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The End of Nova

Well, that’s it. Our sister shell is dead and gone.  But we went out with a bang! Pictures will have to come later. I keep putting off posting at the moment because I keep forgetting to edit and upload screenshots but if I do that, I’ll never post.

Nova was started in July 2008. We started with Dynamis Bastok.  Essentially the shell came into being because a few of us missed doing Dynamis and our old shell collapsed in March/April of that year. Read More…


Sigh of relief or Wind of change? Who knows…

So that’s it. After the Einherjar run this week, we announced that next week’s run is our last. Interest in Einherjar has died and a lot of people are skipping runs. I do understand it. As a format, the event is fun and quick. Alas, only going once a week makes it almost impossible to farm Odin regularly enough to pimp out peeps. So people start drifting away. The core group has been pretty reliable but only having 2 mules rather than 3, has really not helped.

We’re overdue an Adaberk, I hope we see at least one before it ends. We may not have enough people to kill Odin though if peeps decide not to show up. Quite a few have made it clear that they will be there, so we’ll see. Not like it takes tons any more. We’ll be low on RNG but we’re usually high on SMN.

And, we’ve decided to drop Dynamis as a separate shell event. So Nova will be done for now. If Square Enix decides to bring in another endgame environment with a larger group event, we may reinstate it, but with the way things have been going, I doubt it.

There’s a small, renewed interest in Salvage. I think there are at least three of us interested in going again. Initially we’ve asked the original group, once we know whether anyone else wants in, we can then see whether we want to widen it. There are plenty of good people out there but selfishly I miss our group a lot and would love to hang out. I doubt we’ll be spamming zones but maybe we could have a night a week where we have enough points to do a couple of runs or something.

The new plan for Dynamis is to choose a slot and go once a month. This is to help peeps pick up the odd pieces they still need and maybe to make a bit of gil to keep the wolves from the door.

There’s renewed interest in Walk of Echoes and the feeling that we’d all like something non-Abyssea to do occasionally. So that should keep us busy. We’re going to run some Limbus at some point, just to get the wins for Atma. Should be kinda simple to farm up Omega and Ultima pops now.



Our success in Abyssea is pretty awesome. We’ve managed to knock out a ton of Tier 1 wishes this month and quite a few complete or partial lower wishes. So, we’ll tweak the system, iron out the kinks and review. Nearly time for next month’s wishlist… not even sure what is going on it!


We’ve recently taken the step of closing applications to Nova from people who still need the city Dynamis wins. We’ve always been very welcoming to newer players but right now we’re finding after two years, that it’s holding us back. Somewhat selfishly, we’re finding our numbers are decent and 80 is meaning we currently don’t need more people. We still have a couple of wins to get for people who joined us more recently, and that’s fine but we’re aiming to focus on the zones people really want from now on in.

Inevitably this means CoP and Icelands.  We’ve also started to include Tav in our rota and so we’re pushing our newer members through the CoP wins again so that we have enough people to do 2 runs in one evening.

What’s happening is we’re missing out on Xarc when it’s free or we’re spamming zones for wins which people don’t need gear from. We’ll never stop doing the cities completely – they generate gil and people need and want to complete sets. But honestly? All we really need are CoP, Glac and Xarc.

I think having to do Windy twice in 4-5 weeks was the final straw. We did it because a new member missed out on the win down to us. We had to make a last min decision, he’d checked in to see which zone we were doing but in the end the shell inside Xarc messed us around and we moved to Windy. The guy was still online but as we discovered had afk’d. We were hoping he’d come back during the run so he could at least get the win.

Not that it was all bad; we got drops we still needed but honestly? A lot of people are more interested in Ice and CoP. This weekend we hope to do Qufim, then we hope to do Valk. After that I’m afraid, if you don’t have Tav access after that we’re not going to plan a special run to Valk or wherever for you. You’ll just have to wait til it comes up again.

I’m going to ask the shell where they’d like to go with runs, because I know the dyna payouts are useful.  I’m not really suggesting we drop any money-generating runs, more find out now where people want to focus their attention.

