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Look what I finished today!

I know, I know – I was writing quite a bit and then it all went quiet. Work has been insane and other stuff is going. However I have been slowly making progress on upgrading my relic! When they announced that 2.45 was going to bring in the next stage, it gave me the kick to get on with it.

So as of about 15 mins ago, I have an Omnilex Nexus!

Omnilex Nexus

Next phase is to get an entirely new book (so I don’t go blind!) A good guide to the next phase is on Reddit

I should say that the first to get a Nexus in our FC was Lord Jero (Bow) and then Lord Rotz (Sword/Shield) so I came in third but I’m pretty happy with my blinding book!


Augmented Relic info

It looks like you start with getting x many ‘Forbidden’ items from dynamis zones . Then you farm 20k xp where the piece or the -1 piece drops whilst wearing them.

DAT MINING DISCUSSIONS — December 14th 2011.

Thanks to ‘Theytak’ who posted them to BG.

Trial 4954: Warrior’s Mask +2: adds “Enhances ‘Savagery’ effect”
Trial 4955: Warrior’s Lorica +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Aggressive Aim’ effect”
Trial 4956: Warrior’s Mufflers +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Mighty Strikes’ effect”
Trial 4957: Warrior’s Cuisses +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Warrior’s Charge’ effect”
Trial 4958: Warrior’s Calligae +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Tomahawk’ effect”

Trial 4959: Melee Crown +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Penance’ effect”
Trial 4960: Melee Cyclas +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Formless Strikes’ effect”
Trial 4961: Melee Gloves +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Invigorate’ effect”
Trial 4962: Melee Hose +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Hundred Fists’ effect”
Trial 4963: Melee Gaiters +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Mantra’ effect”

Trial 4964: Cleric’s Cap +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Devotion V’ effect” (May be a typo in translation, May mean you have to have the merit 5/5)
Trial 4965: Cleric’s Briault +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Benediction’ effect”
Trial 4966: Cleric’s Mitts +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Martyr V’ effect” (May be a typo in translation, May mean you have to have the merit 5/5)
Trial 4967: Cleric’s Pantaloons +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Shellra V’ effect”
Trial 4968: Cleric’s Duckbills +2: Adds “Enhances ‘Protectra V’ effect” Read More…

Relic +2

Eld 6/6 WHM

Eld 6/6 WHM

Artifact Armor 4 idea – Page 6.

Square Enix is looking for your opinions on  Relic +2 and more to the point how we upgrade it if they went down this route. Please for the love of Altana, login and post your opinions.  This is their post…

The development team is currently looking into introducing relic equipment +2 in the form of synergy augments and would love to hear any feedback you have in relation to this system based on the below information.

Random Stats vs. Static Stats
Please let us know if you prefer static stats or random stats when adding your stats via synergy.

I will go into the specifics of the plusses and minuses later, but I’m pretty sure it’s along the same lines that you already have in mind.

Strength of the stats: Random > Static
Can obtain item with high stats, but spend time: Static > Random

Regardless of whether the stats attached are random, the whole idea is that it will give job-related enhancements. For example, there won’t be any “Enhances Berserk effect” on white mage relic equipment.

1. Random Stats Approach

・In order to get the best stats, you will have to repeat the process many times
・The amount of time spent and the stats received aren’t necessarily equal
・Have a possibility of getting the item in a shorter amount of time than static stat items
・There will be room to get higher stats than static stat items2. Static Stats Approach

・In order to get good stats, time must be spent working towards completion
・Depending on the stats, the time needed will be adjusted
・Can predict the time needed to obtain the item
・Won’t be able to add the stats of your dreams since it is static
・Will be able to store your equipmentWith all the above in mind, please let us know which system you prefer!

In regards to items not being able to be stored once augmented
We’re currently weighing the following two possibilities:

1. Make it possible to send relic equipment and enhanced relic equipment via delivery system
2. Make the stats static

This is mine… Read More…

Last couple of weeks in a nutshell

Wow, hectic time out here in the real world for the last couple of weeks, so no time for much other than flyby blogging. Sorry for the random short posts flagging up useful or interesting things I’ve seen, I didn’t have much time for much else.

Like most people, I’ve been living in Abyssea but I must admit to getting a bit burnt out. So a couple of days off has been good.  Especially when they involve theatre trips!

In game, we managed a weird but vaguely productive Xarc run. Everyone seemed out of sorts and peeps were all playing the wrong jobs. Still we walked away with a few nice trophies including a Duelist’s Chapeau for Silkxiv and I completed my COR relic set and completely lootwhored it out that run. It always seems to work out that way for me. Nothing for a while and then bam! Three pieces at once. OK… one was an open lot BST piece which no one wanted AT ALL, so I spent points on it for Mitch and then discovered it completed his BST relic.

Eld and Kai 5 for 5

Eld and Kai 5 for 5

Read More…

Why does anyone spend so much gil and/or time on upgrading the WHM relic weapon?

I understand that most relics are completed for personal reasons. I understand that if you love WHM as much as I do, you may want to ‘complete’ it. However I have never, ever understood why any WHM would waste so much time and money on Mjollnir. Sure, if you win the Nomad Bonanza and want a toy to play with, go right ahead but FFS if you have that much gil to waste go upgrade a freaking Yagrush.

