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So the answer is to just whine… a lot

Crimson Cuisses

Those bloody mythical pants


Kirin Zergs and other animals

We had a pretty fun Sunday. It was hectic as all hell. It was a shame we didn’t win Einherjar, chair Dude is a pain to deal with and we panicked. Can’t believe how fast we got the first wave down though.


But before talking about Sunday I should mention our truly AWESOME Dynamis-Jeuno. Yarly. Dynamis Jeuno and AWESOME in the same sentance. How come? Well we killed everything in the world! OK, we didn’t but we did kill a huge number of mobs and mostly down to Kaibelf’s pulling.  Stunmonk was out of town this weekend and so I was a bit nervous about doing something more adventurous than Jeuno. Also, we’d avoided it for a while because it got pretty shitty for a bit and no one seemed to like it.

However, Saturday completely turned that around for us. Kai stepped up and offered to help. He’s a pretty sensible player anyway and he did a great job on the front line.  I have to say, we had a lot of melee show up too but less BRDs  but it made a change to go into Jeuno with a sizable number (28?). Usually people disappear…

The main difference was the speed of pulling (fast but not reckless). Mobs were being popped, slept and pulled fairly fast. We did have some issues with mobs not being taken far enough back but we worked them out. We pulled the AH fine, pulled the fountain, repopped the fountain and then pulled the palace and reset everything out the back. We cleared back through in record time, pulled the fountain all over again and cleared to the Mog House. We didn’t repop the AH but I think we could have done. We then popped the Boss just because we’d run out of mobs. Killed him and then a bunch of people left.

We still managed to kill a bunch more stuff and get two desired drops (WAR and WHM) and walked out with a ton of currency and two hundreds. The armour drops weren’t epic (11?) but decent. Shame we had three pairs of DRG hands…

I’ve warned Kai he may be asked to be upfront more often >.>

Anyway, back to Sunday. Einherjar is vastly improved at last. Taken a while to rebuild but attendance is steady and the results are showing. After Einherjar we went to Sky.


I’m going to be honest, I’m a bit burnt out on Sky.  I like it when shinies drop but it’s a hassle. We’re doing almost none of it but when we do go it tends to be for something specific, or Kirin.  We popped BB for Axy’s Suzy pop and the shell already had one Suzy pop so we then went to pwn the giant bird. His two hour the first time was such a non event that even though shadowbind was broken we winged it. He caused more trouble second time around but we survived, no two hours were used and it was laughable. Considering how nervous Seren was the first few times we went to sky and what a HUGE thing it was when we first beat Byakko, it seems ridiculous now.

So two Suzy seals = a second complete pop for Kirin and 3/4 for the next.  Carp had a full pop ready and I grabbed the seal I needed from his Jeuno mule to complete the second.

By the time we got to Kirin, we’d recovered most 2 hours.  We didn’t have a full alliance but it was pretty close. We’ve never beaten our first 39s zerg but we got him down comfortably in around a minute.

We then spent ages trying to reset 2 hrs so it was almost an hr before we took the second one down.  We zerged the second with 12 melee and no thf … and it took longer. Sleepga went off but we still managed a clean kill with no summons.

As usual we saw a Shura Togi. We picked up two Osodes (common) and no W Legs or Heca. We need harnesses and legs.  We’re running out of people to give togis and osodes to… Grats to Ebony, Josiey, Alkow, Axy and KD for your loot!

Awesome weekend; many forms of kitty pants and ring!

Well wow, it’s been busy. Almost time for me to go back to work but before I do I have time to post about the last few days.

Saturday we had a nice Glacier run. Saw a few drops we were overdue on including, PLD. This was the weekend of pants for this particular kitty. We saw 10 drops plus a couple of hundred, making the run fun and profitable. By picking up the Valor pants, Niamh completed his relic set.

Niamh 5/5 PLD

Niamh 5/5 PLD

We seemed to spend every odd moment trying to upgrade people’s VNM crystals. I had a tier II which needed to go to a III and so did others. Bergi and Aunshi now both have Black Crystals and, after a few more tier II I think Alk and I both upgraded to a blue. So, last night after events, we popped Krab for me and not only did we get the title again, but it dropped the ring 🙂 So we’re 2/6ish on rings and I own a Karka!

Eld Karka Ring

Eld's new ring

But I’m jumping ahead. We had a pretty huge break on Sunday. Kirin is an easy kill for us and relatively fun now that we can zerg him regularly. However, over the three years or so that on and off we’ve killed him, he’s never dropped wyrmal legs. Niamh has been top of the list for those for so long, the rest of the shell had given up. He has PLD and RNG and uses both extensively. More to the point, over the years, he’s been up in sky a ton. Peeps would approach us to merc Kirin but we couldn’t take the risk… incase the pants dropped and people started /wrist.

Niamh and Aunshi

Niamh and Aunshi

Finally, last night, Kirin put out for Niamh. He can’t believe it, peeps who logged in couldn’t believe it. He’s had a pair of -1s for 18 months… The entire shell turned out to Al Zabi for a screenshot lol… And to add to the awesomeness of the run, Aunshi walked away with an osode.

My linkshell is freaking awesome

Today was a lot of fun. Dynamis Valkurm yesterday was smooth until the Boss and I think we messed up the initial engagement and so we messed up the Boss. We almost had time for peeps to drop out and job change with 20 mins left but somehow the message didn’t really get through and so we didn’t have them back in zone by 10mins. Sure we could have killed them again but we lost momentum… so we still have a few guys who don’t have Tav.

However today we had an absolutely freaking awesome day. Read More…

Too many events in one day

Yesterday was too long for me, and I’m sure – for others. Going to have to reconsider our events schedule I think.  Sundays are just proving too long for me to handle and the fallout from each event is hitting me around midnight. Which is no earthly good when I have work in the morning.

We’re simply trying to fit in too much into one day.  Our weekends are pretty hectic right now even with it being the Summer.

Dynamis  was better for drops and average on currency. Last time we did Jeuno, we got 5 hundreds, this time – none. We did see 10 relic pieces drop, which was decent but not exceptional for that zone. We completely failed to get the win however because we messed up the sac pull and ran out of time. We got the Boss but didn’t get him down before a horde of mobs descended upon us. I think we didn’t send our THF far enough.   Read More…

WIDATW: Dynamis, Einherjar, Kirin & Omega roundup

Feeling less emo but not great. Here’s some stuff we did.

We went to Dynamis Windurst and fate conspired to pretty much steal almost all our thieves and tanks away. So we ended up having a last minute reshuffle. We’ve already lost one of three stock thieves to stupidity so we were down to two and a couple of peeps who can play it in a pinch. Except that Nui’s net went out, Dru sold his apartment and had to do some paperwork, Reb didn’t make it and Uneac is only 72. Read More…

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