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Mothra-Ninjas and other animals

H’oh boy has the last week or so been interesting.  As ever our weekend was fairly busy. Not HNM  ‘get-to-the-chopper’ busy but pretty busy. Can I remember what the hell I was about to type just then? No… right so let’s start again! I have some images to add to this post but they’re at home, because I forgot to upload them yesterday.

I’m pretty sure that I did something on Saturday before Dynamis, but it wasn’t anything huge. I tend not to be on much before or after Dynamis.

I think we helped Tibi with her SAM AF fight in Palborough. I know I’ve spent some time on BRD/NIN down in Boyada, helping Doy towards his goal of capping Great Axe on DRK.  Mostly to suffer abuse but sometimes to get some weapon skill points towards unlocking my Dagger of Trials.  I should work on my BLM, SMN and SCH Nyzul staves but I really can’t face them right now. I’ve unlocked Mordant Rime, Death Blossom and Mystic Boon (awesome!) but even with decent haste gear, I hate two-handed weapon tping.

Anyway, Doy is only a few points from cap now and we did Dynamis Jeuno. Again. Read More…


Nyzul Isle… over a year… done!

Well it’s taken a long, long, long time… but 49 pieces of Armour later (3 beforehand as well) and our static which has stayed Niamh, Doyler, Firi, Erestor and me and included at various points Aijaz and Rotx has completed the sets we promised to get.  4 runs a week on the whole with guest appearances by Jero, Axyke, Xan, Dellos, Pharmecius, Brachial and others.

More screenshots to follow but here is proof that although Square Enix hates kitties,  finally they relented!

Happy Birthday Niamh, 5/5 Askar!

Happy Birthday Niamh, 5/5 Askar!

And on his birthday too!

Now what?! Been desperate to get this done for a while now but it’s kinda weird 😀 Assaults and Salvage are on the cards, as are a few occasional farming runs into Nyzul for pieces for peeps who have other jobs and not gotten the drops they wanted. Kinda proud we held this together, seen so many other statics fall apart once they got their keys. Read More…

It’s a conspiracy!

I really do get why some people feel that about Square Enix. There is a certain level of perversion present when  over 4 96-100 Nyzul Isle runs (one we dropped out of, gear at every lamp was just causing hell) we not only see no head armour drop but the one weapon that keeps dropping is the one the guy on skype (sorry Pharm ; ; ) who isn’t in your static needs and can’t get to drop for toffee. None of us even have MNK levelled…

4 pairs of burning fists later…

Anyway, still no Askar for Niamh.  For some reason Square Enix doesn’t want Niamh to get Askar, although seems to want to dump a ton of Denali on him. Ho hum, we’ll be there until it drops 🙂 It’s odd doing Nyzul without Rotx and/or Jero, but we’re doing it.

Another week, another Nyzul

Last night’s Nyzul was really good fun.  Firi had to work so we were our usual man down and Rotx is MIA, possibly having quit the shell.  We ended up going with me, Doy, Niamh, Ere, Dellos and me. Well ok – me dual boxing Marathonman. I’m going to be honest I expected it to be quite hard work and a bit rubbish. We all decided as we’re so close to being done and it appears our static is all but coming to an end that it was worth a shot.

It turned out a lot better than we could have hoped. I pretty much alternated which character I was using to heal each floor. We got lucky on a few floors, although I had to laugh – this week we got a Blue Magic Pathos, after last week’s run, that’s somewhat ironic.

We did 96-100 four times, and not only got to but beat the Bosses soundly. Only one run had us down to under 5 mins and I think we did at least one run in 10ish. No free floors or gears.  A couple of lamp floors which didn’t involve specific order.

We got one hat, a Denali bonnet which Niamh won but we still need his Askar.  It’s looking increasingly likely that we may need to grab another member of the static just to finish. A shame if so really but at least if that’s the case, we don’t have much to do to finish off.

“Are we nearly there yet?!”

Nyzul Isle is officially bugging me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there until the last damn Askar helm drops but man did last night piss me off. Not the guys, they were their usual pain-in-the-butt opinionated and hilarious selves. They put up with my temper, they can’t be bad – but man, the floors.

It was the night of a thousand knives or something. Huge floors with lots of ‘Kill all’. Families of 5 chariots with ‘Avoid Discovery’.  Kill frogs.  Oh and Cassie, Capricious Cassie with avoid Discovery by Gears. Which was nice. Read More…

One more wafer-thin hat!

One. That’s all we need until we are done with Nyzul Isle. Sure, there are items peeps want from other floors but we committed to one piece from each Boss floor for everyone and we have one more hat to get! Read More…

The End of Nyzul and start of Salvage

Nyzul  Isle

…was good last night. We’re now farming floor 100 for the last pieces we need to satisfy the original wishlists. Peeps want some more stuff of course (although we’ve seen a lot of it drop) but we’re all kinda wanting to wrap up this level of commitment to Nyzul.

Out of the 4 runs we did, 1 we had to exit on (thanks frog boss, chariots and a kill all floor the size of Manhattan). The other three we killed the Bosses and got one of the remaining headpieces we needed. Grats to Erestor on his Askar Zuchetto.

That leaves us with another Askar and a Goliard to get and we’re done. Wow.

The aim then is to go on and do some Assaults… and Salvage. I’m about 15 assaults off Captain Rank so I’m hoping we can rotate some early ones with some higher ones and get peeps through. Read More…

Woot! Nyzul Isle Progress!

