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Healers and DPSing

I’m going to be straight here and admit that my SCH is 60, my WHM is 50 and my AST is 53. So, I don’t have 60 experience as a WHM or AST. My 60 experience is as a SCH but it gives me some insight into what’s going on with healing and dpsing.

I am not a ‘world-first’ player. Hell, I’m not even as hardcore as I was in FFXI. I’m a decent player who makes an effort to level all classes and jobs for the appropriate cross-class skills. I get around to trying most things and up until Heavensward had beaten all extreme Primals and up to T9 in Coil. I figure this puts me fairly middle of the road. I’ve cleared normal Alexander multiple times now and have access to Savage.

How do I feel about healing and DPS?

I have mixed feelings about it. I think confidence is also a thing in DPSing as a healer.

Whilst levelling, I spent a lot of time learning. I kept my gear uptodate but I didn’t know where the crisis points were in dungeons, where the big pulls were and which fights were going to strain my MP. Other people were also learning. So DPS got caught out in more AoEs, tanks didn’t always have their cooldowns ready for big hits etc. If I feel the group isn’t coping well or is dealing with a lot of new stuff, I won’t DPS. So, if the DPS are getting hit by a lot of damage, if the tank doesn’t have or use their cooldowns etc and everyone is generally being hit hard, I’m not going to go out of my way to DPS. Even then I’ll throw out Virus.

If my party members aren’t getting hit by much and the DPS is really slow, I will switch to Cleric Stance and try and help out with DPS. A lot of people who don’t play healers don’t realise what a change it is that Lustrate is no longer an ability but is now an insta cast cure. This cuts down how much it cures under Cleric Stance. So whilst previously I’d have more wriggle room, I feel like I have to be a little more careful with curing on SCH now.

When we all started hitting 60 and gearing up, I noticed more opportunities and more breathing room for DPS. So I will if I can but it’s not my focus. My focus is keeping you alive. I always look at SCH’s DPS in 60 dungeons as a bonus to help a bit.

In raids, things are a bit different. For one, there’s another healer there, so there’s some cover for your oshit moments. Also people tend to try harder and work better together. I find with raids there are often points in fights where you can DPS and then other moments where you really can’t. The prime example of this is Faust in Alexander. I haven’t done Savage yet but even the first one is a great example. In the beginning you can DPS and contribute significantly. Later the tanks take more damage and it becomes harder.

I honestly don’t feel that DPS is my role but I can see that it can help a bit. I don’t hugely enjoy it but will contribute if I can. Sometimes it’s fun to see how much I can throw out there as a SCH (a lot) but I often feel that if you want me to DPS, let me go SMN and I’ll do it properly.

I don’t know how WHM is at 60 but I feel before the AoE nerf that WHMs were better at DPS than SCH even though our DoTs are more significant. So far AST DPS seems pitiful. I’m kinda enjoying AST but SCH so far outshines it in so many ways it’s hard to be motivated to get it to 60. I currently don’t see any reason to take my AST to things over my SCH. I have met amazing 60 AST so I’m going to keep on levelling it but honestly for me SCH wins hands down.

So, if you want me to DPS more – then DPS players need to hit hard, avoid AoEs and learn mechanics. Tanks need to use cooldowns and avoid what you can (harder for you, I know). Then I won’t be constantly mopping up and can then contribute more than healing.


Look what I finished today!

I know, I know – I was writing quite a bit and then it all went quiet. Work has been insane and other stuff is going. However I have been slowly making progress on upgrading my relic! When they announced that 2.45 was going to bring in the next stage, it gave me the kick to get on with it.

So as of about 15 mins ago, I have an Omnilex Nexus!

Omnilex Nexus

Next phase is to get an entirely new book (so I don’t go blind!) A good guide to the next phase is on Reddit

I should say that the first to get a Nexus in our FC was Lord Jero (Bow) and then Lord Rotz (Sword/Shield) so I came in third but I’m pretty happy with my blinding book!

Changes to SMN and SCH

From this post on the official forum…

*Perfect Defense
**Duration: The duration will be reduced from 90 seconds to 30 seconds +1 second for each 20 summoning magic skill. For example, at 600 summoning magic skill, the duration would be 60 seconds (30 + 30 seconds).
**Effect: No change

Well compared to what they’ve done to SCH, SMN got it easy. It will change certain fights though. Or they will involve EVEN MOAR SMN! SMN rotations for some fights I can see becoming the norm. That’s not possible in everything though.

600 Summoning magic skill?! Even the Japanese forum is going a little crazy over this one. Most likely you’re looking at a lot of fast-levelled, unskilled SMN hitting 30s and a bunch of others hitting 40 ish. Read More…

Level Cap Increase (11/17/2011) :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM

Level Cap Increase (11/17/2011) :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM.

