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FFXIV and new content

I’m in two minds about FFXIV at the moment. On some levels I really enjoy it and on others I am a bit bored. I know other people have gotten to this point a lot earlier but now it’s finally hitting me.

I think Square Enix really needs to be pushing out a level cap rise, which inevitably means the first expansion. We all know that they’re working on one and we’re expecting some news very soon. I’d guess it’ll probably be at one of the Fanfests. As it’s a Japanese company I’d anticipate it being at the Tokyo fanfest but I think that might be a bit late as it’s in December.

Hunting Nahn

Hunting Nahn

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s announced at the EU fanfest. It might hit Vegas as that’s a longer event but they seem to be pushing 2.4 for Vegas. Hopefully this means that 2.4 is just after Vegas or just after London the following weekend.

I hope we’re going to get some teasers on the expansion before December. I think they’d be really stupid not to. I’m guessing SE know the players need an expansion to progress. We need it in terms of Grand Company ranks, Free Company ranks, crafting, job progression, different forms of content. By now anyone who has been playing since the launch could be capped out on everything. Even players coming in at PS4 launch last April could be done if they wanted to be. Hunts

I feel as if 2.0 – 3.0 is about introducing the game and tidying up 1.0 loose ends. The game is in a good place now to move on from that.

What would I like to see?

  • A substantial level cap increase. By which I mean 10-30 levels.
  • Higher tier, accessible crafting gear
  • More dangerous zones. I.e. zones which aren’t leashed or have mobs which behave differently and are more of a threat. I would actually welcome the sound/sight/blood aggro system of FFXI. It’s still possible to die from aggro in FFXIV but it’s a lot harder.
  • Content where exact numbers and roles are not needed. So you can vary how many people you take along. This could be big content or small content.
  • Content aimed at Free Companies
  • Open world dungeons
  • No more Coil
  • More Frontlines battlefields which I can play with FC friends…


I have really enjoyed the Hunts, maps, gathering Syrcus Tower, crafting and levelling in general. I quite enjoy  fights like Ultima, Frontlines and the First Coil. I’d like to be able to rechallenge early content in smaller groups, especially with bocos! I have enjoyed the Scions/refugees plotline and want to see things get darker again.


I feel like FFXIV has put down some solid foundations but if it doesn’t build on them soon, people will walk away. I hope that SE realises it.


Matsui does it again! Big News, especially about Elemental Magic!

Slycer has done his usual fantastic job of translating a Japanese post from Matsui and getting it online before the official English translation.   You should really check it out. Elemental magic is getting an overhaul but there are mentions of changes to:

  • DRK
  • Defense
  • Merited Weaponskills
  • Elemental Magic
  • Content

Slycer’s post is here http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/112776-Dev-Tracker-Findings-Posts-(NO-DISCUSSION)?p=5553649&viewfull=1#post5553649  I’m sure the official translation will appear shortly.


Thanks for all your responses regarding battle mechanics.

While this proposal includes many different adjustments, instead of thinking of these as individual projects, please consider this more of a general battle adjustment.

Near the end of last year there was a lot of talk about policies, however, because specifics were not mentioned, it was difficult to continue the discussion. By giving some of the ideas about the battle system in consideration by the development team, we can move the discussion forward.

Please note that none of the details have been completely confirmed, and I am not saying that this is all we will do to adjust the overall battle system.

The intent of these adjustments are not to solve everything that you have talked about, but they are just meant to be a starting point. 

Balancing One-Handed and Two-Handed Weapons
There has been a lot of discussion on the forum about making adjustments to one-handed weapons.

As far as the status of the correction and how it will be applied, as compared to two handed-weapons, there is a higher need to use food or other choices to increase accuracy and land hits. 

As an example, we may increase the correction values of the main weapon slot for one-handed weapons. We are considering adjustments in that kind of direction.

About Dark Knight
I have been reviewing discussion threads such as “Is Dark Knight too strong?” and I realize as I commented at Vana’fest that they have become stronger over time. At the same time, we put off many of the adjustments that were initially considered, but many people remembered these and were still interested.

For Dark Knight, we plan to make adjustments to Last Resort and Desperate Blows.

In the current situation, for all jobs, the equipment/magic haste maximum is the same. However, as far as abilities go, Desperate Blows is, by far, the highest value of all of them.

If we simply reduced the value of Desperate Blows then it would just become weaker, so, instead, we will reduce the value of Desperate Blows but also move some percentage of the haste effect to Last Resort:

Current status:
* Desperate Blows Haste maximum +25% (assuming 5 merits)
* Desperate Blows: Haste maximum +10% (assuming 5 merits)
* Last Resort: Haste +15%

To clarify, we will make this adjustment so that the haste is effective even if you have your sub job set to Dark Knight.

