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So a few people…

So a few people have wondered what’s going on and whether I am going back to FFXI. The answer is ‘not right now’ and possibly not ever. I’m not stupid enough to swear blind that I’m never going back because I’ve seen too many people come and go. I know it’s possible in a while that I’ll feel differently.

One thing I did decide was that I didn’t want to feel pressured to play a game because I was responsible for leading a group. I’ve been a linkshell leader for 7 years and I’ve now stepped down. I asked the remaining sacks whether they wanted to take the group forward and if so, to repearl and to set up a new forum on guildwork. I feel it’s important to make a break between the world of what was essentially Serendipity. I’m thankful that Mart is starting a new group with Rin so that if people want, there is continuity.

I’ve been burning out for a while. Things took a dip when Slaan got a job and Eidan started Uni. Even taking a break in October didn’t help us. Ere started trying to buy a house and Mart was on a break. We didn’t have a full sack team. Honestly though, it’s not even really about logistics – all of those things are resolvable if you have the energy. It’s about me. There was a time when I thought I’d be there til they turned the servers off. That I’d be the last one there when they turned off the lights and locked the door. But no.

I think in all honesty, things started to change with the server merge but so many things have contributed to me simply not enjoying FFXI,  and in the end one of which was leading the shell. It can be a rewarding thing to do but it can also be a thankless thing to do.

There are people I miss and people I don’t. I think as one of my friends said to me earlier “screw fortuna, I’m a serendipity guy”. Sums it up really.

You’ll find me hanging out occasionally on SWTOR with C, Dellos, Ath, Firi & Ere. Not constantly and certainly not as much as I played XI but right now it’s enough to keep me entertained whilst other stuff is going on and is a way of hanging out with some peeps I missed after they left XI. SWTOR isn’t in the same league as XI but I kinda need it to be that way.

Not sure what I’ll do with the blog. I’ll leave it for now and see what happens. Take care guys, you’ll find me on Facebook and can still message me on Guildwork if you want.


Linkshell. What’s it all about?

Coming up on 7 years (Jan) of what was Serendipity and is now Fortuna. We’ve merged from Alexander into Shiva and we’re still going strong. Not without our up’s and down’s of course. We’re no super shell.

We have a couple of people still from waaaaay back at the start.  Niamh and Doyler both came from the shell we all joined when we started the game. We were part of BastokanIlluminati which had a blue pearl I think and was run by Krash a level 42ish DRK. You could only join the shell if you were from Bastok.  Our token high-level was Rubin who reached the godly level of 69 and bought an E bow for some crazy number.

I remember having to borrow 50k from Niamh to buy a shield someone in shell was selling cheap and what a huge deal it was. I also remember Asskicker donating me a fairie tunic when I got to the level I could wear it and I was stunned. He had a son who played too called Asskickerjr. Or something similar.

Serendipity started because there was low level drama, in part caused by real life stuff going on with Krash. In the end I decided to buy another linkshell and make a pearl in case. That changed in minutes to being a refuge and a few of us decided to set out on our own. I had no idea what that would mean. I started playing in early October and we had Serendipity in January.

The first pearl I ever gave out was to Jimmy. He played PLD at the time. It’s his fault I levelled Clothcraft because he was the first person to see the opaline set and was going on about it and how I should get it.  When I saw it, I agreed. Instead of raising gil, I thought it would be cheaper to make it myself… No, I don’t get it either!

Niamh, Gilraen, Anroga and Beebo also got pearls. We picked up Oromi, Zeusddc, Kaylee, Lostprophet and Doyler too.  Kaylee turned into Athenaa and her own account later but she was originally on Z’s. I’m sure there were others and eventually Rubin asked if he could join.  We picked up Jongor, Clevan, Dellos, Lerko and many more over the following months with guest appearances from Levander, Vykos and others. Kaz has been in the shell over 5 years!  I know I’m not remembering everyone. We’ve had waves of people join throughout the years and many of them have stuck with us. Brachial, Tibialis and Axyke joined years back too.

