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Limbus and Einherjar changes

Looks like the re-entry timers on Limbus and Einherjar will be reduced to 20 hours and limbus win chips will be trade-able… Waiting for the official translation but Slycer from BG translated a JP Dev post here 


The End of Nova

Well, that’s it. Our sister shell is dead and gone.  But we went out with a bang! Pictures will have to come later. I keep putting off posting at the moment because I keep forgetting to edit and upload screenshots but if I do that, I’ll never post.

Nova was started in July 2008. We started with Dynamis Bastok.  Essentially the shell came into being because a few of us missed doing Dynamis and our old shell collapsed in March/April of that year. Read More…

Sigh of relief or Wind of change? Who knows…

So that’s it. After the Einherjar run this week, we announced that next week’s run is our last. Interest in Einherjar has died and a lot of people are skipping runs. I do understand it. As a format, the event is fun and quick. Alas, only going once a week makes it almost impossible to farm Odin regularly enough to pimp out peeps. So people start drifting away. The core group has been pretty reliable but only having 2 mules rather than 3, has really not helped.

We’re overdue an Adaberk, I hope we see at least one before it ends. We may not have enough people to kill Odin though if peeps decide not to show up. Quite a few have made it clear that they will be there, so we’ll see. Not like it takes tons any more. We’ll be low on RNG but we’re usually high on SMN.

And, we’ve decided to drop Dynamis as a separate shell event. So Nova will be done for now. If Square Enix decides to bring in another endgame environment with a larger group event, we may reinstate it, but with the way things have been going, I doubt it.

There’s a small, renewed interest in Salvage. I think there are at least three of us interested in going again. Initially we’ve asked the original group, once we know whether anyone else wants in, we can then see whether we want to widen it. There are plenty of good people out there but selfishly I miss our group a lot and would love to hang out. I doubt we’ll be spamming zones but maybe we could have a night a week where we have enough points to do a couple of runs or something.

The new plan for Dynamis is to choose a slot and go once a month. This is to help peeps pick up the odd pieces they still need and maybe to make a bit of gil to keep the wolves from the door.

There’s renewed interest in Walk of Echoes and the feeling that we’d all like something non-Abyssea to do occasionally. So that should keep us busy. We’re going to run some Limbus at some point, just to get the wins for Atma. Should be kinda simple to farm up Omega and Ultima pops now.



Our success in Abyssea is pretty awesome. We’ve managed to knock out a ton of Tier 1 wishes this month and quite a few complete or partial lower wishes. So, we’ll tweak the system, iron out the kinks and review. Nearly time for next month’s wishlist… not even sure what is going on it!

A couple of nights before Christmas

I haven’t had time to blog fully but I guess that’s the nature of the time of year.  We have no events running for the rest of this week and the weekend. I for one am pleased, cos I’m knackered.

So what have we been doing?  As mentioned, several epic dynamis runs. We’ve made no decisions on dynamis but its looking increasingly likely that dyna will be a lowman gil-raising event. I doubt somehow we’ll stop completely.

Interest in Einherjar is waning almost hourly.  We’re trying to finish up an Odin pop right now. Adaberks still seem of interest but if the event wasn’t so short I’m guessing we’d have ditched it already.

Our token galka Kazgoroth got married IRL recently and had dropped out for six weeks but we got to say hi this week and hang out.   It was good to see him on safe and sound, every time he disappears usually, something bad has happened. Wishing him and his wife a safe Christmas as she is heavily pregnant. Read More…

I r interloper. A real post!

Well ok, no real updates for a while. I’ve been busy both in work and in game. So, here I am. We’ve done a few things I’m pretty proud of recently. Let’s start with the weekend. Read More…

Fish! Today’s fish is orobon a la creme. Please enjoy your meal!

I know, I know… I haven’t posted in a while.  Things have been busy at work and in game but I just haven’t felt much like posting.  No drama, just have other things to do – damn work for being hectic!

Walk of Echoes

Gathering inside for Walk of Echoes

Gathering inside for Walk of Echoes

Well we’ve finally caved in and are doing some Walk of Echoes. I still REALLY don’t like the way SE has done things in regards to loot distribution and keeping the zones open but our melee need weapons and our mages quite like hMP gear. Yes, ok so we spend most of our lives in #2 because its easy but we have dabbled in #1 and #5. I’ve added my feedback about the event to various threads. Read More…

The To-Do list

Right, I’m trying to find things to do which aren’t ALL Abyssea. This is almost impossible.  I’ve been using SMN a lot recently, especially for small pet groups. It’s a lot of fun.  I have the caller’s pendant from the Iron Giant and have really been enjoying putting my gear to good use. SMN was the second job I levelled but got outstripped by BLM and BRD in terms of usefulness. Now it has a role again. Encouraged somewhat by Kendamarr and the whole PUP/BST/SMN army we have now. Everyone is levelling a pet job… Read More…

Last couple of weeks in a nutshell

Wow, hectic time out here in the real world for the last couple of weeks, so no time for much other than flyby blogging. Sorry for the random short posts flagging up useful or interesting things I’ve seen, I didn’t have much time for much else.

