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Just stop it! Pre Expansion irritation!

Right. That’s it. I’m cross! You heard me!

Owl Stahp

Just stop! Yes, I mean you. I get it, you’re excited about the expansion – so am I! I wasn’t but I’m now fairly positive about it and looking forward to new content.

The job changes should make life more pleasant, especially for newer players and hopefully gently encourage all of us to do a better job by guiding us with the new job gauge system.

So – things I feel are utterly stupid right now:

  • Making definitive guides for any job, including the new ones. Seriously, we’ve already seen that there have been changes to the numbers on the tool tips and that there are things which we don’t understand yet.
  • Asking questions about how things will work when the freaking expansion hasn’t been released yet and NO ONE KNOWS! Why do you think other people magically have the answers that you don’t?
  • Deciding what the ‘meta’ will be. Who the fuck actually cares?! Oh ok that’s a bit harsh and I do get that raiders do really care but honestly until people really understand how their jobs work and all the small changes (proc rates, traits etc) factor in, it’ll be really hard to know…

I know no one will give a damn what I say but this is me venting and being relieved that Early Access is 10 days away!



Notes from the FFXIV EU fanfest keynote 2017

  • Samurai confirmed as second new job. Only two jobs for this expansion and both are DPS. SAM armour grouped with MNK. Main weapon Katana. IAI and other Far Eastern techniques. Heavy melee DPS. Art of Sen. Three forces Setsu, Getsu and Ka (Snow, Moon and flower).
  • Like RDM, will start at level 50. Quest will start in Eorzea
  • First we battle Imperials/Ala Mhigo then head further East to Othard (Far East continent)
  • New gear/crafted items
  • New city – Kurogane. Far Eastern port town on isolationist Island chain of Hingashi. Only place which welcomes/trades with other nations
  • Othard field areas mentioned.
  • The Ruby Sea, exclusive, rife with Pirate activity, connected to Kurogane and one of the first new areas we’ll encounter
  • New beast tribe: the Kojin. Turtle/tortoise like. Found in and around the Ruby Sea. Underwater settlements. Collectors of items which house powerful Kami.
  • New Primal: Lord of Revel – Susano. ‘Ruler of the Ruby Sea’
  • Multiple new dungeons, one was channelling Arrapago Ghost ship feels
  • Yanxia: second city to liberate will be found here. Controlled by Garlean Empire.
  • Azim Steppe: plains area. Absolutely stunning. Au Ri reside here
  • Dev footage showed some areas where there were rice etc
  • 4th Residential area: Shirogane. Will be released some time after Stormblood release.
  • Moving will be possible
  • Housing furnishing capacity will be doubled for all sizes
  • Theme tune will have usual Susan Calloway

Heavensward at Pax East (screenshots galore!)

Well I thought they were going to push back the release date and I wasn’t wrong. I just wish they hadn’t said 23rd June (19th for early access). Still they did release a crap load of images and I made some quick notes…

  • We’re Going North to Ishgard
  • Ishgard is being attacked by Dragons
  • The Dragonsong War – between Ishgard and
  • After 2.5 part 2 – more cinematic, longer
    trailer will be released
  • War between dragons and humans
  • 7 evil Wyrm kings
  • Floating continent included
  • Alexander is new Raid Dungeon – Normal and Hard Mode
  • They are ‘refreshing the loot system’
  • Alexander is one large primal
  • Female Au ra very customisable – not just small, petite and cute
  • They will be releasing an 8 or 9 minute benchmark in April which will include a character creator
  • Astrologian 2 stances
  • Some support functionality on Machinist
  • Dark Knight will use MP and the power of darkness
  • Level cap will go to 60
  • Specialist – crafters (new system)
  • New System DoL – area where you gather special mats

I took 109 screenshots… and you can find em


Or here if you wanna browse http://s370.photobucket.com/user/eldelphia/library/Pax%20East%20Heavensward%20FFXIV

Live Letter from the Producer and Las Vegas Fan Fest

So there was a crapload of information pushed out at the Fan fest last weekend. The expansion ‘Heavensward’ (3.0) was announced and a trailer for it was released. If you haven’t seen it by now, you can find it here 

Things I picked up were that the level cap is going up to 60 and multiple new jobs are going to be released. Dark Knight (DRK) was heavily hinted at as one of them. Yugiri (character in existing plot) is the new race and that race will be in the expansion. There will be lots of new areas including floating islands/continents. Something which I called the minute I played the Ixali questline (along with a load of other people no doubt).

http://imgur.com/a/OXeUk?gallery#0 has a bunch of screenshots from the opening keynote speech which cover a lot of it if you want to check it out (not mine).



The Live letter was pretty fun to watch. I made a bunch of notes which I stuck here

  • 2.4 confirmed for 28th
  • 2.45 there will be an adjustment so that people can help in Coil
  • 4 turns in the Final Coil

NIN will be able to equip MNK gear but DEX is their strat. This has caused a whole heap of confusion and I think everyone is waiting to see if it’s actually true… or what they’re doing to gear.