Niamh, Doyler, Brach, Tibi, Axyke and Kaz are our longest standing members now.  Clevan and Dellos are from way back also but we only see them every now and then.  People come and go. Some leave, some return and more quit.

Doyler set up our first forum in Summer/Autumn 2005 and I have the first ever Admin email I sent to everyone on it. Read More…

Fortuna EU Linkshell on Shiva {Looking for Members}

Fortuna is a longstanding (7 years in Jan) EU-focused endgame shell. We are not purely an event shell but a community of friends with members old and new. We have accomplished a lot over the years without resorting to botting.

  •  We run an active forum on Guildwork and regular, scheduled linkshell events.  We expect our members to wear our pearl at all times. This is to ensure we maintain a friendly group and it works well. We have our own Ventrilo server.
  •  We run a wishlist system for Abyssea which has equipped our members with a lot of nice gear. We do not currently create Empyrean weapons for our members, however you may wishlist sets of upgrade items in you #2-#5 wishes.  You can read more about this on our website.
  • We have killed our way to Jeuno -Voidwatch for many of our members and are working on the earlier paths as well as the new to bring everyone up to speed.
  • Small groups within the shell regularly farm Abyssea, Salvage, Walk of Echoes & Dynamis. We’ve been known to do ZNM, Sky, KSNM99 (completed many BB), Limbus, Sea, Ouryu, Bahamut v2, the Kings and more.  If you come to us with a popset or a suggestion for an event, we’ll try and incorporate it into the schedule.
  • Various members have or are in the process of creating Walk of Echoes and Empyrean weapons.
  • We have considerable job flexibility.

When we run

Our events usually run Tues/Thurs/Sun 19:30 GMT (14:30 EST). Outside of events, your time is your own but you will find members do a lot together.

The physical age range of the shell is 20-50. The mental age range is probably 18-90. The two do not always correlate. However it means we do understand college/family/work commitments but if you can’t show up our events regularly then it probably isn’t worth applying.

What we need…

We are looking for experienced and capable adult players with a group-oriented attitude to linkshell events.  We could use another experienced PLD, who is willing and able to be up front for Voidwatch.  Someone who has actually played it at endgame and for more than 10mins. We’d be even happier if you had other jobs too.

We also need some career support. People who don’t cry when you ask them to come WHM, RDM or BRD and are actually good at them. Especially BRD.

If you have BLU, that would be great. Hell we could even use another MNK but what we really don’t need right now is DNC, NIN, PUP or THF only players.

We expect you to have all your red/blue/grellow procs on jobs you want us to take seriously. We expect you to keep your skills in shape (ok, we might not worry about guard) but we understand that not everything can be done overnight. We expect you to have your spells or in the case of the recent ones, be working on them

Fortuna is a great community and gets things done. So come join us.

May you live in interesting times

Well wow. Quite a curve ball you’ve thrown us Square Enix. Alexander is to merge with Shiva. After six years of the same shell we’re to repearl and rename ourselves and we will no longer be from Alexander. Read More…

Having some time off, or too much game time!

The last week I’ve been trying to recover from the stress and general anarchy of the last few weeks. I’ve been sick and under the weather and soon I have to move a couple of hours east and I don’t have that much longer to do it. So I promised myself some time out this week. Which is what I’ve done from real life, and explains how I’ve done so much in game…  Read More…

The End of Nyzul and start of Salvage

Nyzul  Isle

…was good last night. We’re now farming floor 100 for the last pieces we need to satisfy the original wishlists. Peeps want some more stuff of course (although we’ve seen a lot of it drop) but we’re all kinda wanting to wrap up this level of commitment to Nyzul.

Out of the 4 runs we did, 1 we had to exit on (thanks frog boss, chariots and a kill all floor the size of Manhattan). The other three we killed the Bosses and got one of the remaining headpieces we needed. Grats to Erestor on his Askar Zuchetto.

That leaves us with another Askar and a Goliard to get and we’re done. Wow.

The aim then is to go on and do some Assaults… and Salvage. I’m about 15 assaults off Captain Rank so I’m hoping we can rotate some early ones with some higher ones and get peeps through. Read More…

Why don’t you work it out for YOURSELF instead of waiting for a sackholder to wipe your backside?

