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Progress Report


  • Club is over 300 but not capped
  • Staff is now sitting at 284. I should go level it to get Cata… but honestly cba right now
  • Shield is around 280
  • Great Sword is still 197. I’ll get around to it.
  • Healing magic is 330ish… slow but sure. Enfeebling/Enhancing getting pretty close to cap


  • Trials 716 (Urd) and collected quite a few Bukhis wings this month. Can’t wait for stacking…
  • Now 4/5 on Orison +2 with the Hands at +1
  • Aqua Sachet got


  • Varuna +2 done
  • Full +1 Goetia set now
  • 2 gems towards +2 hands and 1 towards +2 something else


  • 90!
  • Merits capped
  • W legs – yeah right…


  • Weirdly I finished +1 COR set this month with no real effort… Seals just drifted in
  • W legs – see PLD
  • Merits now 90% done. Just throwing random crap into the JA in group 2 now to cap out.


  • Head/Legs +1 – finally started… some seals collected for hands/body. Need to work on feet
  • Merits capped


  • 4/5 on +1 RDM EAF with no progress on the body
  • W legs – see above


  • EAF Hands/Feet/Head done. Need to get the legs done. Some seals for body
  • Gifted Earring got! (Thanks to Bai’s Tier III VNM)
  • Soulscourge got! (Thanks to Bergi and co )
  • Macros all updated with new gear. Have a decent Blood Boon set now

Where to find seals for: WHM, BLM, RDM, BRD, SCH, SMN & COR

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Filling out the AFv3

This is more for my record than anything else but I wanted somewhere to post up compiled info on the AFv3 stuff for my jobs. I’m not sure I’ll take all 7 to 85 yet let alone quest this stuff for all.  Read More…


Well, it’s all a bit overwhelming. Before I went to bed last night I managed to collect one Kindred’s Crest for the level cap and take a look around Miseraux and Attowha. I found so much stuff and will post a screenshot post later but wow. I particularly like the mini Orobon near the waterfall in Mis.

I’ve collected together the sets of AFv3 pics from various places (credit to peeps contributing to BG and to Evil Paul). Remember there are +1 and +2s. In most cases people have posted the uber +2s but even the +1s are remarkable.

Evil Paul's Pic of BLM Afv3

Evil Paul's Pic of BLM Afv3

Base head pieces are bought with Cruor from the NPCs inside the new zones. I picked up an Orison Cap.  Then I guess you go to the Magian Moogle and get a trial set up. Not sure what happens next. 🙂

.5 to go

Slowly but surely, my cloth is climbing. After so many years I can’t quite believe that I might actually finish it. I got to 99 and did some synths but they were so expensive… I don’t live in a shell which spams Aspi so no dalmatica frenzy for me.  I was sat at 99.2 for around 10 months. The recent drop in the price of mats has meant I might actually get to be a 100 crafter before the end of time…

99.5 Clothcraft

99.5 Clothcraft

Or at least before the servers close 🙂

I did it for me. I didn’t do it to get rich, I did it cos I wanted to. Ok, I started for some stupid reason but hey – here I am at 99.5 and edging towards 100. I’ll keep trying, who knows in another 10-15 synths I might actually get there 🙂

In other news, pushed SMN to 77 in an Abyssea party last night and then changed to BRD because it was complete chaos. Dinged 80 on BRD. So now I have SMN and COR at 77 and it’s very much looking as if those two are the jobs which may go the way of the dodo after this update. I suspect COR even moreso than SMN. Because it’s not used in Abyssea for xp bonus, peeps aren’t nearly as bothered about having them around.

It’s becoming clearer to me that WHM, BLM, RDM, SCH and BRD are where my heart is. I’m surprised to include RDM in that. I don’t like the job as much as the others; it’s just so damn useful! If I ordered them in terms of how I feel about them it would go WHM >>>>>>> SCH > BLM > BRD >>> RDM.  I love SMN but it’s such a pain to level and honestly right now – I can’t see where SE is going with it. Is fun to sic Odin on Abyssea mobs though.

Random post is random.

Updating my BRD

I’ve decided I need to work on a few things to improve my other jobs, aside from WHM. So I’m running around working out which rare ex/nm drops/merits etc I still need. BRD is in need of quite a bit of work to bring it up. I have decent but not exceptional gear for it. Some pieces are really nice but are let down by others.

  1. Marduk’s Tiara – working on it but we have another person who also needs. Useful for both my SMN and my BRD.
  2. Astute Cape – having gotten the other two, I should finish this off and get it. Useful for my SMN and BRD.
  3. Oracle’s Pigaches – only had one serious attempt at these and they didn’t drop. I have goliard but if I want a decent march build, I need em. so it means another cheesehoarder, an Iriz Ima and another Dea. At least those can be low manned easily.
  4. Chanter’s staff – I thought I had one of these on a mule, I don’t. I need to find someone to team up with for the ENM, we could do Uninvited Guests at the same time

Those are the major pieces and all are achievable. I may just buy the staff. I could do it now but as its in an ENM and I like doing UG, I’d prefer not to spend 400k+ on it right now. The reason being I may make the mammoth effort to achieve another piece of expensive gear, which probably isn’t the marduk jubbah.

I need to cap out Nightingale and Troubadour for BRD too and then I’ll feel a bit better about it

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