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Level Cap Increase (11/17/2011) :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM

Level Cap Increase (11/17/2011) :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM.

I laughed my head off at this


Let’s see if I can knock out all the potential Cure V rant points for both sides in one go!

-RDM and SCH healing magic sucks, we need Cure V!
-No screw that, WHM ONRY for major endgame healing!
-But but, RDM and SCH have no other place in the game, Cure V is the fastest fix!
-RDMs, you should be asking for buffs to your specialties, enhancing and enfeebling, and for enfeebling to be worth a damn again, then you won’t worry so much about healing! I thought you were sick of being Pink Mages? And SCHs, do you keep forgetting about how great your Dark Arts side is? You’re not useless! Also, Embrava.
-But WHM shouldn’t be the only job with Cure V! They’re the only viable healers because of it!
-Uh…PUP has Cure V too you know. Even Cure VI! (insert a I’m a moron here) And SMN with Light Spirit but they don’t really count. Also BLUs make pretty good healers too, they just don’t like to admit it.
-Who cares about those other jobs, RDM and SCH need Cure V so we actually get invites and will be useful in content!
-Last time I checked, Cure IV is more than enough for all the endgame content that isn’t VW and some of the bigger NMs in Abyssea. That’s a pretty sizable chunk of content right there that people wouldn’t mind bringing RDM and SCH to!

Hmmm…I think that’s most of what occurs whenever a Cure V debate erupts. Probably missed something though. >_>

Edit: Oh yeah, something about ToAU era and “SE already said you’ll never get it, shut up!” countered by “SE also said they would never raise the level cap past 75 and look at the game today!”


So the answer is to just whine… a lot

Crimson Cuisses

Those bloody mythical pants

Progress Report


  • Club is over 300 but not capped
  • Staff is now sitting at 284. I should go level it to get Cata… but honestly cba right now
  • Shield is around 280
  • Great Sword is still 197. I’ll get around to it.
  • Healing magic is 330ish… slow but sure. Enfeebling/Enhancing getting pretty close to cap


  • Trials 716 (Urd) and collected quite a few Bukhis wings this month. Can’t wait for stacking…
  • Now 4/5 on Orison +2 with the Hands at +1
  • Aqua Sachet got


  • Varuna +2 done
  • Full +1 Goetia set now
  • 2 gems towards +2 hands and 1 towards +2 something else


  • 90!
  • Merits capped
  • W legs – yeah right…


  • Weirdly I finished +1 COR set this month with no real effort… Seals just drifted in
  • W legs – see PLD
  • Merits now 90% done. Just throwing random crap into the JA in group 2 now to cap out.


  • Head/Legs +1 – finally started… some seals collected for hands/body. Need to work on feet
  • Merits capped


  • 4/5 on +1 RDM EAF with no progress on the body
  • W legs – see above


  • EAF Hands/Feet/Head done. Need to get the legs done. Some seals for body
  • Gifted Earring got! (Thanks to Bai’s Tier III VNM)
  • Soulscourge got! (Thanks to Bergi and co )
  • Macros all updated with new gear. Have a decent Blood Boon set now

Two things of epic win

  1. Orison’s Cap +2
  2. RDM shoes

The cap was probably easier to get than the shoes. Go figure!
❤ Serendipity!

Curing for other mages

I wrote the world’s quickest guide on my ls forum for our RDMs and SCHs.  So I thought I’d repost here.  Especially in lighgt of the fact that RDM and SCH are not getting Cure V this update. Read More…

Where to find seals for: WHM, BLM, RDM, BRD, SCH, SMN & COR

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Abyssea Fail

What is it about Abyssea that brings out the /lazy in people?

Last night we killed the rabbit NM in Miseraux to try and get an atma, before heading off to Attowha for xp. The xp alliance was very nearly a disaster. Before it got that bad, Mel managed to upset one of the players who left when he was called on not quite pulling his weight. All this abyssite/atma hunting paid off last night. I ended up switching party after the RDM in the tank party left.

The WHM/RDM didn’t have a nobles, he had sold it when he got his cleric’s briault and used the money to buy an appollo’s staff. No, I don’t follow the logic either. He was a nice enough chap and he did ok, so aside from very, very gently pointing out that he’d be better off with the nobles (in tell) we got along ok. He had a novia earring (free from ls) and was mostly a BLM but it frightens me a little that an 80+ WHM could think like that.

Still, xp in Abyssea isn’t rocket science but 10% less cure potency is a marked disadvantage. Having a well geared, level 85 RDM/SCH in the party too though, should have really made things simple. No, because the RDM/SCH refused to haste the DRK and the MNK because they were using Champion’s drinks. Yes, I know there is icon confusion but the drinks don’t last very long, so even if you could argue you shouldn’t haste them a small percentage of the time… what about the rest? Me, I just haste everyone… And I don’t really see why cures are so radical.

