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Trying Salvage II (Arrapago Remnants II)

Last night, Niamh and I went for an explore of Arrapago Remnants II (A2). Just to get a feel for how it is. A2 drops Ares and Skadi upgrade items apparently. However the aim of this was more to get a feeling on what’s possible.

The answer is, quite a lot! We went MNK/WAR, THF/NIN and RDM/WHM. First thing I’d consider changing is have the MNK sub NIN. Mitch has RDM (99) and WHM (86) – I think in some ways WHM would have been better but we’ll see.

We wasted too much time being cautious on the first floor. When you enter there’s a runic lamp which you touch. Then (like the chest) there are a series of things you choose to unlock. Once someone has selected something, it’s gone (unless more than one is offered). So it’s just cells in lamp form.

Pathos are fairly randomly removed by killing things. Particular mobs seem to unlock particular slots but who gets what and when, you have no control over.

We found a chigoe mob and from bg wiki worked out what to do to make it targettable. It was easy to kill.

Mobs in general were straightforward for us to kill. We didn’t seem to always fufill conditions to pop an active lamp every time we zoned up. There was always a lamp there but I’m not sure why it wasn’t active.

Nothing gave us any headache until the Acrolith floor. Not that they were tough but Niamh was taking a lot of damage from Sinker drill. In the end on the NM,  I SA and stole Nia’s emnity as much as poss and Nia stopped voking and calmed down a bit so we could bounce it a little more. Shadows ate drill with no problem. The NM was fine, no one died but it was hard on Mitch’s MP, especially as we didn’t manage to get him a weapon.

We killed a chigoe, gear, acro NM and then tried to get the NQ Khimaira to pop. We didn’t manage it, just a chariot popped. We then went up again and faced the NQ Khimaira there. We were absolutely fine until 25% and then messed up, which ended with Fulmination twice in quick succession and Mitch being caught in it. Still, next time I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

All in all, the mobs are fine and with practice I’m sure you could farm 4-5 NMs and at least one boss with a very small group. Each NM gave 1-2 plans. Being more efficient on the first floor would have given us the time we needed to explore a bit more higher up. I think it would be easier to take 6 in this one than the original Salvage but in all honesty I think  3-4 would be ideal.


Version Update patchnotes


December 13, 2012 (JST) Version Update


  • New quests have been introduced.
  • Salvage Additions and Adjustments
    • The Following high-level remnants have been added:

      Zhayolm Remnants II / Arrapago Remnants II / Bhaflau Remnants II / Silver Sea Remnants II

      Differences from Previous Salvage Content

      • Entry is restricted to adventurers level 96 and above.
      • Players will no longer be able to obtain temporary items.
      • Pathos of Alzadaal restrictions may no longer be removed by imbued items, but by the following methods:
        • Defeating certain monsters in specified areas will randomly remove a Pathos of Alzadaal restriction from participants.
        • Examining the Runic Lamps within each remnant will allow players to remove restrictions of their choice.
      • Embrava (castable only while Tabula Rasa is in effect)
        • Effect duration has been reduced from five minutes to ninety seconds.
        • Haste potency will now increase by 1% for every twenty points of one’s enhancing magic skill instead of for every fifteen points.
        • Embrava now grants the effect of Refresh instead of Regain. The value of the effect, however, remains the same.
  • Meeble Burrows Additions and Adjustments
    • Players will now receive wizened worm items upon completion of expedition goals.
      • There are three types of worms to receive: Wizened Tunnel Worms, Wizened Morion Worms, and Wizened Phantom Worms.
      • Speak to the NPC Utrig in Sauromugue Champaign (J-7) to exchange these worms for random items.
    • Palimpsest items have been added that bestow beneficial effects upon players.
      • Trade a palimpsest to the Speleological Handbook in the burrows to receive its corresponding effect.
      • Palimpsests may be obtained randomly by trading wizened worms to the NPC Utrig in Sauromugue Champaign.
    • Trading a grimoire to the Burrow Investigator in Upper Jeuno will allow players to view the status of the expeditions they have undertaken.
    • Players may now speak to the Burrow Researcher NPC to record previously accomplished feats in blank grimoires.
      • Any boons recorded will be level one.
      • This service requires gil.
    • The number of Moblin pheromone sacks that may be stored has been increased from five to ten.
      *Speaking to the Burrow Investigator NPC or Burrow Researcher NPC and following the prescribed process will increase a player’s stock to ten, regardless of how many are currently in storage.
    • The item Pherobarrier Box, which increases one’s maximum stock of Moblin pheromone sacks, has been introduced and can be obtained by expending research marks.
    • Research Mark Adjustment
      The amount of research marks obtainable will now increase depending upon the number of players in one’s party, with parties of three receiving the same amount as in the past. However, the amount of research marks players may receive from boss battles has been decreased.