Einherjar Progress – /welcome Wing III

Sometimes, I am so damn proud of my shell. Today was definitely one of those times. Einherjar has been tough on us, taken us a long time to settle into a good working pattern. We’ve fought tooth and nail to find a decent setup and to get through Wing 1 and now Wing II.

Our latest win

I always said we needed BRDs and not so many BLMs, and I proved to be right. We’re lucky if we take 3 BLMs each run now.

The setup that works for us is, 4-5 parties with WHM, RDM, BRD and 3 melee. We have 2 RDM/DRK, try and have a DRG in each alliance and always have 2-3 BLM. We have one nominated tank for each alliance. We can now easily win Wing 2 with 28. Which is a long, long way from where we were. We often have 30 and people are getting excited.

We had slimes/hecteyes in the first wave, imps in the second and a squishy flayer Boss to make up for the Slimes 🙂

I know that Wing III is yet another step up and that no doubt we’ll go through some kind of learning curve again, with the Bosses but I’m hoping we’ll get there in the end. I would be pretty ecstatic if we made it through to Odin as as group. Going once a week means our progress is slow but I’m looking forward to learning about Wing III 🙂

First Qufim run for Nova – success!

Well I have to be honest and say I wasn’t expecting that! Straight through Qufim into a win on our first run. Yes, I knew what to expect and a few of us have access to Tav already but I was surprised. The guys were on form tonight.  The great thing is, even when we mess up as a team, everyone does their best to rectify it. I’m so proud of the shell right now for everything we’re achieving together.

Dynamis Qufim Interloper

Dynamis Qufim Interloper

We got lucky ish on the ??? and found it fast (thanks Dru!). We got the bats down fine and got to the first camp first. Kinda messed up the Kraken pull but dealt with it. The run through to Behemoth’s Dominion wasn’t smooth but only because people didn’t know exactly where we were going and the importance of running as soon as possible. Recovery from that was swift for most people though. We had some that we couldn’t get up asap so had to continue onwards. The Rocs were down very fast. We just nuked stats and killed the gobs. Mith managed to pull Suttung without aggroing the snolls. We didn’t kill him too smoothly, mob wasn’t taken back far enough and so people were running in. He got to stay up too long really and did a lot of damage along the way. We moved to Boss camp fast and recovered there. Everyone took on board that we had one shot at him before we timed out. Pull went off, Boss was grabbed. Again he wasn’t pulled far enough back, everyone hated freaking RNG and NIN mobs but at least he didn’t link with returning mobs. Melee threw everything at him, Mages nuking or staying well out of range and the two cs stunners worked together really well. So suddenly I was looking at his HP bar at around 20% and thinking ‘OMG’. I kept waiting for the AoE to kill everyone and was so, so proud when he just died.

I realise after a few years of people doing this zone (including me) that winning it might not seem impressive but I dont know of anyone who has gone straight through and won it first time like that. I’m sure people have. I remember peeps from other shells asking me how we beat Qufim when I was in Liquid, everyone was struggling with it.

So we had some time to recover and farm. We killed a ton of snolls and weapons. We saw two PUP capes (Eiden, Firi) and a SCH belt (Kuro). I lotted on the SCH belt but my heart is set on seeing the WHM belt to be honest and I hesitated. Argute belt is awesome and peeps urged me to lot but I think I’m going to be obsessed with Cleric’s for a while.

We saw two Cor-1 shoes and one pair of Cor shoes. Got a couple of pairs of BLM pants, including one for the new guy who didn’t have because we all did! Was nice to see a pair of SMN shoes for Mel too, they’re a nice piece to have. We walked out with 14 drops! We just broke even on money drops so payouts this session will be small but in terms of what we’ve achieved, it’s been incredible.

I think the thing I’m proudest of though is that as a group we’ve learnt to do this well together. From a bunch of peeps, many of who had not done dynamis we’ve turned into a solid group and that seems to be helping with getting Einherjar off the ground. Valkurm to come, which holds it’s own challenges (Fairy Ring… CC) but whether we do it first time or not, we will do it and Nova will be up farming Tav with the best of ’em!

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