I’m /angry right now. I am at the end of a very short fuse because my gaming fun is being pretty much railroaded.

Running a linkshell is hard work. Running two linkshells is fucking insane. As Rotx discovered, it’s not easy to run Dynamis. He did ok, but it stressed the hell out of him. Doyler knows it, I know it but running linkshells is at times a thankless job.

I realise people have lives but many players’ priorities extend only as far as themselves. That means if they don’t feel like it, if they don’t want to, if they can’t be bothered – then they’re not going to do the things which makes life easier for everyone. No, this post doesn’t apply to everyone.

So which things are bugging me right now? Read More…

Shell Stuff: don’t run one!

Well I have to say I feel like I’ve let people down a bit because I’ve been a bit distracted by personal stuff this last week. I had to deal with a difficult situation online with two (former) members of the shell. They’re nice people but a minor situation and the way it was handled by me and the person involved evolved into a headache. I’ll be honest, my mood recently hasn’t helped but neither did the attitude I got back. I also don’t treat couples as amorphous entities but as two individuals. I do understand that if you upset one, you upset both and sometimes that causes more headaches than it’s worth.

The issue for me comes around loyalty. The reason Seren is such a tightknit community which people on the whole enjoy being a part of; and the reason that the shell is over four years old is that we don’t tolerate shellhopping. I’m sure some members of the shell have at least one or two other pearls but on the whole if you’re online, I expect you to be on Serendipity. You don’t have to do everything you want to do with us, everyone has friends elsewhere but I’m not interested in people who jump event to event in a different shell and have the loyalty of an alley-cat.

This isn’t really what was happening above, but in most situations when someone jumps off shell for any amount of time, there’s a problem. For some reason even if I ask people to bring their issues to me, they don’t often and I’m stuck with having to be psychic. I know a few people like to hang out on Nova (our sister pearl) for peace and quiet and occasionally just pearl-less for a couple of hours. I’ve done it myself.

However, whilst not perfect, the atmosphere and success of the shell is down to participation and communication between members old and new. We’ve have some people who have been there for four years and others who have been there for four months. On the whole, they’re there because it suits them. We’ve had new members join who feel like they’ve been there forever, it was exactly that way with Kazgoroth and Dru, and even now I forget they weren’t there at the start.

We make two real exceptions, if people join us with pre-existing sky shells and if people can’t make our dynamis runs we have no problem with them attending another shell’s runs, as long as it doesn’t constantly conflict with Seren’s main events.

In my experience the following has been proven to be true:

  • Everyone has issues with the way things are done, or someone else at some point
  • Resolving these issues is usually a case of improving communication
  • You can tell who will stay and who will leave a shell within a very short time
  • People are nicer to each other if they hang out together doing little things
  • What people say and what they do, are two different things
  • You can rarely if ever get scheduling right because people want different levels of commitment to the game
  • Thank god for smaller low man events like assault, nyzul isle and salvage
  • People don’t use the forums, even though it would help everyone if they did
  • Pre planning is a godsend for everyone, but hard to do if people don’t use the forums
  • People take scheduling really personally but won’t participate in making it easier
  • People like a lot of ideas but don’t like committing to the practicalities

I’m having a real headache at the moment with Dynamis and Einherjar. I would love to be able to pre-plan runs and only deal with last minute changes. I would love to assign people a role and have them ready and geared to go rather than the last minute reshuffle that we’re currently dealing with. With the number of jobs people have last minute changes can cause real headaches and I hate making people change jobs minutes before runs because others have let us down at the last minute.

I’m looking into the practicalities of enforcing sign ups so we can plan ahead of time. To do this I need the following:

  • People to use and be able to use, the forum or to message officers
  • People to sign up to events
  • People to let us know when they can’t make events more than 60 minutes before it happens

When I work out how to make people observe common courtesy, then I’ll organise your party setups.  Until then, yell at the random RDM, BRD or WHM who didn’t make it this week and not me.

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