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Where am I now?

Rather than focus on the future, let’s focus on where I am right now.

<DRUNK> is a small FC on Siren consisting of old FFXI players, some SWTOR players and a few people we’ve picked up along the way. I spend most of my time hanging out with Rotz, Jero, Nia, Tibi, Akai, Brach and Mara.

Mexi is 50 in all Disciples of Hand (DoH) and Disciples of Land (DoL). I find Gathering (DoL) fun and really enjoyed levelling Botany and Mining. Fishing was slow to start with but then I got bitten with the Big Fishing bug for a bit and that got me into it. All three DoL classes have their basic weapons from the guy in Revenant’s Toll but I haven’t upgraded any of em yet. I have the stupid straw hat too. My Botanist is around 408 gathering I think.


My Miner and fisher are partially melded – I can grab Grade 3 soil for example and almost all fish except the highest tier.

In terms of crafting, my Weaver is my best geared and I enjoy Weaver and Leatherworker the most. I use all of the classes and it’s fantastic to be able to repair any of my gear on the fly. I have the spectacles for all of my DoH and recently got the Ixali hands. My Weaver is melded but needs some upgrades. I have my base Rev Toll tool but again need to upgrade it. I am by no means a Mastercrafter but I can make a lot, including 3 star stuff if I use food.


In terms of Disciples of War classes, it won’t come as any great surprise to know that I main a healer. The surprise to me was how much more I enjoy SCH over WHM. WHM has more power heals and better AoE healing capacity whilst SCH has more in terms of damage mitigation and speed. I do have WHM levelled (and well geared) but I hate not playing SCH for big fights. WHM feels so slow in comparison. Lustrate is a godsend.

I would play SMN more as I really enjoy it but currently it shares its stats with SCH so it’s a bit gimp because I allocated all of my stats into MND. SMN needs INT and I’m 30 points down which is effectively an entire set of armour behind at 50. I’m hoping they change that.


So I levelled BLM so that I could have a non-gimp caster. BLM has a tomestone weapon and a most things on the left (body armour) are 110, the exception being the body which is 100. My accessories could use some work with a mixture of i90 and i110.


I love playing WAR but I’ve neglected it recently. I had to put a lot of work into my SCH Novus book and right now of course I’m trying to upgrade it to Nexus. So that means playing SCH a lot to imbue my book. My WAR gear is lagging behind right now but I should be able to throw some tomes at it soon. Probably around the time 2.4 brings us some new gear!

  • WHM – Yagrush (i110)
  • SCH – Omnilex Novus (i110)
  • BLM – Laevateinn (i110)
  • WAR – Allagan Battleaxe (i95)

The other thing I spend a lot of time doing is Gardening. I love it. I have no idea why as I don’t do any of it in Real Life but ingame, I have grown ALL the things! We have 2 large garden patches in our Free Company garden and I’ve just (and I mean last night!) bought my own small house in Lavender beds where I’ve put in another large patch.

In our FC garden we have grown a lot of minions and boco food. We’re currently focusing on growing onions so that people can rank up their bocos. It’s fun and for some reason I’m addicted.

So currently I’m working on upgrading my SCH book, equipping my caster, levelling an alt and growing ALL the things. Hopefully we’ll be doing some Second Coil soon and whatever the new patch throws at us!


Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) v Star Wars: the Old Republic (SWTOR) – Gear aka Loot

This isn’t really a competition but whilst I have no real urge to write about FFXI right now (I’m not playing after all) I have found several things interesting about the different approaches taken by Square Enix and Bioware.

You need to be aware of a couple of things. Firstly, FFXI was launched almost 10 years ago, whereas SWTOR was launched almost 4 months ago. FFXI is Japanese and SWTOR is Canadian. Yes, Bioware is Canadian.
The two games are obviously two entirely different kettles of fish. However, they’re both apparently MMOs. SWTOR has 1.75m subscribers right now and FFXI has several hundred thousand, possibly half a million. I played FFXI for over 7 years and SWTOR since launch. I have cap-level characters in both.

Read More…

To-do list

This is probably not of interest to anyone else… Read More…

As requested WHM gear update (skip if WHM Zzz’s you)

I’ve been asked about WHM gear again recently and had a couple of pleas to update on my WHM’s gear. So here goes. Sorry for all you WHM peeps who think WHM is /doze! Read More…

A Moogle Kupo d’etat details released

More Square Enix RMT, let’s hope this expansion scenario is a little more fun. New site here and the item of choice this time is a hat. Details in the piccie below.

Moogle Expansion Augments

Moogle Expansion Augments

Weekly events update

So aside from levelling RDM what have I been doing?

Well dinged my RNG into Noct again. So once RDM is done I can work on my COR. I think I’m about 90% decided that I don’t want to level anything else after COR. I need a lot of merits already and I don’t see the point in being gimp at 75. I’m probably never going to cap all my jobs but the further I get from mages, the worse they will be. COR I can easily merit sword/dagger/marksmanship for and these will help RDM and BRD as well.

Last night we did Nyzul Isle. The chaps got their disks to 60, which is frankly awesome. Ironically we saw a pair of Askar hands drop which took us months to farm when we needed them for Niamh. Altho in all honesty I’d have been more surprised if they hadn’t dropped, SE loves irony. Rotx won them and so now he’s lending his dusk gloves to Jero and running faster. Or something. Read More…

Morning World. RDM Progress

Life is a little easier this week, which is good. I wouldn’t say everything was resolved but bringing things out into the open helped me a lot. Hopefully in a while more stuff will get resolved.

That’s enough of being cryptic, let’s talk about fun things! Last night I dinged 71 RDM. Thanks to the very patient ls party who came with me to do Alz. Udr. Ruins > Caerdarva Mire imps. Loads of people were there taking pictures of Soulflayers which helped. We capped to 70 and got very nice xp. I had a double xp band session, so I was getting up to 485 per kill at times. Read More…


I’m a career mage. To be honest I’d say I was a career WHM, with BLM, SCH, BRD and SMN all things I do for a break. I am smitten with SCH at the moment, BLM is more fun now I’m well geared and BRD I just love to merit with. SMN is for alone time and Kirins lol. As an aside I’m also slowly levelling RDM which is 65 and tedious and COR which is 47, fun but expensive.

WHM was my first job to 75. I have BLM, SMN, SCH and NIN subs for it. I now rarely use anything other than /SCH like any other WHM who has bothered with the sub. I should point out I am a Hume. Read More…

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