Presently, it’s difficult to imagine a situation in which someone would choose dark knight as a sub job. However, I think after this adjustment, a number of new possibilities will be opened up to allow it to be considered.

Regarding Defense
We have received a lot of feedback that there are really very few benefits of increasing defense, and to increase those benefits. For the so-called attack/defense ratio, in the higher ranges where the meaning of this is reduced, I would like that meaning to be retained.

For example, I want there to be a noticeable difference as far as lowering the damage taken by raising defense, with significant noticeable benefits for abilities such as Defender. On the flip side, for effects that decrease defense like Last Resort, the damage taken should be even higher than before.

About Merit Point Weapon Skills
Another significant set of requests I’ve received were in this thread about raising the maximum on the merit point weapon skill category. Rather than making this adjustment, we are considering adjusting the weapon skill correction value so that there is a benefit to using these even at the first upgrade level.

The correction value will be raised to 65% at the first stage, up to 85% at the fifth stage; 5% per stage. (This means no change to the maximum.)

About Elemental Magic
We’ve received a wide variety of suggestions about elemental magic. First off, let’s start with adjustment to the damage.

Instead of having lower initial damage, the earth attribute will improve MP cost performance. In addition, there will be a stronger INT correction as well. By being aware of the INT levels, the associated damage may be brought closer to that of lightning.

By element:
* MP efficiency: Earth > Water > Wind > Fire > Ice > Lightning
* INT compensation: Earth > Water > Wind > Fire > Ice > Lightning
* Initial damage amount: Lightning > Ice > Fire > Wind > Water > Earth
* Maximum damage amount: Lightning > Ice > Fire > Wind > Water > Earth

By tier:
* MP efficiency: I > II > III > IV > V
* INT compensation: V > IV > III > II > I
* Initial damage: V > IV > III > II > I
* Maximum damage: V > IV > III > II > I

* The values below have no magic attack power adjustments
* INT+0 and INT+100 on the table represent the difference between the caster’s and target’s INT.

I 	     INT+0	    INT+100
	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	10	10	42	160
Water	16	25	66	165
Aero	25	40	92	170
Fire	35	55	108	175
Blizz	46	70	126	180
Thunder	60	85	149	185

II 	     INT+0	    INT+100
	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	78	100	175	350
Water	95	120	195	355
Aero	113	140	213	360
Fire	133	160	233	365
Blizz	155	180	255	370
Thunder	178	200	278	375

III 	     INT+0	    INT+100
	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	210	200	360	550
Water	236	230	386	560
Aero	265	260	415	570
Fire	295	290	445	580
Blizz	320	320	470	590
Thunder	345	350	495	600

IV 	     INT+0	    INT+100
	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	381	400	581	850
Water	410	440	610	865
Aero	440	480	640	880
Fire	472	520	672	895
Blizz	506	560	706	910
Thunder	541	600	741	925

V 	     INT+0	    INT+100
	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	626	650	855	1200
Water	680	700	909	1220
Aero	734	750	967	1240
Fire	785	800	1014	1260
Blizz	829	850	1058	1280
Thunder	874	900	1103	1300

For casting time and recast time, we will do the following. We plan to eliminate the differences between the casting/recast times within magic tiers. For example, all tier I nukes will have 0.5 second cast time and 2 second recast time. 

I 	     MP Cost	    Cast Time	  Recast Time
	Before	After	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	9	4	1.5	0.5	6.5	2
Water	13	10	1.75	0.5	7.75	2
Aero	18	16	2	0.5	9	2
Fire	24	22	2.25	0.5	10.25	2
Blizz	30	28	2.5	0.5	11.5	2
Thunder	37	34	3	0.5	13	2

II 	     MP Cost	    Cast Time	  Recast Time
	Before	After	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	43	36	3.25	1.5	14.5	6
Water	51	43	3.5	1.5	15.75	6
Aero	59	51	3.75	1.5	17	6
Fire	68	60	4.25	1.5	18.5	6
Blizz	77	68	4.5	1.5	19.75	6
Thunder	86	77	4.75	1.5	21	6

III 	     MP Cost	    Cast Time	  Recast Time
	Before	After	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	92	64	5.25	3	22.5	15
Water	98	75	5.5	3	24	15
Aero	106	88	5.75	3	25.25	15
Fire	113	101	6	3	26.5	15
Blizz	120	115	6.25	3	27.75	15
Thunder	128	129	6.75	3	29.25	15