    *New Meeble Burrows expeditions were also scheduled to be introduced, but have been postponed for approximately one month so that they can undergo more thorough testing.

  • Assault: Nyzul Isle Uncharted Region Adjustments
    • The largest number of floors one may randomly teleport has been increased from nine to eleven.
    • For the objective “activate all lamps,” the waiting period between when simultaneously activated lamps deactivate and can be reexamined has been reduced from thirty seconds to fifteen.
    • For the objective “activate all lamps,” the amount of time players must wait before learning if they correctly activated lamps in the specified order will be reduced from twelve seconds to seven.
    • The number of times players must defeat bosses to earn an astrarium has been reduced from twenty-five to five.
      *The number of astraria already in one’s possession will be adjusted in the following manner:

      Pre-adjustment Post-adjustment
      0 0
      1-6 1
      7-12 2
      13-18 3
      19-24 4
  • Legion Adjustment
    • Enemies’ HP have been reduced.
  • Einherjar Adjustments
    • The enemy Odin that appears in Odin’s Chamber II has had its HP reduced.
    • The waiting period for reentry has been reduced to twenty hours.
  • Limbus Adjustment
    • The waiting period for repurchasing the key item Cosmo-Cleanse has been reduced to twenty hours.


  • Job-related Adjustments
    • Bard
      • The level at which Pianissimo is learned has been decreased from forty-five to twenty.
      • An additional effect has been added to Pianissimo that halves the casting time of the next song.
      • The following bard songs have been changed from affecting a single target party member to affecting all party members in an area of effect centered on the caster, and their casting time has been changed from four to eight seconds.

        Enchanting Etude / Spirited Etude / Learned Etude / Quick Etude /
        Vivacious Etude / Dextrous Etude / Sinewy Etude / Bewitching Etude /
        Logical Etude / Sage Etude / Swift Etude / Vital Etude /
        Uncanny Etude / Herculean Etude / Hunter’s Prelude / Archer’s Prelude /
        Foe Sirvente / Adventurer’s Dirge

  • The recast time for all special job abilities has been reduced from two hours to one.
  • Status effect duration timers will now continue to progress even during cutscenes.
  • The issue wherein pet movement speed was unintentionally fast has been resolved, and the maximum movement speed of pets has been increased to twenty-five percent of the average speed.
  • Paralysis and killer effects are now effective against more notorious monsters’ attacks.
  • The conditions under which the Abyssea- Tahrongi NM Quetzalli spawns have been alleviated.


  • New items have been added.
  • New synthesis recipes have been added.
  • The following synergy recipe has been added.
    <Rank: Artisan>

    Item Name Required Craft Materials
    Orchestrion Alchemy Doll Gizmo, Loudspeaker II, Goblin Doll, Scintillant Ingot, Aht Urhgan Brass Ingot, Steel Sheet, Molybdenum Sheet, Mahogany Lumber
  • The synthesis level required to craft the following item has been decreased:

    Dweomer Bullet

  • The prices at which the following items may be sold back to vendors have been changed:

    Burdock / Walnut / Butterpear

  • The following items are no longer considered Rare:

    Olde Rarab Tail / Fossilized Fang / Fossilized Bone

  • The stack size of the following items has been changed from one to twelve:

    Olde Rarab Tail / Seasoning Stone / Fossilized Fang / Fossilized Bone

  • The following items may now be harvested through Gardening:
    Seed Type Harvestable Items
    Fruit Seeds Walnut, Butterpear
    Herb Seeds King Truffle
    Vegetable Seeds Burdock, Winterflower
    Cactus Stems Flame Geode, Snow Geode, Breeze Geode, Soil Geode, Thunder Geode, Aqua Geode, Light Geode, Shadow Geode, Nopales, Dragon Fruit
  • The following items have been made storable with the porter moogle service:
    • Moogle Storage Slip 11

