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&%$£ing crafting! Master II tokens

I warn you now, I’ve come here to vent a bit! I really, really love crafting.  I’m not saying you need to RMT to stay on top of it but man it eats a lot of gil sometimes. I am just under a 4 star Weaver. I.e. I have my Supra and an Artisans offhand which is almost completely melded. It’s not quite finished because my funds and more importantly my patience ran out. I will finish it. I don’t have the crafted artisan’s gear yet. I have full melded af and the latest accessories, along with my specs and Ixali hands.

I took a break from everything and spent a hours gathering to make back a crapload of gil and then promptly blew most of it again.

What is currently driving me nuts? Making the token items for my Master II book for weaver. I have the stats and we have been putting up the FC Control and Craftmanship buffs to help too as Niamh, Jero and I think Rotz are at the same stage.  I only want to use those every few days as they burn points and we have some people levelling.

I’ve found an awesome guide, linked to from Bluegartr’s crafting thread. Thank you Lebensohl, whoever you are! It’s the best I’ve found so far.

I’d just like to add this list of things to mutter about which I have done in most cases once:

  • When I’ve accidentally made something with Reclaim up
  • When you end up with 11 stacks of IQ and then realise you miscalcutated CP and can’t finish
  • When you managed to fluke a HQ at 14% (early tries) and then discover you desynthed it by accident at some point later.

Don’t synth when you’re tired kids! I’ve now learnt what I need to do and I get it but man, making it happen is tough. I’m over the stats in Leben’s guide and using HQ bouillabaise but I was about ready to kill someone last night.

Oh, one last thing…

It’s amazing how many times Reclaim fails….


Wow… SE cut me some slack!

Took 3 synths to go 99.8 to 99 and just one… to hit 100!!

Clothcraft 100

Clothcraft 100

Don’t take up crafting.

Been about 7 synths now (all losses) since I saw a skillup. I’m 99.6 and getting annoyed. I just made a Blessed Briault (102) perfectly – no skillup. Then tried to make an argent coat, critical fail, no skillup AND lost the expensive/rare bits. /fume.

It’s cheaper than it was but I need 4 skillups… give me a break…

Another level 80: Odin SPAM ftw

Well another job ‘done’ – Summoner. At least til 80. Although I did make an awful cockup last night whilst dualboxing. Managed to zone out of Highlands abyssea instead of hitting the conflux after picking up some keys. When your lights have you up at almost 500 xp per mob and you still need 19k tnl, this is one way to send yourself nuts!

I seriously thought until last night that my SMN was jinxed and was the bane of any Abyssea alliance. We actually went in Konschtat for a change and managed to farm up a bunch of pops from giant gold chests. I think we’re 3/5 on the Zone Boss and we picked up quite a few more bits and pieces. So not only did we get mad xpz, we managed to work towards shell goals.

The tonberry are finally up on Alex. They were being monopolised somewhat last night but was good to see them.

By the end of the night – even with light reset,  I was back to well over 400xp per mob and have a decent but not huge buffer on SMN.  Mitch hit 68 RDM too which was handy. This was after one BLM just disappeared out of the zone and then logged without saying a word. I had quite a lot of fun oneshotting mobs with Odin periodically. JA reset chests ftw.

I still have COR to finish but I’m less and less keen on it right now.  We’ll see. Every time I play it, I like it but there are only so many hours in the week and too many of mine are spent online already.

If we go to 90 this time,( as opposed to 89) then I think it’s possible to take several jobs up – especially with Abyssea expanding. Not sure if all 6 er 7 will go up or not.

I really need to merit now, to ensure I’m all caught up. WHM has been done since forever and BLM is almost all done.  With BLM I just stopped putting merits into capping  Group2.  Ele skill, int, group 1, enfeebling and most of Group 2 is done. Just need to finish it.

I have merits on all of my jobs but I need to knuckle down and finish a couple more completely. BLM will be quick, RDM/SCH/BRD need to follow. All have a decent amount but nothing is complete. At least MP, INT and magic skills are all done.

Picked up the bits for another cloth synth but am broke right now so am not spamming.  Another clothcrafter (already 100) is jumping on all El Toro leather at the moment for some reason.  I’m picking up the odd one but if I get really stuck a couple of friends will help me ENM it.

Also am stuck with a cursed dalmatica if anyone needs. Although I guess I should hold onto it in case our first Odin drops the abjuration.  I have more points than anyone else.  I await our first D Feet with anticipation…

How can this be so win and yet so fail?

So, in my quest for 100 Cloth, I’ve recently restarted synthing. Helped by the plummet of materials prices. I was 99.2 before restarting.  Last night I picked up 3 galateia and this morning, 2 more eltoro leather.  I logged in to quickly make a couple more coats before heading outside for a few hours.

One of the goals of many high level crafters, is to make rare items, by HQing what are called tier 0’s. These are synths where it is not possible to get 11 skill levels higher than the synth level. For example,  the errant cape is a level 100 purely clothcraft synth. Even with synth support (+3), apron, tapestry and specs it is not currently possible to hit more than 106 Clothcraft skill.  At 111 you would have a 10% chance of HQing. 101-110 your chances are tiny.

