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Patch 3.55b Diadem update

So, I just queued and went into the new Diadem! I did this from Ishgard rather than from the FC Company workshop and I went into the fighting (Trials of the Fury), rather than gathering one.

  • You don’t need to unlock flying
  • Mobs seem to deaggro
  • You need to click on Aetherial gaps to transition between parts of the map – e.g. into caves or to another level
  • There are tons and tons of FATEs
  • There is a primary and then secondary mission – completing your primary gets you locked boxes and this is where you find random i265 gear.
  • We didn’t get the weather but Emergency FATE(s) pop and there is a new NPC which tells you about it on the vendor island
  • It looks like 40 damaged boxes = 1 undamaged and you can get them appraised.
  • Here’s a bunch of images!

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVI

Well more has come out of this so far than I was expecting.

Official Forum Q&A Thread

Some headlines…


Posts in various places:

Public housing just announced

Live letter 3.2 Content

BG Letter from Producer Live thread

Official Q & A


Skynamis: normal run with FC

So we went back in as an FC group. 8 of us did Normal mode. It went one helluva lot better. Managed to unlock flying without too much drama and then completed our objectives before teaming up with a bunch of other people to farm chests. We made it a non-gathering run and made everything under 210 greed only. Saved a lot of time.


One nice find was the minion! We got two in our run and you don’t need gold chests for them!


It looks adorable on a lala (not me)!


More airship exploration – Skynamis (Easy)

So I queued solo this time for the Easy version. You buy a voucher in Isgard and then queue for it just like you do any other duty.


Didn’t take too long to pop. You don’t need to uncover the map again.
You have the same deal with the Aetherial points to unlock flying but I think we needed one less for Easy. We started on a different island too and the mobs were markedly different. They were all lower rank – they all seem to be I and IIs


The group was relatively coherent in getting its three objectives but after that it didn’t work. One guy ‘dc’d’ and another immediately split off to gather.

We did manage to pop Celphie (an NM) but because of the amount of stupid we had in our group, people kept aggroing and then once we failed once, scattered to the winds.


I tried more gathering this time and managed to get a couple of steel spoils. They pop like hidden items in nodes.I also managed to pop some chests whilst mining. When they open, stuff gets distributed randomly. You find items up in the nodes there which are ‘hidden’ in other Heavensward zones.


I think it’s a good way at getting some quick Eso’s – just join a group and stick around for the 3 objectives. Ideally I think for farming parties take your own group in. Either queue via Ishgard with 8 or go in using your FC ships if you have em.


Having an agreed aim for your run is probably a good idea. So if you go in with a full 8, I’d advise just kill spamming and chest/NM popping or going in there, getting your esos and then mass gather.


Still, was fun. I think I’d prefer to go in with a preformed group than randoms but it’s an option and a good one. You can leave as soon as you’re done with Eso’s if you wanted to.

Airship Exploration: the Diadem (Hard)


Ouch. Just went in with 7 of us into Hard Mode from the FC workshop. Firstly, you need to buy a different item to enter Hard Mode. In Ishgard you buy a voucher with gil but in your own workshop you buy a tank with FC credits. Everyone needs one and to buy them you need to have permission to spend FC credits. The tanks can be traded though so you can always have officers distribute. From our experience I’d consider that unless you’re going in with more than 8 that it might be worth just going via Ishgard for Normal and Easy modes.


When you enter, you’re given a set of objectives and to get your 40 esoteric tomes you need to complete three of them. The first thing to do is to unlock flying. You NEED this. Otherwise you spend your entire time aggroing things and they don’t reset. People can sacrifice (‘sac’) pull them away for others. It took us a long time to get flying because we aggroed a lot of stuff. The mobs in Hard mode feel like they have a lot of HP. Even Tier III and IV mobs take a while to kill. They’re not hard to kill but take a while and they’re ‘trash’. Keep in mind though we were only 7.


Once we finally got flying, the map doesn’t take that long to unlock. We found the vendors. We decided to go for kills for one of our objectives and we ended up killing some Conodont style mobs (3). We also landed on an island where a lot of other people were killing things and NMs kept being popped.  We hadn’t done any reading – we went in blind so we were a bit clueless but we managed to get involved in killing a giant Ram Buffalo and the bronto from the trailer.


Black crystals seem to need you to kill mobs near them OR are on a timer. When you click them initially it just says something about being cloudy.  Rings appeared around them later (either due to kills or time) and then when we clicked it counted for the objective.


We also found ‘buried treasure’. This was down a passage and the passage is long. There was a cave and then long winding passage with a crap load of mobs in it. Frankly, I would chain sac this if you go for this objective. We kinda did, 2 of us died and the last go it.

Return works and takes you back to the beginning as you’d expect. That’s useful.


Gathering is interesting. There’s no way to hide from mobs so you have to wait until they turn their backs. Found mining and botanist nodes with no problem at 60 and harvested some of the new mats. Didn’t get a chance to try fishing.

We pretty much ran around like headless chickens and killed things. Because we went in blind we didn’t really have a clue but figured out a few things as we ran around. We should have started with Normal honestly and we’ll go and try that this weekend.  I’m going to do some research on the messages we got when killing mobs. Towards the end we were killing mobs fairly quickly and we got messages which we weren’t sure about but seemed to indicate we were building towards an NM. We did get a few bits of gear, 150s and 180s.


I loved it. Other people got a bit stressed. I’d prefer to now work a few things out and try em out in Normal but we will be going into Hard Mode again, ideally with a full party or more.

Airship Exploration: the Diadem (aka Skynamis)

So I’m hoping to jump in there tonight but got home to find the Airship I sent to Sector 22 had successfully found its way to the Hard mode of the Diadem!  Just sent out one ship and it did it in one.

Diadem Hard New Course

So gogo Skynamis. Hoping to run HM with FC peeps a lot over the weekend!

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