So the WHM has a lowbie PLD (75) to deal with and is doing a reasonable job of hasting him, regens and curagas. Albeit 10% less efficiently. The RDM isn’t hasting the DRK or the MNK. In fact I’m pretty sure the RDM is watching tv/youtube and just doing a batch of stuff every now and then. To be fair to him, he was in another party but it did look like he wasn’t doing much at all. He even moaned about having so many people to refresh. I.e. himself, a pld and a whm with perhaps the occasional nod to the drk.

The SAM in my initial party, said they used sushi…(don’t mention pizza), missed a lot in a Varangian helm and was later caught nomming mithkabob. No death excuse for them.

Anyway, we muddle through, got a couple of times but I was just about ready to time out when Mel just said something to the RDM. The RDM disbanded and warped out without a word. This was someone who on every other occasion I had encountered him I had had a decent level of respect for, but they acted like a complete slacker last night and were at best, distracted.

Nia and Mel

Nia and Mel

Rather than try and replace him in a party that might be failing, I switched over to the tank party, leaving 2 RNG, a sAM and a 76 NIN without a party healer. At this point we were overcapped on Azure but had like 5 pearl… I do get that we didn’t have an optimal setup with Slaan being a level 30 BST chest popper. I was /WHM, not even /SCH. I do have /SCH but I actually in some situations prefer /WHM still. Most of the time /SCH is better though. /WHM isn’t as efficient except when it comes to Curaga’s and a couple of other things. The guy who left, was /SCH.

I started by hasting the DRK and the MNK. Revolutionary. We didn’t change anything else. That alone meant the melee kills came in that bit faster… and suddenly pearl was popping all over the place. Now ok, maybe someone noticed I’d moved and decided they couldn’t slack off but I highly doubt it.

From then on in, the WHM didn’t run out of MP, the adds mostly got slept, the mobs were debuffed and the melee were cured and hasted. Sure, it was busy but I only needed to convert 3-4 times in the entire party and once was cos I CS nuked a mob down. We even lost our NIN and still we got more pearl, and times started dropping like candy. We had been down to 10mins…

Walked out of there with some merits, over an hour of time on the clock, rdm levelled and capped and a sense of satisfaction. Please don’t slack off in Abyssea, it really is easy to see.

Filling out the AFv3

This is more for my record than anything else but I wanted somewhere to post up compiled info on the AFv3 stuff for my jobs. I’m not sure I’ll take all 7 to 85 yet let alone quest this stuff for all.  Read More…

Having a day off work helps

I didn’t take the day off to play the game. I needed to use up annual leave before the end of the month. This week I’d been really run down and needed sleep. So after I got some sleep out the way, I jumped into FFXI.

  • Celerity Abyssite #2 (cos I have almost no stones)

Did this one, so I am now picking up a fresh stone every 12 hrs

  • Start work on seals for WHM Head and legs

We went out as a shell and tried to farm time chests in Attowha and then kill NMs. Chests were a bit random and I found the whole thing exhausting. Peeps weren’t on top of stuff. We did kill the Crawler and Cockatrice NMs twice. We also failed to kill the Couerl.  Saw a few seals and now I officially am 1/8 on the WHM head. At this rate I’ll be complete 2 years after the servers go down but… to be fair we learnt a ton and it should be easier next time.

  • Xp BLM to 85 and start on RDM.

Did manage to do this. BLM is now 85 and RDM is 81.  If I have enough stones to make it worth it, I’ll be xping later and getting my RDM from 10k to 82 to 85. After that, I’m not sure which jobs to focus on, if any. Figure WHM, BLM and RDM cover most things. I’ll hit up BRD I think but after that I’m not sure. SCH, SMN and COR are all nice jobs to have. COR is probably the first to drop off the list. SMN is getting more useful so it might not.

  • Finish off the slimes.

Did this. I’m not even sure how. I did them pretty much in one sitting. I just kept going, made lots of tea and tried not to make a big deal out of it.

So quite constructive so far. A big thank you to Pharm for the seals.

This weekend is Valkurm and another shot at Odin, if we have the peeps. We’re going to be lowish but the jobs are better. We’ll see if it happens.


Well, it’s all a bit overwhelming. Before I went to bed last night I managed to collect one Kindred’s Crest for the level cap and take a look around Miseraux and Attowha. I found so much stuff and will post a screenshot post later but wow. I particularly like the mini Orobon near the waterfall in Mis.

I’ve collected together the sets of AFv3 pics from various places (credit to peeps contributing to BG and to Evil Paul). Remember there are +1 and +2s. In most cases people have posted the uber +2s but even the +1s are remarkable.

Evil Paul's Pic of BLM Afv3

Evil Paul's Pic of BLM Afv3

Base head pieces are bought with Cruor from the NPCs inside the new zones. I picked up an Orison Cap.  Then I guess you go to the Magian Moogle and get a trial set up. Not sure what happens next. 🙂

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