      Dream Mittens / Dream Mittens +1 / Ahriman Cap / Pyracmon Cap / Orchestrion / Janus Guard / Tender Bouquet

    • Moogle Storage Slip 14

      Ares’ Mask +1 / Ares’ Cuirass +1 / Ares’ Gauntlets +1 / Ares’ Flanchard +1 / Ares’ Sollerets +1 / Skadi’s Visor +1 / Skadi’s Cuirie +1 / Skadi’s Bazubands +1 / Skadi’s Chausses +1 / Skadi’s Jambeaux +1 / Usukane Somen +1 / Usukane Haramaki +1 / Usukane Gote +1 / Usukane Hizayoroi +1 / Usukane Sune-Ate +1 / Marduk’s Tiara +1 / Marduk’s Jubbah +1 / Marduk’s Dastanas +1 / Marduk’s Shalwar +1 / Marduk’s Cracows +1 / Morrigan’s Coronal +1 / Morrigan’s Robe +1 / Morrigan’s Cuffs +1 / Morrigan’s Slops +1 / Morrigan’s Pigaches +1 / Ker’s Mask / Ker’s Cuirass / Ker’s Gauntlets / Ker’s Flanchard / Ker’s Sollerets / Sigyn’s Visor / Sigyn’s Cuirie / Sigyn’s Bazubands / Sigyn’s Chausses / Sigyn’s Jambeaux / Omodaka Somen / Omodaka Haramaki / Omodaka Gote / Omodaka Hizayoroi / Omodaka Sune-Ate / Nabu’s Tiara / Nabu’s Jubbah / Nabu’s Dastanas / Nabu’s Shalwar / Nabu’s Crackows / Fea’s Coronal / Fea’s Robe / Fea’s Cuffs / Fea’s Slops / Fea’s Pigaches / Ate’s Mask / Ate’s Cuirass / Ate’s Gauntlets / Ate’s Flanchard / Ate’s Sollerets / Idi’s Mask / Idi’s Jerkin / Idi’s Gloves / Idi’s Trousers / Idi’s Ledelsens / Genta Kabuto / Genta Sune-Ate / Genta Gote / Genta-no-Hakama / Genta Sune-Ate / Namru’s Tiara / Namru’s Jubbah / Namru’s Dastanas / Namru’s Shalwar / Namru’s Crackows / Neit’s Crown / Neit’s Coat / Neit’s Cuffs / Neit’s Slops / Neit’s Pigaches


  • Players can now change the background music of their Mog Houses by furnishing them with an Orchestrion.
    • Music selections can be made via the Symphonic Curator that appears to the side of one’s Mog House’s entryway after placing an Orchestrion.
    • Possible music selections depend upon the sheet music key items in one’s possession.
      Orchestrions only come equipped with the sheet music for Mog House and Vana’diel March.
    • Should their Mog House be furnished with a Spinet, players may also choose music from it via the Symphonic Curator.
    • Any background music alterations made in this manner are also audible to PCs who are invited to a player’s Mog House.
  • Adjustments have been made to the RGB bars in the Config menu with which players can change font colors.

[Windows and Xbox 360 Versions Only]

  • An option to change the menu icons for magic spells, job abilities, and weapon skills has been added.
    Selecting option “2” under “Icon Type” within “Misc.” in the Config menu sets the icons that were introduced with the July 24, 2012 version update to display, while selecting option “1” switches to the icons that were used previously.

[Windows Verion Only]

  • A new graphics stabilization option has been added to the Etc. tab of the FINAL FANTASY XI Config program.

*The order in which abilities and spells are displayed have been reset as of this version update.

Resolved Issues

  • The following issues have been rectified:
    • The issue wherein the visual effects for the Abyssea – Grauberg NM Assailer Chariot’s spells did not display correctly.
    • The issue wherein the Abyssea – Grauberg NM Azdaja’s spell Dispel would affect players even if they had evaded it.
    • The issue wherein Dark Seal did not enhance the accuracy of the following dark magic spells:

      Drain II / Absorb-Attri

  • The issue wherein the following items’ “Increases song effect duration” attribute did not activate for enemy-targeted songs:

    Aoidos’ Hongreline + 1 / Aoidos’ Hongreline + 2 / Aoidos’ Matinee / Daurdabla

  • The issue in Walk of Echoes wherein incorrect titles were given for completing the sixth through eighth walks.
  • The issue wherein the maximum fishing skill level that catching the following beasts allowed players to reach was incorrect:

    Dorado Gar / Crocodilos / Pelazoea

Known Issues

  • The confirmation message text that displays when removing restrictions in Salvage via Runic Lamps overflows for certain categories.

