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Beating Odin!

I was lucky enough to beat the Odin trial at the Fanfest but I knew it was going to be harder ingame. Still, it did help me a lot. I went in as Scholar.

We went with a single tank method. There’s only one mob to tank (Odin!)and you need as much damage as you can muster. You need a tank who has a clue, who uses their cooldowns and who is reasonably well geared because hits up to 6k can hurt.


DPS is really important. REALLY important. As is your healing. I would think that DPS like Bard have a slightly easier time with this than BLM or MNK but we took a mixed bunch and managed fine. It is one of those fights where if you’re putting together a Party finder, you want to set the ilvl requirements at something like 105 and suggest people bring food. I think once people’s ilvls creep up over the next few weeks this is going to be an easy fight.

I tried setting up a group twice. The first group we went in with, we didn’t do poorly but we only got to 13% before Odin oneshot us with Zantetsuken. We tried 2 or 3 times before someone left.

Inevitably another couple of people made their excuses and ran and we were left with 5 people willing to keep going. No one had been an idiot. One important difference was we replaced our WHM. Healing is a bitch in this fight and you want confident and quick healers.

Quick healer note: you can remove one of the bleeding debuffs but not both. When the freaky floor effect is down that one won’t go but you can remove the other. So there’s no reason for people to have 2 stacks of bleeding up for long at all. The order in which the bleeding debuff is applied changes in the fight.

The first phase for healers, you can add to the DPS. Everyone can if they want, bring poison too but I don’t think it’s necessary. Just a way of adding more DPS.

The second group went in and we just went ahead and killed it. The people who had stuck with the group had learnt the fight, the people we picked up did good damage and the WHM was awesome.


Admittedly it was freaking close and we weren’t sure whether we’d done it or not but it was a really fun experience!

We got a pair of DoW pants! Fun fight, don’t give up – you’ll get it!


Sigh of relief or Wind of change? Who knows…

So that’s it. After the Einherjar run this week, we announced that next week’s run is our last. Interest in Einherjar has died and a lot of people are skipping runs. I do understand it. As a format, the event is fun and quick. Alas, only going once a week makes it almost impossible to farm Odin regularly enough to pimp out peeps. So people start drifting away. The core group has been pretty reliable but only having 2 mules rather than 3, has really not helped.

We’re overdue an Adaberk, I hope we see at least one before it ends. We may not have enough people to kill Odin though if peeps decide not to show up. Quite a few have made it clear that they will be there, so we’ll see. Not like it takes tons any more. We’ll be low on RNG but we’re usually high on SMN.

And, we’ve decided to drop Dynamis as a separate shell event. So Nova will be done for now. If Square Enix decides to bring in another endgame environment with a larger group event, we may reinstate it, but with the way things have been going, I doubt it.

There’s a small, renewed interest in Salvage. I think there are at least three of us interested in going again. Initially we’ve asked the original group, once we know whether anyone else wants in, we can then see whether we want to widen it. There are plenty of good people out there but selfishly I miss our group a lot and would love to hang out. I doubt we’ll be spamming zones but maybe we could have a night a week where we have enough points to do a couple of runs or something.

The new plan for Dynamis is to choose a slot and go once a month. This is to help peeps pick up the odd pieces they still need and maybe to make a bit of gil to keep the wolves from the door.

There’s renewed interest in Walk of Echoes and the feeling that we’d all like something non-Abyssea to do occasionally. So that should keep us busy. We’re going to run some Limbus at some point, just to get the wins for Atma. Should be kinda simple to farm up Omega and Ultima pops now.



Our success in Abyssea is pretty awesome. We’ve managed to knock out a ton of Tier 1 wishes this month and quite a few complete or partial lower wishes. So, we’ll tweak the system, iron out the kinks and review. Nearly time for next month’s wishlist… not even sure what is going on it!

Lootwhoring Old School

Osh*t. Too much going on

I know, I know. So much epicness and so little posting.  I have had very busy weeks at work and no time to do anything much other than xp.

So.. there’s a lot to catch up on. Read More…

Took a very, very long time… but we made it

Right now, I am happy and relaxed. We beat Odin. Finally. Quite a few people skipped out on runs recently and 3-4 didn’t show up today who were planned to. We have to deal with them this week. It’s really not acceptable and we may have to drop some peeps from Einherjar. However… we decided f*ck em and went anywaywith 17.

The run was much, much smoother. The tanks did a great job. The mages co-ordinated well. The melee were on the whole, sensible. We had two deaths. One was Kaz when he went a bit nuts, and the second was Xan when he forced Zantetsuken. Other than that it was fantastic. Mart did an exceptional job on the adds.

Our first Odin Drops

Our first Odin Drops

So, those of us who didn’t skip, oversleep, decide to stay up all night or who were unfortunate enough to be away today – are finally Elite Einherjar.

No Adaberks today but we saw a Valhalla helm which made Nia a pretty-kitty :), two crimson scalemail and some shadow trews. Looking forward to next time 🙂

Valhalla Helm

Niamh in his new Valhalla Helm

Oh and 100 Cloth – YAY!


I’m going to write a tired and emo post about our first Odin.  We timed out at 1%. I’m sure some of you are now cheering out there but at least we actually got to him. Our next will be in 4-6 weeks, depending on wins and availability.

The fight went really smoothly until under 40%. It was busy and hectic and went far faster than I’d anticipated but people tried their best on the whole.

Odin #1

Odin #1

We had one person locked out because despite weeks of me posting/message/lsmessing and generally bugging peeps to check feathers our THF didn’t. So our first downer was not having treasure hunter inside. However, there was no point worrying about it at that point; we had Odin in front of us… Read More…

/annoyed of Alexander

Ok, lots of weirdness going on this week in game and out as I’m dealing with a horrible situation with one of my close friends. It means things are a bit incoherent in my world right now. However I would like to take a moment to /fume. I bought the new past aketon, whilst trying to get enough AN to rank up to a new medal.

Why the bloody hell does it look just like my current day one?!  Would it really have hurt to tart it up a bit? Especially with the new name etc? Even a couple of extra buttons or something would be nice… Yes it’s useful, but meh. I only bought it because I thought they’d have done at least a basic makeover on it. Bah!

Still,  I did get to fight Odin and reflag the Alex quest. Tonight I will try and rank up around Limbus and maybe get the items needed to get back into these fights as I’d like the same torques as everyone else. Inv+1 please on the dark and ele torques.  Haven’t checked but I’m guessing the ele and dark torques aren’t completely obsolete because of level differences and the fact that not everyone has done ToAU.

Still amazes me that people are still starting CoP. ToAU is more recent but a lot easier. I guess a lot of people aren’t bothered about the rings and just got as far as Black Coffin and stopped.  I finished ToAU before the issue of Captain came up but you need to do them for that too.

The Odin fight was also a walk in the park, think he was dead in 90s. Not complaining as we zerged him with a BRD 2 hour. I was tempted to skip the pact and take the torque but decided to just get the summoning pact out the way. Glad I did having seen screenshots of Odin doing 7k+ to Odin in Einherjar.

I tried out Odin in Campaign and he did almost 1200 damage to some random Quad. I don’t think it hit any of the other mobs though.

I wanted to go explore the new Icelands areas but everyone wussed on me. Seems I’m the only person in the shell who enjoys Campaign up there. That or they were too busy running around with their Crystals or starting Magian weapon quests 🙂

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