 thanks to awesome efforts of the shell. We’re knocking out people’s tier 1 wishes constantly and it makes for a lot of fun. So now I’m sat on 3/5 +2s and I’m halfway to the 4th. Orison Hands +2 aren’t a huge priority but will probably go on the list next month just for the set bonus.

I’ve had a lot of fun in Abyssea – Miseraux recently. C and I went out to duo initially, to see if we could do the bugard NM for his leg seals. We bumped into Rin and Syrik trying to duo and proc the bird NM. We teamed up with them and soon Pooter and Sytorius showed up. We made an awesome team and managed to finish Rin’s legs, Syt’s legs and some others. We also got some NIN leg seals. I picked up an odd BRD leg seal too.

Goetia Chausses +1

Goetia Chausses +1

I went back with some other peeps to try Funereal Apkallu. Really to finally get around to upgrading my BLM legs. I’m not really interested in the +1s but the +2 seem good. We’ll see of course… We spammed that penguin and he dropped tons of seals. I finished my BLM legs, my BRD legs and my COR legs that day. I had to spend some time doing Bastion just to get enough points to finish em. I’d had 4 or 5 BRD seals before we started so that was super quick. BLM we got all 8 seals and an extra for the late-t0-the-party Mart before heading over to Attowha to finish up Slaan’s headpiece. I should work on the seals I need for SMN legs now I have one.

We’ve tried some bitchy mobs recently. Orthrus is fine. Even more so once you get his atma. However… Alfard is revolting… and I don’t like him very much. We eventually figured him out but man is it easy to mess that up.

Don’t talk to me about the UR Iron Giant and his resulting NM, Pantokrator. They are bitchy as all hell. Still, we have the BRD instruments and the tiara we needed so we’re ok.

I’ve helped Poot & co. with some tier II VNMs for body seals. In the process they kindly let me ninja some spare BLM seals. We also got Niamh and Clevan, Creed Earrings.  I’m 6/10 on the BLM body +1. I’m not as concerned about that as I once was because of my shiny new Morrigan’s robe from Salvage. However the +2 is hawt so I guess that’s where my focus will go if the upgrades to Salvage gear are phail.

I’ve also skilled up a fair amount and seen Mart kick BUTT with Catastrophe so when I have a moment I’ll go and get that finished off. I’m sat at 281 staff so its around the corner.

Somewhere along the line we got Niamh the Shinryu win and a nice torque but we’ve yet to see a mail drop. I have a shiny cloak but we need lots of mail for our melee.

I finally finished up my Varuna’s Staff +2 and completed another trial towards Gambanteinn.

There’s tons to talk about in terms of changes to the shell and game right now so I’ll take that to a separate post.


I’m back, from Outer Space

OK, ok, I haven’t posted in ages. I’ve been too busy being at work or sick. If I’m honest, far too much has happened in game recently for me to keep on top of it. We’ve been so busy.

Changing to the wishlist system has helped us a lot but I think all of us wish there was more to the game than Abyssea now.  We have reduced our weekly Dynamis schedule to monthly, so right now we’re on a break from it. By the time it comes around again, I think I’ll enjoy it, even if only 6 of us go. Read More…

Abyssea | Serendipity

Abyssea | Serendipity.

Thanks to Auronku from LimitBreak LS for bringing the information together here… I took it and ran with it. Now we’re exchanging html 🙂 but he pulled it all together.


As some of you know, a handful of us have been trying to get the Shinryu fight done and out of the way.Last night we finally made it, but not in the way we’d hoped.This fight is TOUGH. The best we did straight up, was getting him to 8%. There is a lot of luck involved.

Shot of one Shinryu fight attempt

Shot of one Shinryu fight attempt

You need a LOT of healing if you are not brewing this fight. We found the best setup was WHM, WHM, MNK, WAR, BRD, BRD. You could substitute the second BRD for a SMN with Alexander, to make the last 20% much easier. Don’t feed him too much tp. Damaging him isn’t hard; what’s hard is the amount of damage he does to you.

