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So a few people…

So a few people have wondered what’s going on and whether I am going back to FFXI. The answer is ‘not right now’ and possibly not ever. I’m not stupid enough to swear blind that I’m never going back because I’ve seen too many people come and go. I know it’s possible in a while that I’ll feel differently.

One thing I did decide was that I didn’t want to feel pressured to play a game because I was responsible for leading a group. I’ve been a linkshell leader for 7 years and I’ve now stepped down. I asked the remaining sacks whether they wanted to take the group forward and if so, to repearl and to set up a new forum on guildwork. I feel it’s important to make a break between the world of what was essentially Serendipity. I’m thankful that Mart is starting a new group with Rin so that if people want, there is continuity.

I’ve been burning out for a while. Things took a dip when Slaan got a job and Eidan started Uni. Even taking a break in October didn’t help us. Ere started trying to buy a house and Mart was on a break. We didn’t have a full sack team. Honestly though, it’s not even really about logistics – all of those things are resolvable if you have the energy. It’s about me. There was a time when I thought I’d be there til they turned the servers off. That I’d be the last one there when they turned off the lights and locked the door. But no.

I think in all honesty, things started to change with the server merge but so many things have contributed to me simply not enjoying FFXI,  and in the end one of which was leading the shell. It can be a rewarding thing to do but it can also be a thankless thing to do.

There are people I miss and people I don’t. I think as one of my friends said to me earlier “screw fortuna, I’m a serendipity guy”. Sums it up really.

You’ll find me hanging out occasionally on SWTOR with C, Dellos, Ath, Firi & Ere. Not constantly and certainly not as much as I played XI but right now it’s enough to keep me entertained whilst other stuff is going on and is a way of hanging out with some peeps I missed after they left XI. SWTOR isn’t in the same league as XI but I kinda need it to be that way.

Not sure what I’ll do with the blog. I’ll leave it for now and see what happens. Take care guys, you’ll find me on Facebook and can still message me on Guildwork if you want.


Loot Distribution, how I hate thee

This isn’t a bitchfest but just an examination of some of the issues we’ve faced as a group and our solutions to them. The nature of the game is such that things have changed a lot over the years and that adds complications. Read More…


Being a linkshell leader is really weird sometimes. There are lots of great things about it and lots of strange things about it.  In the real world, I’ve run a few groups for work, supervised a team etc but never really been a line manager for anyone.  I’ve also been involved in running events as a hobby around the country but even then not in any major way.

So I am constantly surprised by the things that get thrown at me.  I’m going to admit right now that some of the things I’ve learnt about people in game I have used elsewhere.  However, I do not condone FFXI as an effective management training tool!

I was up talking to Doyler and Xan on Skype or Vent or something the other night (Seren now has Vent thanks to Ere 🙂 ). I kept saying I was going to bed but ended up just chilling out and chatting a lot. It was really nice. (Even if I had work the next morning.)

Read More…

Long-winded waffle about leading linkshells

Because  of recent shell drama I’ve been thinking a lot about how as a leader I am forced to deal with certain situations.

A linkshell is not made from one person alone.  A linkshell is not its leader. However a linkshell leader has to be a pretty strong focal point and does have certain responsibilities.

The further into Endgame you get, the murkier the waters are. The shinier the drops, the higher the competition. We sit on the edge of it, leaving HNM to the shells who are prepared to be more ruthless and/or committed than we are. People get greedier and the drama bigger.

On the whole, Serendipity is a good place to be if the extreme end of 75 play isn’t where you want to be but you don’t just want to be farming 50 cap items and af armour forever.

We have run Limbus for over 2.5 years and regularly take down Omega and Ultima, these days with little effort. We don’t need full alliances for either. We do everything in Sky, and are hoping to try and  zerg Kirin the next time we get enough of us on. We’ve done a lot of Nyzul Isle and are about to do Salvage.

We’ve beaten Ouryu, we run Dynamis well and we’re slowly making progress in Einherjar. We hope to try Bahamut v2 and Dynamis Lord soon.  But we don’t camp Kings or Wyrms. We’re reasonably well geared and merited but not exceptional. In short we’re a middle of the road endgame shell. Read More…

Why don’t you work it out for YOURSELF instead of waiting for a sackholder to wipe your backside?

I’m /angry right now. I am at the end of a very short fuse because my gaming fun is being pretty much railroaded.

Running a linkshell is hard work. Running two linkshells is fucking insane. As Rotx discovered, it’s not easy to run Dynamis. He did ok, but it stressed the hell out of him. Doyler knows it, I know it but running linkshells is at times a thankless job.

I realise people have lives but many players’ priorities extend only as far as themselves. That means if they don’t feel like it, if they don’t want to, if they can’t be bothered – then they’re not going to do the things which makes life easier for everyone. No, this post doesn’t apply to everyone.

So which things are bugging me right now? Read More…

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