Secret Job

 OK, it’s not VERY secret but I have recently discovered a new job and I am loving it! It really is the most fun I’ve had in ages. WHM is and always will be my favourite but this is currently the best thing in the world EVAAAAA… Or something.

I levelled THF. I only levelled THF because I was doing keys in a KI party to get my THF sub to 45 for TH2 and I didn’t get back to town until it was 53.  So I thought about it and decided to do my af and see what happened. So, I did all my AF and got a Raparree harness. I had played on a friend’s THF character but his THF is so pimped, it would be hard to see myself ever getting to that point. It had been fun though and I thought I needed a job I could tank Fistule on. Which of course, now I’ve finished that stage, I don’t.

So here I am with a level 53 THF. I took it out a bit more and then stalled a bit. My dagger and evasion skills were capped from various jobs but getting xp was problematic. So I took Mitch out on NIN and had Eld standing there leeching doing Grauberg pages. Some other peeps came out occasionally but using this method I got Eld’s THF to 78.  Eventually. At some point I stopped and with help, got myself a THF knife and some Assassin’s Armlets.

From 78, when you suddenly break out in pink, things get easier.  I joined a great party in LaTheine of all places, on worms.  I was a little sceptical but someone I knew from Alex invited me and let’s face it, THF usually isn’t the most invitable of xp jobs. Turned out to be the best move I could have made. Got my THF to 90 with a capped buffer and 20/20 merits before I went to bed.

At 89 I dinged into an Atheling mantle. At 90 I dinged into a Twilight Belt, a Twilight Knife and my Zelus Tiara. I had completed my EAF+1 feet but nothing else.  I’ve now completed my EAF legs and need to put some time into the hands/body/head. I brewed Indrik solo one day because I wanted the light belt. I want it for Hexastrike and Evisceration but it can be used with Atonement and a ton of COR WS. Indrik doesn’t need a brew, we’ve killed him before but he doesn’t exactly offer much to other people so I used some spare cruor.

Nia and I have started on Kila +2 daggers. Two each of the evasion daggers. Pretty high damage and ridiculous amounts of AGI and Eva. I picked up an Ungur Boomerang at some point.

I’ve capped group 1 merits with Triple Attack and Sneak Attack. I’ve opened Aura Steal and Feint in group 2. I have 4/4 Eva meritss, 4/8 Dagger (all I can spare) and max crit hits. Last night Mart, Ure, Nia and Brach helped me get a Loki’s Kaftan. Mart and I tried previously with various people (Nia, Bergi) but even with procing Blue he wouldn’t put out. So I got to go THF last night and even tanked for a while.

THF is so MUCH fun!

In other news, our Salvage group is simply amazing.  We’re completing pieces all over the place. We finally worked out that Skirmish Pephredo gets very pissy if you call him a BEE when he’s a wasp.  We amended our ways and BAM lots of Pephredos!  We got 3 Usu feet and 2 Skadi head drops. Making Eidan, Ere, Nia and I happy people.   We took out the Boss and got the 25 for my Ares’s body. Not that I enormously need it but Nia and Ere have completed theirs and I am the only other person who has a job which can use (PLD).

I really hope they do something fun with Salvage gear to keep the group together having fun. Oh and that Hammerblow would freaking put out for Ure.

Salvage Group: WIN!

Recently we’ve been having a ball in our Salvage group. We completed 4 pieces in Monday’s run… Mart’s tiara, Eiden’s Skadi feet, Ure’s Usu body (FINALLY!) and…. my Marduk Hands! Making me 15/15 and now 5/5 on my Marduk’s Jubbah set!

Yay for the best Salvage friends in the world!

Completed Marduk Set

A screenshot or two… of the last few months!

Morning World! Yes, actually pretty cheerful this morning. I’m sure work will beat it out of me eventually but whilst I’m enjoying the sunshine and feeling pleased with all the stuff I got done this weekend, I thought I’d write a blog post. With pictures!

I usually take the odd screenshot but recently I’ve not kept on top of them. I find I take them and then forget and when it comes around to writing a blog post, the images are not where I am. Last night, I managed to crop up a few and upload them so I could reference them here.