Shin fight

Moar Random Shinryu

Melee should fight on the sides to avoid his breath attack. You can only go nuts as a melee, when his wings are drawn in.

Dispel the Regain effect he gains when he uses Mighty Guard asap.

Everyone should bring plenty of Holy Water because later in the fight he has an AoE Doom move. You should also pick up a Terror and Doom screen from Dominion and as many temp meds as you can.

Charging mah lazer

Charging mah lazer

You should pick these screens up if you intend to brew it, a doom or terror can end the run.

At the point you do this fight, you have the Abyssite of Discernment which gives you a shot at working out which WS to use to proc Blue or Red. If you can find Red, it helps a LOT.  If you can proc Red at around 20% and again as soon as he’s unfrozen you’ll be fine.

Shinryu Proccing

Shinryu Proccing

Even if you intend to brew the fight, you will probably want to proc red and blue first. So you probably won’t go alone. You can’t go nuts until his wings are in. So I’d suggest bringing a mage with you or tons of meds in case he gets off a couple of aga IV before you can take him on.

First Win Pool

First Win Pool

In the end we didn’t do the fight straight up as peeps had to go and Ure ran out of stones, Slaan got into one group spamming it for a knife and Ere and I went in with a MNK brewer and his WHM friend/alt.

Whoever brews the fight, needs a doom and terror screen. Proc red/blue if you can and then once his wings are drawn in, take the screens and brew and go nuts. The brew does not cure you to 9999 so have meds or a mage available but you take less damage period so its not a huge issue.

Expect him to go down in around a minute, maybe less (depends on job/atma/ws) when brewing but if he puts his wings out you’re in trouble.Easily one of the toughest fights straight up I’ve ever seen. Once we hit 95 or 99 it will get easier.

Ere's win

Ere's win

Just don’t assume brew = win. He does so much damage in so many ways it can go wrong then if people are stupid. We went back in a second time and Erestor ‘brewed’ it.  I got lucky enough to win a freelot cape and neck from the guy who let Ere and I tag along. I’ll be working on a cloak when I can 🙂 but my cruor stock isn’t high enough to spam this. Now down to about 350k.


Well ouch.  Lovely mob…

We farmed up two popsets for Rani recently. We need quite a lot from her. Due to luck rather than judgement, Niamh ended up with one, and he’s about to go on vacation. So we decided to try her last night. Our main event is on Sunday, so we kept a set back for that but we figured that it would be a good idea to see what the fuss is about whilst Nia was still around.



100 > 50% is not bad at all. It’s slow and steady.  We didn’t have the ideal setup but it wasn’t bad. Of course we didn’t know that until later.  Our main damage was 3 RNG/SAM. We piled them up with Regain Atma. We then had 2 SMN, one experienced and one new to it. We ate the first Meteor fairly easily.  We did have a couple of stun-capable people but this was new to everyone.

But at 50% ish the frontline got charmed.  We didn’t cause that much harm except for the complete hate reset. One BRD, WHM and 2 Tanks running around as Caturae were slept or bound and Rani was shadowbound.  Afterwards it took a while to try and get things back under control and people were being bashed all over the place. It was starting to settle when Ure piped up on vent, that he had a friend who could ‘brew’ it for us.

I honestly thought we were in recovery and could have done it, so my first reaction was no. I really wanted the shell just to crack this and we had another pop. We took it down a bit but then it went back over 50%. I was the only person there who actually gave a real damn about doing it properly and I knew it. I also knew that should we beat her, a ton of people would then have, or be close to, access to a Shinryu win.

Eld Caturae

Eld Caturae

I know it doesn’t make sense to almost anyone else but our shell is capable of taking her down ‘legitimately’ so it kinda bugs me that in the end we didn’t.  Fact was the minute Ure said ‘brew’ no one wanted to. They just wanted the quick fix. I knew that realistically we only have one shot at taking her down fully on our own because once people have access to Brews no one will want to kill her any other way.

In the end, it came down to realising I really was the only one who gave a damn and that if we did it that way, then Niamh would get the win before he went away for a few weeks. So we let a friend come in and Brew the last half.