  • Typhon and Ultros are in
  • New Allagan Tomestone of Poetics (mythology is going)
  • New accessories and gear for DoL and DoH
  • They’re going to sort out DoL and DoH armour gear imbalances for 2.45 (It’s going to be easier to get gathering and crafting gear by 2.4)
  • 2.4 Doubling the amount of Wards to purchase land (Plots 31-60)
  • New aethernet destinations in Wards
  • Only way to get to new subdivisions before purchasing land is to use aethernet
  • Allagan1
  • To open NIN – Level 30 Rogue, Level 15 PUG and Lancer
  • Eternal Bond – can’t bond with more than one character at once
  • 2.45 for Eternal B
  • New tux and dresses for glamour from 2.4
  • Atma droprate increased by more than double
  • Animus books will be bought with Soldiery and relatively fewer tomestones needed (better exchange rate)
  • Considering letting us change job without penalty in more areas
  • Going to improve the drop rates of primal mounts in 2.4 🙂
  • Increasing the drop rates on the Leviathan mirrors too
  • Weekly lockout on Second Coil removed and soon will be able to use DF for it
  • Not sure when DF coming in
  • Going to ease up on the difficulty of Second Coil (They’re going to review in a few weeks)
  • Echo coming in 2-3 weeks after 2.4
  • PVP rank cap going up in 2.4
  • New rewards
  • Some PvP job balancing

Beyond 2.4

  • New high end raids will have a better loot system, tokens to trade in for armour you want
  • Final part of Crystal Tower in 2,5
  • More alliance based raids in 3.0
  • Gilgamesh coming back in 2.5 (With more arms)
  • Hildebrand will always be fun, not too hardcore (They don’t know what’s going to happen with HIldrebrand in the future cos he’s so popular)
  • Yugiri reveal possibly in 2.5 – confirmed as new race
  • Considering letting us change job without penalty in more areas
  • They’re going to do something to allow stoneskin to be AOE’d (prolly out of combat)
  • We will be able to have Barding with FC logo on
  • Boco racing in development and we’ll be in control
  • Chocobo breeding and raising (sometime 2.5ish)!
  • 2.5 part 2 for Gold Saucer
  • Triple Triad
  • Some new PVP rules in 2.5 and then after that some new maps and areas for PVP

Optional Item Sales


  • Will be able to buy previous event items with real cash but no Pay to Win
  • Sleipnir Mount
  • Art book on sale
  • Delivery Moogle Plush


I put up the rest of my screen captures from the Livestream here if you’re interested. They’re not fantastic quality.

Where to add your registration and item codes in your Square Enix account

Put your registration code here

Put your registration code here


Been asked this several times today. Login, go to Services and Options > Select Service > FFXI. You should then see the above…

Abyssea on Sale: new mobs!

Monster 1


Rehosted the images – have a look at the Abyssea site (and pre-order from POL!)










Adenium (Doom Mandy!)



The Shantotto Ascension – initial images

I will update this as I progress but madly running around trying to get items – initial screen shots!

Shantotto Augments

Click the thumbnail images to see the full sized glory of this season’s new pants! From here

Damnit… Cure potency /sigh. I wish they’d left the bloody stuff out this time. And movement speed…


Morning World. What do you do when you badly sprain your ankle and are home for 2 days? The latest expansion scenario, that’s what!

At some crazy time last night,  Xan, Geno, Ziodo, Brach, Doyler and I beat the Boss fight for Moogle Kupo D’etat.  Xan, Brach and I went 1/1 on it – both Ziodo and Geno had tried it 2-5 times with other peeps.  Read More…

WHM progress & potential hats

Current WHM hMP Set

Current WHM hMP Set

Since my last update I’ve invested in a mirror tiara, an intensifying cape, a templar mace (again) and a numinous shield (again) until I can afford the zenis to spam the muse tariquah NM. Working on a Sarameya pop with Erestor. Now have the means to do Khromasoul, Nosferatu and Achamoth.

To improve the above hMP set I need an oracles body or mahatma houppelande (prefer Oracles because I can use it elsewhere and its ‘free’); some hMP hands – ideally oracles and some rings.

No genie hands up right now, I’d rather work on the freebies that I’ll use for other things., especially as some pops will get our melee some Aurum feet. Yes, pee feet for all!

I think I’ve decided that I have no choice but to invest in a Selenian Cap for WHM when the new expansion scenario comes out. SCH and BLM got a nuking body from ACP which may later get exchanged for a Mirke Waldecors for COR but not sure yet. But Cure potency on a hat = win, especially when you’re wearing a Roundel and Aristo.  Add in a Korin Obi, Healing feather, medicine ring, Temenos lobby (double light) and you’re looking at some serious WHM epeen fun whilst repeatedly harming a Galka MNK!

Seriously of course you’re talking about weapon + body + roundel + hat = 30% cure potency. The secondary option is fast cast v -EMN

So, MND+4 Cure Potency +3% as a base with 20 MP is pretty nice.  I can then add Magical Critical Hit Rate+10%, ENM -4 or MND+2, Enhanced Fast Cast (+2%)

  1. MND+6, Cure potency +3%, Fast Cast +2% or
  2. MND +4, Cure potency +3%, ENM -4, Magical Crit Hit rate +10%

1. is the best Cure V piece bar none as the cure potency will overtake the Healer’s Cap +1. AF+1 hat can still be used for a MND boost to Stoneskin or Enfeebles. And of course a little Fast Cast is always nice

2. I am leaning towards more and more. I wasn’t but if you’re trying to approach -50 ENM then that’s a serious contribution towards it. Also this would make a nice healing head for RDM and SCH.

Magical Critical hits is wasted here, looks like that should be paired with one of the INT combos for a nice BLM piece with -EMN on it. Not looking forward to timed nukes in Xarcabard after this expansion! Could be fun to see the occasional silly critical Holies tho!

Daddy or Chips?

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