I do realise Yagrush hasn’t been around that long.

Hopefully, before the servers die I will get to fight Odin. I have the rank, I have a good chunk of the Nyzul Isle points and Ampoules aren’t too bad to get. I’ve already spent a ton and have nothing much left to grab. Assaults are easy, titles are on the whole achievable.  But I’m unlikely to ever upgrade it because I’d need to inherit 90-120m gil. However much I’d want it to be honest at this stage in the game it might not even go there…  When I started Nova (Dynamis shell), I already decided right at the start that I would NOT upgrade the horn because I didn’t want to get stuck on BRD all the time. Mjollnir didn’t even come into it.

I get that if you were at stage 3 or 4 when the announcement was made, you’d be a bit pissed off. But hell unless you were already on the last 2 stages then just drop the relic upgrade like it was a pile of steaming dhamel turd and start collecting Alexandrite. I’d even argue that if you’re serious about upgrading, you’d have the currency stockpiled before turning it all in… so sell it and buy some freaking alex, or upgrade something else. I don’t even believe that we should all restrict the relic upgrades to whichever-dd-shield-horn-weapon is fashionable at the time. If you play a job and it’s a DD, or can get some good use out of a shield or horn, then go for it.

WHM DD for anything other than fun, campaign or a small set of deeply situational scenarios is shit. Sure you CAN achieve some ok numbers but why the hell would you even go there? Level a freaking DD and upgrade a decent fucking weapon!

And no, I’m sorry, I do not believe there is a WHM out there who can do as well whilst geared for DD, as one who isn’t.  You’re going to be letting down one side or the other. Either you gimp your DD output or you gimp your enfeebling/enhancing/curing/support output.

I enjoy WHM/NIN in Campaign. I even gear for it – FFS just get a Perdu Wand and some other crap and stop wasting gil and time on such a useless toy. I don’t look at a WHM who upgraded a Mjollnir with respect. I look at them and think they’re an idiot with too much gil on their hands that could have been better spent elsewhere.

I really don’t mean any offense, I just happened to browse the BG relic thread. I just don’t see the point. You put Cure Potency +20% or Refreshga or something on it, I’d be all over it but til then, if I had a ton of gil to burn, as a WHM I’d put it on Yagrush.

I really don’t see Mjollnir any differently from Claustrum.

Finally… after almost 4.5 years of Dynamis

Eld goes 6/6 on WHM Relic

6/6 WHM Relic


First one I have ever seen drop…

Someone bribed Tzee this weekend

It always amazes me how many people disappear when you say you’re running Dynamis Windurst again. Seems no one likes the zone, even though for most peeps it’s not that hard. I could understand it if you were a sac puller or a BLM, but we’re always going into Windy with lower numbers.

Thankfully lower numbers these days are still pretty good and we don’t have problems clearing this zone. Usually though it isn’t that generous, this is half the problem. I don’t mind it personally but it can be a bit stressful on the front line. Read More…

Dynamis Xarcabard or why I blame Firi.

So, we got Xarc for Dynamis this week with no problem. That in itself is unusual but most welcome.  Good turnout but as ever just as we feel we have enough melee but not enough mages, all the melee disappear and the mages show up… so some reshuffling and we went in with a good setup.

It was the first time for a few of our peeps in Xarc as we’d gotten a whole new set of peeps access.  I lead the BLMs up to do the eye tower which we did effortlessly and quickly. No mess ups, no spontaneously deciding to aga, just 3 timed nukes and we were back with the main alliance. Read More…

Mothra-Ninjas and other animals

H’oh boy has the last week or so been interesting.  As ever our weekend was fairly busy. Not HNM  ‘get-to-the-chopper’ busy but pretty busy. Can I remember what the hell I was about to type just then? No… right so let’s start again! I have some images to add to this post but they’re at home, because I forgot to upload them yesterday.

I’m pretty sure that I did something on Saturday before Dynamis, but it wasn’t anything huge. I tend not to be on much before or after Dynamis.

I think we helped Tibi with her SAM AF fight in Palborough. I know I’ve spent some time on BRD/NIN down in Boyada, helping Doy towards his goal of capping Great Axe on DRK.  Mostly to suffer abuse but sometimes to get some weapon skill points towards unlocking my Dagger of Trials.  I should work on my BLM, SMN and SCH Nyzul staves but I really can’t face them right now. I’ve unlocked Mordant Rime, Death Blossom and Mystic Boon (awesome!) but even with decent haste gear, I hate two-handed weapon tping.

Anyway, Doy is only a few points from cap now and we did Dynamis Jeuno. Again. Read More…

WIDATW: Dynamis, Ouryu & Proto-Omega

Monday mornings suck.  Still it’s now Monday lunchtime and so I have a few minutes to update.  Vanadiel still continues and with next week’s update drawing ever nearer the augmentation system for FOV is being widened to level 75 gear now and there are some new augmentable gear quests coming which seem to involve crafters and high level 6 man NM fights.  http://www.playonline.com/pcd/topics/ff11eu/detail/4728/detail.html

Over the weekend we got busy again. We had a quiet one last week in response to the 4th of July celebrations. Read More…

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