It was amazing to watch and kinda sad at the same time. On the plus side quite a few of us have or are close to Shinryu (we killed Iratham again later for others) and a lot of us now have the Discernment Abyssite.

Funny thing is, much as I am happy about that – part of me wishes Ure had not mentioned Brew. The quick win feels like a hollow victory to me.

I ended up briefly chatting to probably the only other person on the  server who agreed with me (Berdysh).  Watching the thing just melt away with a Primal Brew was pretty amazing.

I think, had we had one more confident SMN or another 90 RNG we’d probably have managed ok. Chances of us getting to try that out again on Sunday? I’d say about 10% as everyone and their mother will beat Shinryu before then if they can and want to play.

Still, at the expense of cheapening the fight, we made a lot of people happy. Just wish we’d done it properly.

TL:DR? Bosses, Caturae and more!

Well ok, over the holiday season all you got was the message I got about how busy my blog has been. It surprised me actually.

 We have been SO busy… 

Like everyone else, we’ve been living in Abyssea. I’m enjoying this more and more now but I am wondering where we’re going next. Someone pointed out to Slaanesh, who mentioned it to me that SE could be evil and give us three more level cap raises… 

Doesn’t that make a sick kind of sense? Anyway I’m guessing that some time in February we’ll get an idea of what is coming next. I’m hoping (along with a lot of other people) that it’s an expansion. An expansion which doesn’t involve a rehash of existing zones.  I don’t mind the Abyssea rehash, I just don’t want more.


Aside from all the normal Christmas and New Year things the shell has finally moved to a wishlist system for Abyssean drops. We designed a brilliant system but it wasn’t practical for us to administer without more automation than we have access to. However we do now have something in place. Alas, it meant that December was a bit of a balls up. Not really our faults but we started the whole thing, knowing full well that SE’s update would blow everything out of the water. 

Which of course it did. So we ended up really focusing on other things. In the end, this has proven to be a fantastic idea.  We did get some wishlist items complete but on the whole we focused on Atma farming and Boss kills. Read More…

A couple of nights before Christmas

I haven’t had time to blog fully but I guess that’s the nature of the time of year.  We have no events running for the rest of this week and the weekend. I for one am pleased, cos I’m knackered.

So what have we been doing?  As mentioned, several epic dynamis runs. We’ve made no decisions on dynamis but its looking increasingly likely that dyna will be a lowman gil-raising event. I doubt somehow we’ll stop completely.

Interest in Einherjar is waning almost hourly.  We’re trying to finish up an Odin pop right now. Adaberks still seem of interest but if the event wasn’t so short I’m guessing we’d have ditched it already.

Our token galka Kazgoroth got married IRL recently and had dropped out for six weeks but we got to say hi this week and hang out.   It was good to see him on safe and sound, every time he disappears usually, something bad has happened. Wishing him and his wife a safe Christmas as she is heavily pregnant. Read More…

YouTube – Final Fantasy XI: Heroes of Abyssea Trailer

YouTube – Final Fantasy XI: Heroes of Abyssea Trailer. Courtesy of Spira, over at WildDragonChase

Watch it to the end!!!!! Sea… CoP… Maws… and who? Baha? Diabolos? Something else?

Abyssean Titles

It makes perfect sense really but if you want to change your title back to something from Abyssea, talk to the mithra BRD Zuah Lepahnyu in Port Jeuno. No offense to Ure but I’ve killed Carabosse several times now and it’s a dull title!

I can always go back to Pandemonium Queller 😀 later!



Wow, what a crazy weekend.

Dynamis Beaucedine

We went back to try and finish off sets and finish them we did. Five people completed sets this weekend including me.   Bawb got done with BST, Mart with BLM, Josiey and Epic on SAM and me with BRD.  I almost got to the point of throwing my BRD relic away because it takes up space but no, it’s done now and I can store it. After almost 5.5 years of Dynamis I have one piece of relic left to get to complete all the sets I can use right now, RDM hands. I think this is the piece most people need so it may take a while. Read More…

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