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Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) v Star Wars: the Old Republic (SWTOR) – Gear aka Loot

This isn’t really a competition but whilst I have no real urge to write about FFXI right now (I’m not playing after all) I have found several things interesting about the different approaches taken by Square Enix and Bioware.

You need to be aware of a couple of things. Firstly, FFXI was launched almost 10 years ago, whereas SWTOR was launched almost 4 months ago. FFXI is Japanese and SWTOR is Canadian. Yes, Bioware is Canadian.
The two games are obviously two entirely different kettles of fish. However, they’re both apparently MMOs. SWTOR has 1.75m subscribers right now and FFXI has several hundred thousand, possibly half a million. I played FFXI for over 7 years and SWTOR since launch. I have cap-level characters in both.

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Seriously, VW loot system..come on. – Page 58

Seriously, VW loot system..come on. – Page 58.

Hey everyone.

I followed up with the development team to get an answer as to whether or not you need to already possess the rare/ex item to obtain a ticket. They said that you will in fact need to have the item in your possession and they are not planning to make it so you can give a ticket to someone else when you could obtain the actual item.

Also, to clarify the original post; each piece of gear will have their own ticket (and I’ve amended the original post for clarity). I’ve also seen questions about “will this apply to Heavy Metal Plates, too?” and the answer is no, this is currently planned for equipment pieces only.


Knew it.  So you can’t even just turn a body you don’t want into a ticket. You have to have the body, have it on you and then should you get a second THEN take a ticket.  As there is zero accountability to others in terms of seeing drops a lot of people won’t bother.

I mean teams of friends might of course but a lot of Voidwatch isn’t done like that.  Why do you as a melee take a mage body you don’t need AND make sure you have it when you do that fight again in case you get a ticket?  If your friend is lucky, it’s to help them out. If we’re unlucky it’s to help out your wallet.  How many of these items do you think are out there SE?


Of course there will be tickets generated by people who have the body and need it so it’s not a disaster but honestly this is just pathetic as a response. The price of these tickets for some items is going to be ridiculous.

I’m just so glad that my WHM was so well geared it didn’t need a Heka body to cap cure potency…  Would have been awesome on my RDM, SCH, SMN and BRD tho…

When I have the energy I’m going to write a response in the appropriate thread on the official forum.

I’ve just seen the post about the Dipper TH nerf… It’s kinda fun being the cranky old woman waving her cane at SE right now without having to actually deal with it.


Loot Distribution, how I hate thee

This isn’t a bitchfest but just an examination of some of the issues we’ve faced as a group and our solutions to them. The nature of the game is such that things have changed a lot over the years and that adds complications. Read More…

To-do list

This is probably not of interest to anyone else… Read More…

Last couple of weeks in a nutshell

Wow, hectic time out here in the real world for the last couple of weeks, so no time for much other than flyby blogging. Sorry for the random short posts flagging up useful or interesting things I’ve seen, I didn’t have much time for much else.

Like most people, I’ve been living in Abyssea but I must admit to getting a bit burnt out. So a couple of days off has been good.  Especially when they involve theatre trips!

In game, we managed a weird but vaguely productive Xarc run. Everyone seemed out of sorts and peeps were all playing the wrong jobs. Still we walked away with a few nice trophies including a Duelist’s Chapeau for Silkxiv and I completed my COR relic set and completely lootwhored it out that run. It always seems to work out that way for me. Nothing for a while and then bam! Three pieces at once. OK… one was an open lot BST piece which no one wanted AT ALL, so I spent points on it for Mitch and then discovered it completed his BST relic.

Eld and Kai 5 for 5

Eld and Kai 5 for 5

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Salvage update; group progress!

I haven’t had much time to write until recently so I have a random collection of stuff to chat about.

Salvage is going well. Last night Ere went 1/1 on Dekka. Sod’s law that really… I even said it would happen.  It took me 3 different Salvage groups  to try and get that 35 and Ere gets it first time he’s up for it. Still it’s a good thing; if we can ever get the Skadi hands 35 to drop we can abandon Dekka altogether. We’re going to have to for a while soon anyway, need several pairs of Morrigan’s slops. I’m still sitting on 2/3 for Marduk pants but they’re not critical. We need to do so much SSR I figure they’ll drop eventually. Not as if I get to play BRD or SMN that much these days. Read More…

My brain hurts: dynamis points systems.

I’m the leader of a Dynamis/Einherjar shell.  Dynamis started last summer, Einherjar this year. Dynamis is going very well,  Einherjar we’re making good progress (Wing II).

‘k? k.

So, what I seem to spend a considerable amount of time doing is anticipating ways in which our dynamis points system can be played/manipulated/abused and trying to prevent it.

I have no problem with someone strategically choosing their main or upgrade lots, that’s pretty normal. We don’t let peeps change constantly and cock-block (sorry Rotx!) prevent them from changing each run. But we make it easy for them to change jobs, they don’t lose points and they earn plenty. No armour is free lot* but we have a lot come up very cheap under open lot.

*Well ok, free lot is preserved for leadership to occasionally use for entertainment purposes.  After all, there are only so many monster jackcoats any linkshell needs!

Right now, I’m trying to work out a way to be fair to people who only have one job at 70+ but who want to continue to do Dynamis once they complete their relic. We have -1 pieces and accessories as a different category to the Cities/Ice so peeps can continue to upgrade their armour and go for those belts and capes even when they’re done with the rest. Read More…

Thinking about loot and events

Sometimes, being a linkshell leader is the best thing in the world. Other days it’s a royal pain in the butt. Either way I am. So unless I chose to stand down, I have to try and do my best. Read More…

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