IV 	     MP Cost	    Cast Time	  Recast Time
	Before	After	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	138	112	7	6	30.75	30
Water	144	129	7.25	6	32	30
Aero	150	148	7.5	6	33.25	30
Fire	157	169	8	6	34.75	30
Blizz	164	190	8.25	6	36	30
Thunder	171	213	8.5	6	37.25	30

V 	     MP Cost	    Cast Time	  Recast Time
	Before	After	Before	After	Before	After
Stone	222	156	8.75	10	39	45
Water	239	182	9.25	10	40.25	45
Aero	255	210	9.5	10	41.5	45
Fire	270	240	9.75	10	42.75	45
Blizz	282	272	10	10	44	45
Thunder	294	306	10.25	10	45.5	45

Based on these, we will continue with the adjustments of other elemental magic.

Regarding Content
First, we plan to make adjustments to the new Nyzul, Legion, Odin’s Chamber II, Voidwatch(through Provenance Watcher), [old] Salvage, and Walk of Echoes. We will consider making adjustments to new Salvage in the future as the need arises. The adjustments to each content being considered are as follows:

New Nyzul
* Adjust the range of random warps moving up the tower.

* Adjust the level of monsters that appear
* Adjust the attack and defense power of monsters

Odin’s Chamber II
* Adjust the level of monsters that appear

* Increase the scope of Void clusters to include Provenance (including Provenance Watcher).

* Review the drop rate of level 35 equipment
* Adjust Bhaflau Remnants to have the equipment that drops from NM also drop from other monsters.

Walk of Echoes
* Adjust the level of monsters that appear
* Remove the EX attribute from the various coins
* Add pouches from which multiple devious dice or liminal residues can be obtained.

While we will continue to adjust as necessary after this, if you cannot immediately win a battle in a short period of time, please continue to keep trying different techniques and strategies. \

Again, please note that this is not meant to be all-inclusive. There are many other items under consideration (including enmity and TP given), and we have to decide on when to make these implementations and in what order. 

Thanks for your time!

New content? You cannot haz!

Is it just me or is just about everyone desperate for some real content right now? We’re all waiting on this famous update, yet the date hasn’t yet been announced.  Meanwhile we’ve had no real update notices for a bit and yet we’re supposed to be happy with discussing jug pets, a caption competition and a soundtrack.

Seriously SE?

I want new events, new equipment and a bloody date for the update.  I am BORED! Voidwatch is keeping us occupied for now in game but Abyssea whilst constructive is repetitive and we’re getting to the point where we’re seeing a lot of our regular members capping out on key gear. We have no plans to stop yet but I can see us gradually moving away from Abyssea.

The fact is, there’s a lot of noise from SE but no real content.  The test server is a nice bonus but  once you’ve played on it a couple of times, tried out the JA and new spells you’re ready to move on. Perhaps I’m not dedicated enough but I want real progress…

What are we getting this time?

  • Level cap to 95

New spells, new job abilities and more magian trials

  • Changes to CoP Dynamis

Once you have your hydra hauberk, your Tav win and your accessories (which are predominantly superceded by Abyssean equipment) you probably won’t go back.

  • More Walk of Echoes (and loot changes)

It’s fun occasionally… but ‘meh’

  • More Voidwatch

Change the loot distribution and my opinion of this will improve.  I like the fights, they make a pleasant change but once you’ve done them, the idea of spamming them over and over for ‘meh’ gear is not pleasant.

  • Some new battlefields for Kindred and High Kindred crests – dull, dull, dull, dull, dull.

The problem is, once  we get to 95… what do we do with it? Voidwatch will only last so long (especially if they don’t improve the loot distribution)

Unless they announce something really NEW, they’re going to lose people.  New downloadable expansion scenario would do but honestly we need new zones….

Drop f***ing PS2 already.

Maybe they have renewed interest in XIV and are hoping to shift us wholesale to that. Or maybe I’m tired and cynical today and have just had enough.

What I’ve seen of the new stuff so far…


New WHM Spells in Rabao

New WHM Spells in Rabao

Ran into Lower Jeuno

Crystalline Prophecy Opening Scene

Crystalline Prophecy Opening Scene

And that’s about it so far. Maintenance > Maintenance Extension > Sleep > Work > Login for 30 mins > Maintenance.

News looks good for the Salvage camp but hilarious from the augmenting camp.

Crystalline Prophecy

The new mini expansion is now available for pre-order. Square Enix did the canny thing of releasing the stats of the gear you could obtain by completing the thing… Much discussion on Blue Gartr here.

There are three base pieces which will for the first time be customisable by players. There are restrictions but the details shocked me. I was expecting something tamer… Read More…

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