It’s certainly been weird not being on XI for over a week but not all bad. I think I’ve had a small wakeup call that I need to ‘protect’ some of my personal time for the real world. I kinda knew that and every now and then I’d make sure I did it but I’ve achieved a lot this week (including way too much Dragon Age) and I don’t want to lose that momentum.

Right, so I have a selection of images from the beginning of the year which depict some of the stuff we get up to inside and outside of usual events… Read More…

The Return of Salvage

With the news that Salvage gear would be upgradable, I asked Slaan to buy some ingots off the AH before word got out. By the time I got home they were already almost double what I paid for them. I paid 180k for 6 Imperial Wootz. Now they’re 50-80k apiece. Not terrible but not as cheap as I managed.

As soon as they announced that Salvage gear would be upgradable, the entire group wanted to get back together.  So we’ve been going 1-2 times a week. Man has it paid off. We’ve completed Neph and Ere’s Skadi Feet,  Mart’s Usu legs, Ere’s Marduk’s Jubbah and picked up an Ares’ 35 for Ere too. Oh and did I mention I got hold of a Morri body 35 😉 ?

I realise that right now, the Morri Robe is about on a par with the Goetia +1. It still remains the best nuking body for RDM.  Whilst eventually I may upgrade the BLM body to +2 there is so much to do right now that having the Morri would take some pressure off. It’s also a dream piece for me… something which I never thought I’d afford.

DEF: 38 STR +8 INT +8 MND +8
Accuracy +5 Attack +5
Magic Atk. Bonus +5
Adds “Refresh” effect

If you +1 it are we looking at base stats of +10, Acc and Att of +8 and MAB of +7? Maybe even Refresh +2. Hell for +1 I’d settle for stats +9, Acc and Att +6 and MAB +6. If you +2 I expect to see +12, acc and att +7 and MAB+7 or 8.

I really had missed the Salvage static. It’s nice to do something outside of Aby.  And if we don’t go, I never get to hang out with Mart.  I’m so excited about my Morri and can’t wait until tomorrow. Ere picks up his new shoes tomorrow too 🙂


Oh Hell Yeah! About freaking time!

Ok, ok… I am SO happy with this! From here http://www.playonline.com/pcd/topics/ff11eu/detail/6198/detail.html

Q: Are there any plans to provide a means to upgrade equipment from Salvage, Einherjar, Nyzul, and so forth? I put a great deal of effort into obtaining these items, but these days they feel underpowered.

A: Yes. Future updates will introduce not only a host of new items, but also new upgrade possibilities for existing weapons and armor. Methods including but not limited to Trial of the Magians are in the works, and we think you’ll enjoy what we have in store

So screw all you Salvage haters!

Seriously though, we’ve recently restarted Salvage and I was lucky enough to get a Morri body 35. Considering until you +2 a BLM body it’s still up there… I’m looking forward to seeing  a Morrigan’s Robe +1 or even 2… I don’t care if it’s not until 99… I can deal.   I’m sitting on Morrigan’s Hands/Legs right now as well as most of the Marduk set (need the hands 35).

Oh man am I H-A-P-P-Y! Updates to Nyzul Isle and Assault gear would be kinda nice also…

I’ll be back later with more posting – brb  with a huge fucking grin on my face!

Lootwhoring Old School

Osh*t. Too much going on

I know, I know. So much epicness and so little posting.  I have had very busy weeks at work and no time to do anything much other than xp.

So.. there’s a lot to catch up on. Read More…

Serpentes & Other animals

I think I need to take a moment just to say thank you to all the awesome people in both Nova and Serendipity. For me, gear comes in waves. I have had exceptional luck in Salvage but to counter it, I have terrible luck with ZNM. I do about the same as everyone else in Dynamis, only after 5 years of it the pieces I have left to collect are pretty special.

Last night we went to Abyssea Tahrongi. We have an xp session planned for the weekend so last night’s session was aimed at farming and testing ourselves against, NMs. We have a lot of interest in the Vermeil Great Axe (as you’d expect). Read More…

Crazy xp in Abyssea

OK, today I promise some pictures to break up the words. Oh, and less ranting. Why? Because I hit level 80 BLM!  How? Campaign, MMM, Campaign Ops, quite a lot of Abyssea and some soloing.  I need a buffer but being home sick from work this week for a couple of days paid off.

79 BRD

79 BRD

Read More…

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