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Plans before Stormblood: changing Grand Companies for achievements

I’ve been trying to catch up on a few things in game I’d always planned to do but never gotten around to.  I recently completed my 200 Feast wins for my Gloria Airship and I’m left with a handful of things I want to do before Stormblood.


The first is to finish up all my jobs to 60. All I have left to finish now is Monk. I don’t enjoy playing melee DPS very much so both DRG and MNK have been a struggle but I’m 53 now and that will be over soon. It will mean I can finish the final GARO achievement, making me a Makai Master.

I need to finish up my SCH anima weapon, I’ve cleared 8 runes without much effort. I’ve not tried to farm lights at all as I’ve been focused on GARO and PvP achievements in the Feast. I have a WHM weapon at the light stage too so once SCH is done I’ll probably focus on getting that one done more quickly.

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while is change Grand Companies. There are a number of achievements (and minions!) available which you can’t get if you stick with one GC. I know we’ll likely go up more ranks in the next expansion but I figured I’d see how hard it was to cap out in the other two. Read More…

Patch 3.55b Diadem update

So, I just queued and went into the new Diadem! I did this from Ishgard rather than from the FC Company workshop and I went into the fighting (Trials of the Fury), rather than gathering one.

  • You don’t need to unlock flying
  • Mobs seem to deaggro
  • You need to click on Aetherial gaps to transition between parts of the map – e.g. into caves or to another level
  • There are tons and tons of FATEs
  • There is a primary and then secondary mission – completing your primary gets you locked boxes and this is where you find random i265 gear.
  • We didn’t get the weather but Emergency FATE(s) pop and there is a new NPC which tells you about it on the vendor island
  • It looks like 40 damaged boxes = 1 undamaged and you can get them appraised.
  • Here’s a bunch of images!

Notes from the FFXIV EU fanfest keynote 2017

  • Samurai confirmed as second new job. Only two jobs for this expansion and both are DPS. SAM armour grouped with MNK. Main weapon Katana. IAI and other Far Eastern techniques. Heavy melee DPS. Art of Sen. Three forces Setsu, Getsu and Ka (Snow, Moon and flower).
  • Like RDM, will start at level 50. Quest will start in Eorzea
  • First we battle Imperials/Ala Mhigo then head further East to Othard (Far East continent)
  • New gear/crafted items
  • New city – Kurogane. Far Eastern port town on isolationist Island chain of Hingashi. Only place which welcomes/trades with other nations
  • Othard field areas mentioned.
  • The Ruby Sea, exclusive, rife with Pirate activity, connected to Kurogane and one of the first new areas we’ll encounter
  • New beast tribe: the Kojin. Turtle/tortoise like. Found in and around the Ruby Sea. Underwater settlements. Collectors of items which house powerful Kami.
  • New Primal: Lord of Revel – Susano. ‘Ruler of the Ruby Sea’
  • Multiple new dungeons, one was channelling Arrapago Ghost ship feels
  • Yanxia: second city to liberate will be found here. Controlled by Garlean Empire.
  • Azim Steppe: plains area. Absolutely stunning. Au Ri reside here
  • Dev footage showed some areas where there were rice etc
  • 4th Residential area: Shirogane. Will be released some time after Stormblood release.
  • Moving will be possible
  • Housing furnishing capacity will be doubled for all sizes
  • Theme tune will have usual Susan Calloway

Mexi’s Amateur Guide to PVP for those doing the GARO event

I am absolutely NOT an expert at all modes of PvP in FFXIV and I do welcome constructive feedback. I have PvP’d a lot in SWTOR and Neverwinter as well as a bit in Guildwars 2. However in FFXIV, I am only rank 41 and I took a huge break until the recent GARO event.

While collecting my mounts, I worked out quite a few things and asked a lot of questions. Thought it might be useful to add this knowledge to a post here.

The truth about Healers and PvP

Read More…

Bird Farming – Ravana Ex revision notes

Leaving here for my sanity. I’ve beaten Bismark, Ravana and Sophia out of the Heavensward Extreme Primals and seen Nidhogg to a decent level. Never tried Thordan or Sephi but hoping to do Zurvan this weekend.

I understand how Ravana works but have not memorised things well enough to articulate them to other people. So I’m posting here the stuff that comes up as runs are so fast now.  Read More…

Why Palace of the Dead is my (current)favourite thing to do

I love Palace of the Dead Deep Dungeon. I love the concept and I love what it enables me to do.


At lower levels, it’s a great place for xp. You can even solo to 100 if you really want to. So far I’ve managed up to 50 on SMN. I like that you can go in as a ‘fixed party’ of up to 4 or that there is a Duty Finder specifically for it which matches you with random people. I love that you can go in with any combo of jobs at lower levels and get through okay. Don’t try that at 150+, possible 100+.

I like that through the Accursed Hoard system, you can obtain some interesting glamour pieces and rare minions. Sure there’s a lot of fireworks and materia too but a lot of pieces which were locked behind maps or airship exploration are now accessible.


Letting players try out classes and jobs in a contained environment is fantastic. You get to learn what your abilities are and see what’s coming up without committing to leveling the class all the way up. This is how I discovered that I don’t mind NIN. All those melee classes I really couldn’t face in FATEs and other dungeons, are all now 40+. My DRK is level 60 and my NIN is almost 50.

Having solid and vaguely interesting weapons which you can take away from the event too, is fantastic. By far and away getting weapons from this event is the easiest way to catch up. I’ve cleared Sophia Ex but not walked away with a weapon and honestly PotD is a far easier way for many players who are terrified or frustrated by the Extreme fights to walk away with a decent weapon.  Read More…

Images from FFXIV

We don’t really use our Guildwork site anymore. We keep a presence there and if you login members can find the details for Discord and GroupMe but that’s about it. I’ve been paying for a cheap plan on there but decided it’s not worth it. One thing I decided to do was to archive the images we had on there (by patch) onto Imgur.  If you’re interested in them you can find em here http://eldelphia.imgur.com/

Here’s one example – our album from Early Access & Launch

Some of the new recipe gear from 3.2

Patch 3.2 Gears of Change Info

I just compiled this for a post on bluegartr so I figured I’d add it to my blog I thought I’d try and pull together any information about Patch 3.2 (Gears of Change).

The Maiden’s Rhapsodie FFXI Crossover Event Screenshots

Huge Spoilers in the images cut if you haven’t done the Maiden’s Rhapsodie FFXI Crossover event. I took a bunch of screenshots and reminisced like a pro. It does make me miss XI but not the XI that is there right now but the XI from a few years back when there was a huge group of us playing on Alexander and then Shiva. I had an amazing time in XI but it’s not the same place now. Whilst I am really enjoying FFXIV, it’s not the same game. Equally though FFXIV makes life a lot easier because I don’t have to feel guilty if I’m going out for an evening that I’m letting a group down or be worried about my points… Yep XI was pretty intense for me. Good times.

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