It’s further complicated if the synth has a subcraft. Like the Cursed Dalmatica which is 100 Cloth, 60 Leather. Now to HQ this, you really need some luck. Because you can’t have 111 Cloth and 71 leather. You can’t even have 100 Cloth and 71 leather. The best you can hope for is 106 Cloth and 61 leather or 103 Cloth and 64 leather.

You can’t hit tier 1 on it and you have to HQ in BOTH crafts effectively on a tier 0. That’s why Cursed Dalmaticas are a) rare and b) expensive.

Now, for the argent coat you need 100 Cloth, apparently some leathercraft (unknown)  and 21 Alchemy.  So at 99 Cloth, 60 Leather and 21 Alchemy I made this…

Platino Coat

Platino Coat

Now the leather (if any) level is apparently unknown. But even if you take it as having only 2 crafts I was under cap for one and at the cap for the second. If you add in the leather component I’d guess I was over cap for that but having a HQ of a triple craft, level 100 synth is awesome.

Having it be a wedding coat?  Fail.

I have no idea if I could ever sell this!  It appeals to the ePeen but man it is USELESS!

/cheer for the skillup though!

.5 to go

Slowly but surely, my cloth is climbing. After so many years I can’t quite believe that I might actually finish it. I got to 99 and did some synths but they were so expensive… I don’t live in a shell which spams Aspi so no dalmatica frenzy for me.  I was sat at 99.2 for around 10 months. The recent drop in the price of mats has meant I might actually get to be a 100 crafter before the end of time…

99.5 Clothcraft

99.5 Clothcraft

Or at least before the servers close 🙂

I did it for me. I didn’t do it to get rich, I did it cos I wanted to. Ok, I started for some stupid reason but hey – here I am at 99.5 and edging towards 100. I’ll keep trying, who knows in another 10-15 synths I might actually get there 🙂

In other news, pushed SMN to 77 in an Abyssea party last night and then changed to BRD because it was complete chaos. Dinged 80 on BRD. So now I have SMN and COR at 77 and it’s very much looking as if those two are the jobs which may go the way of the dodo after this update. I suspect COR even moreso than SMN. Because it’s not used in Abyssea for xp bonus, peeps aren’t nearly as bothered about having them around.

It’s becoming clearer to me that WHM, BLM, RDM, SCH and BRD are where my heart is. I’m surprised to include RDM in that. I don’t like the job as much as the others; it’s just so damn useful! If I ordered them in terms of how I feel about them it would go WHM >>>>>>> SCH > BLM > BRD >>> RDM.  I love SMN but it’s such a pain to level and honestly right now – I can’t see where SE is going with it. Is fun to sic Odin on Abyssea mobs though.

Random post is random.

99.3 er .4



Finally decided to try and finish Clothcraft as the price of Galateia have plummeted… Just went 2/2 on skillups!




I’ve been working on Synergy a bit. I managed to unlock the quest and pick up my Portafurnace. I need to sit down and craft some Fewell then I’ll try and get my apron done. But I’ve realised I have a more serious problem and that is my Goldsmithing subjob for Cloth. Because I’m 99.2+3 Cloth and 60 Leather a lot of people are asking me about the new set synths. Which I can’t make yet and so, I’ve finally restarted Gold. I’ve mapped out a path to 50 at least and it’s not too bad. From 50 on it looks bad, but that’s pretty much the same for all crafts. Hell, my Smithing is only 53 (raised it another point the other day).

I’m on the Mythril Ingot phase. Start with beastcoins, move to Ores when I can and if needed, end with nuggets. Then spam gold dust til 47 and turn it into Vellum with my leather. Selling things off slowly but shouldn’t lose much at all. Least til Gold and that gets me to around 50 before I need to really look closely at newer synths.

50-60 just looks rough.

I’m sitting on a ton of platinum silk, silver chains and even some of the leather I need for Argent Coats. Every now and then I need to go buy a galateia and synth another for a chance at a Cloth skillup. Except now I’m spending my gil on goldsmithing.

Maybe it’s my turn to win the Mog Bonanza. Night guys.

Pouring gil away or why I’m not yet 100 Cloth

Before someone with Cooking or Bonecraft bugs me again as to why I am not 100 Cloth yet, I’m going to point out a few things.  I’ve had this a few times in the past, where there is a bit of a comprehension gap.  Clothcraft is expensive. It’s horribly expensive. It’s gotten cheaper with the addition of synths from 55-100 but it’s still ludicrous.  I am only doing this because I want to, not because I feel it will pave my way to riches. In all honesty, it was probably one of the stupidest things to choose to level – however once you start, like Pringles, it’s hard to stop.

Read More…

I know I can

Am buying and selling but man I’m not looking forward to 99-100 Cloth. Have 13 Plat silk sat on a mule but the galateia… not yet. Will have to get back into a routine with ENMs but Salvage is taking up a lot of our time. Could do with another Hagun split and a chance to lower out gala costs.

Anyway, been a while but got 2 (!) .1 skillups in a row bringing me to 98.7 Cloth. I think I’ve averaged 1/4 for skillups to synths so far.  Have just put some stuff up on AH, this is expensive >.> Price of darksteel has gone crazy recently, even to make ingots > sheets.

I’ll build up some gil before starting 99-100. Anyone need a clothcrafter with 60 leather for dalmy synthing ? 52 smithing and working on gold too. I weirdly also have 60 cooking and 41 Bone.

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