And yay on the 13th day of the 5th month Altana was kind. After almost a year of Nyzul Isle we managed to finish our bodies off! Everyone in the static has a Denali Body now, including one for my 51 COR (was lower when I got it) and one for Rotx’ 58 THF. Whether we wanted one or not.

Nyzul Isle Bodies completed!

Nyzul Isle Bodies completed!

First to drop was the askar, on our second run of the night.  So we still had Firi’s ill-fated Goliard to get. We’d seen 3 of them before last night and one of them fell to the floor as it dropped as the mission failed. On our last run of the night, it finally dropped.  So we went 2/4 on bodies and now have 3 hats left to get (and perhaps some pants) before we are done with the static’s wishlist!

Here’s hoping 1 goliard and 2 askar drop asap. It’s not that I hate Nyzul, it’s just that we could all do with a break from this constant farming and we’re all interested in doing some assaults and Salvage next. We still intend to do a bit of farming but not the week-in, week-out spamming of Bosses we’ve been doing recently. Three of us are 5/5 on one set and we all have at least one (usually many more) pieces of other armour. I personally am 5/5 Goliard and 1/5 Denali. But that’s because I don’t really see the point of lotting anything I can’t wear yet.  The body is awesome for COR, so I nabbed one of those but only because we’ve seen so many…

Picked up a Brave Blade, for storage. You never know – one day I might actually level my PLD. Only been threatening to for  4.5 years.

None of our appraised items turned into anything fab but we were all damn happy. Next week, floor 100 spam go!

New weaponskill got!

New weaponskill got!

After Nyzul, the guys came out to help my kill the Savage Blade NM, and so I now officially can look like a leaping wombat. Or something. Now I can start Evisceration and have that open on BRD and RDM as well as COR I guess, when it gets up there.

Leaping Wombat go!

Leaping Wombat go!

I’m not paranoid, they are out to get me!

Things are… weird.  That’s not all bad or me trying to say something subtly, they’re just weird.


I got done with my DRK sub. Not without killing Mitch in the desert first. Naturally, I was powerlevelling Eld with Mitch through a FoV training spree for the last level. I decided on Eastern Altepa Desert for this. I dutifully op’d out to the desert and got the quest.

Elds Current Jobs

Eld's Current Jobs

A while later Eld aggroed a cactuar. One of those things and NP I think to myself.  I’ll have this ‘ere level 63 RDM sleep it for now. I can zone it/log hate once the current mob Eld is killing, dies.

Well that would have been simple if not for one thing… Cactuar Rapido popped! And how do we pull Rapido you ask? By linking with another Cactuar. What? Like this one here asleep? H’oh yes.

15s later, one dead Mitchturbo.

Still, you have to laugh. Brachial came out and raised him for me and I slowly missed my way to 37 DRK. I used to like DRK. I don’t right now.  Good gear, good food and still you miss painfully slowly.

Ranger Read More…

Einherjar or Why didn’t Square Enix put an armour storage NPC in Nashmau?

Honestly it would save us so much trouble. The guys have been pretty good about signing up for Einherjar, so we more or less have an idea of who is coming but as ever, real life interferes and we usually have to make a few last minute switches. If you could run back to Nashmau and switch around armour, it would really help.

Once all the security tokens arrive, it might help a bit. I know for sure with all my jobs, I still probably won’t have everything with me but perhaps I can carry some BRD gear. I store WHM relic, BLM relic, WHM/SCH/RDM/BRD af and then situationally my Yigit. I’d kill to be able to store my Nashira and Goliard.

The problem is, people want to know which jobs to bring so they can gear them appropriately. Fair enough really. So we work it out but someone doesn’t show or someone else shows which means we switch things around. Only, once you have gotten to Nashmau, you’re pretty stuck.

Quickest ways to Nashmau:

  1. Tidal Talisman > Run : great for getting a party there fast, can only be used every few days. So once you’re there, that’s it.
  2. Dvucca Isle Staging Point > Alzadaal Undersea Ruins > Run. If you do this, you need a silver coin or a remnants permit and you’ll need sneak and invis but it’s probably quicker and safer than…
  3. Azouph Isle staging point > Nashmau > Run. Staging point part is fast but the run involves chigoes and imps >.<
  4. Nyzul Isle Staging Point > Caerdarva Mire (nr Nashmau) > Nashmau > Run. The aim here is to get to the exit of the undersea ruins pretty much opposite Nashmau. This is the safest, non talisman way of getting there and needs a silver coin or remnants permit only if you want to go back that way. To do this you need to do the following:  warp to Nyzul Isle Staging Point and take the north door out. Take the North East tele (as if going to SSR) and then take the tele on your left as you arrive. Once warped, take the next tele on your left and then run out. You end up opposite the South East entrance to Nashmau and could zone any aggro, if there was any…

The last is probably the quickest and safest. Pity it’s taken me a while to figure that out… The Boat takes forever. Forget it!

In other news, we had relatively low numbers for our Wing II this week but did incredibly well. I’m kinda chuffed. We didn’t win but we came crazy close and we knew we’d messed up in a couple of places. For our first Wing II it was a great buzz, peeps were genuinely pleased. Misery+ Esuna ftw against bats. What do I care if they spam attack down when I can remove it with one spell! Really pleased with how Einherjar is going right now.

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