Like most people, I’ve been living in Abyssea but I must admit to getting a bit burnt out. So a couple of days off has been good.  Especially when they involve theatre trips!

In game, we managed a weird but vaguely productive Xarc run. Everyone seemed out of sorts and peeps were all playing the wrong jobs. Still we walked away with a few nice trophies including a Duelist’s Chapeau for Silkxiv and I completed my COR relic set and completely lootwhored it out that run. It always seems to work out that way for me. Nothing for a while and then bam! Three pieces at once. OK… one was an open lot BST piece which no one wanted AT ALL, so I spent points on it for Mitch and then discovered it completed his BST relic.

Eld and Kai 5 for 5

Eld and Kai 5 for 5

Read More…

Took a very, very long time… but we made it

Right now, I am happy and relaxed. We beat Odin. Finally. Quite a few people skipped out on runs recently and 3-4 didn’t show up today who were planned to. We have to deal with them this week. It’s really not acceptable and we may have to drop some peeps from Einherjar. However… we decided f*ck em and went anywaywith 17.

The run was much, much smoother. The tanks did a great job. The mages co-ordinated well. The melee were on the whole, sensible. We had two deaths. One was Kaz when he went a bit nuts, and the second was Xan when he forced Zantetsuken. Other than that it was fantastic. Mart did an exceptional job on the adds.

Our first Odin Drops

Our first Odin Drops

So, those of us who didn’t skip, oversleep, decide to stay up all night or who were unfortunate enough to be away today – are finally Elite Einherjar.

No Adaberks today but we saw a Valhalla helm which made Nia a pretty-kitty :), two crimson scalemail and some shadow trews. Looking forward to next time 🙂

Valhalla Helm

Niamh in his new Valhalla Helm

Oh and 100 Cloth – YAY!

We’re hunting wabbits…..

Bergi logged in last night, so of course I went off to die in new and interesting ways. It had been a great day;- DNC to 40, Wing 1 win with an abjuration drop which Mart won and Bahamut v2 dead in about 45s…

We didn’t even see the 15min notice for Wing I. Hell if we’d used our 2hrs on the manti I figure we’d have done the whole run in around 10mins. First time we’ve ever seen an abjuration drop. Mart won it, and he walks away with a crimson or blood mask. Pretty nice for his RDM as he’s already sitting on a dalmy. Shame we didn’t see the mask, but I’m glad we saw a staff.

Wyrmal Abjuration Head

Wyrmal Abjuration Head - Wing I

Bahamut v2 was ridiculous but fun. We have another orb will throw at him soon but I’m going to schedule some more Ouryu as we have some evokers.

Bv2 Drops

Bv2 Drops

After a break, I came back and asked Bergi if he was willing to try duoing Marvin.  Being pretty pimped in the WHM department already,  I haven’t pushed to get the Orison cape but it was on the list. I wanted to work out whether we could low man it rather than take up linkshell resource. I went BLM/NIN and Bergi RDM/NIN. Aside from a couple of magic fruit at 50% he was fairly easy.  I don’t think I could have soloed him but duo he’s straightforward. Bergi could probably solo him, that’s what he does.  He didn’t take very long… 20mins? Much to my surprise… he dropped. That’s our second kill of him ever. THe first we took a shell group, the second – Duo. I did die once but mostly bad timing on my part. I’m still learning really how to do this stuff.

Orison Cape Drop

Orison Cape Drop

Then we went to kill Bakka for Bergi. I’m glad we went but for a guy who has Maat’s cap he sure is stubborn about playing RDM/NIN.  We took 3 SMN and Bergi on RDM/NIN. I’d suggested 4 SMN.  Carby pull is by far the easiest but then switch to Shiva. She laughs at Freeze… The fight got hairy, but the joy of SMN is that being weak, doesn’t really matter. One aga caught 2 of us but honestly only because we’d gathered to use a mana powder. If you pick up meds from the NPC at the start and use the Martello, you don’t need fresh.  I think it would have been easier with 4 SMN but it worked and we killed him. Got Brach a Glyph Axe for his BST but the chain didn’t drop for Bergi. Still, we learnt lots. Blizzaga IV hurts. Not Blizzaja…

So I think, I’ve capped my Cure Potency… Should the next update bring more to the Surya’s, it means I can redo probably the headpiece I am wearing. Right now it means I can keep my neck slot for MP or for the Cure Cast neck at some point. Crazy…

Cure Potency Setup

Cure V Potency Setup

The only improvement to this set now is really Augur Hands/Marduk Feet. I have the Feet,  one day the hands 🙂 You cannot believe how happy I am that I added enmity to my Selenian cap…

I leave you with the sentiments of Slaan and I whilst levelling DNC subs… I was 38 initially so we subbed to me.

Levelling DNC - are we there yet?

Levelling DNC - are we there yet?

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