I laughed my head off at this


Let’s see if I can knock out all the potential Cure V rant points for both sides in one go!

-RDM and SCH healing magic sucks, we need Cure V!
-No screw that, WHM ONRY for major endgame healing!
-But but, RDM and SCH have no other place in the game, Cure V is the fastest fix!
-RDMs, you should be asking for buffs to your specialties, enhancing and enfeebling, and for enfeebling to be worth a damn again, then you won’t worry so much about healing! I thought you were sick of being Pink Mages? And SCHs, do you keep forgetting about how great your Dark Arts side is? You’re not useless! Also, Embrava.
-But WHM shouldn’t be the only job with Cure V! They’re the only viable healers because of it!
-Uh…PUP has Cure V too you know. Even Cure VI! (insert a I’m a moron here) And SMN with Light Spirit but they don’t really count. Also BLUs make pretty good healers too, they just don’t like to admit it.
-Who cares about those other jobs, RDM and SCH need Cure V so we actually get invites and will be useful in content!
-Last time I checked, Cure IV is more than enough for all the endgame content that isn’t VW and some of the bigger NMs in Abyssea. That’s a pretty sizable chunk of content right there that people wouldn’t mind bringing RDM and SCH to!

Hmmm…I think that’s most of what occurs whenever a Cure V debate erupts. Probably missed something though. >_>

Edit: Oh yeah, something about ToAU era and “SE already said you’ll never get it, shut up!” countered by “SE also said they would never raise the level cap past 75 and look at the game today!”

Yama, Yama, Yaaaammaaaa (aka trials for the MAB Darkness Magian Staff)

Yama's Staff During the time we had a Nyzul Isle static, Firi and Ere instigated a good luck chant for drops. This involved them singing ‘Yama, Yama, Yaaaaammmaaa’. Whether it comes from something, I have no idea but it reduces me to giggles whenever I see the staff I have created.


So far,  I have a ‘Yama’s Staff’ which means I have one more mob trial and one more geode trial to finish. Not bad at all and sped up enormously by a) the bergicat and b) the Cataclysm brigade!

Trial 790: Treants, any weather.  Went to Grauberg [S]

Trial 841: 50 Slimes under the dark half of the weather so Ice/Darkness/Water/Earth. Level synched to 13 inside Ranguemont Pass and killed the slimes just inside the entrance.

Trial 878: 50 mobs on Darksday/Dark weather. Went to Castle Zvahl (present) and killed demons

Trial 879: 50 Beasts on Darksday/Dark weather. Went to Xarcabard [S] and oneshot Gigas pets Read More…

Curing for other mages

I wrote the world’s quickest guide on my ls forum for our RDMs and SCHs.  So I thought I’d repost here.  Especially in lighgt of the fact that RDM and SCH are not getting Cure V this update. Read More…

Where to find seals for: WHM, BLM, RDM, BRD, SCH, SMN & COR

Read More…

Filling out the AFv3

This is more for my record than anything else but I wanted somewhere to post up compiled info on the AFv3 stuff for my jobs. I’m not sure I’ll take all 7 to 85 yet let alone quest this stuff for all.  Read More…


Well, it’s all a bit overwhelming. Before I went to bed last night I managed to collect one Kindred’s Crest for the level cap and take a look around Miseraux and Attowha. I found so much stuff and will post a screenshot post later but wow. I particularly like the mini Orobon near the waterfall in Mis.

I’ve collected together the sets of AFv3 pics from various places (credit to peeps contributing to BG and to Evil Paul). Remember there are +1 and +2s. In most cases people have posted the uber +2s but even the +1s are remarkable.

Evil Paul's Pic of BLM Afv3

Evil Paul's Pic of BLM Afv3

Base head pieces are bought with Cruor from the NPCs inside the new zones. I picked up an Orison Cap.  Then I guess you go to the Magian Moogle and get a trial set up. Not sure what happens next. 🙂

More WHM


I’ve been pretty busy in the real world so, as a result I’ve had to regain a lost Campaign medal and fall behind on missions. That’s not the end of the world – I’m sitting on the last fight for ASA, along with a couple of others. Perhaps we can get it done this week.

Of course then I have to get into the whole pants dilemma. The career WHM in me says…MP+25, ENM-4 and Cure potency +5%. But she also wants movement speed. So the compromise for the new ugly pants is movement speed +8%, cure potency +5%. But that’s really kinda bland and I lose the –ENM, even if the haste isn’t huge… Or I could say screw WHM (SCH, RDM…) and go for movement speed and phys damage taken down. It never hurts to be MP efficient and at this point Cure potency is pretty much the only way I can improve my cures. My Cure V is already at 906, and I’m not even an elvaan. If I were and if I hadn’t thrown so many merits into INT, I suppose it might hit 910? But at what point does it become ridiculous to throw more Cure potency in there?

For lesser cures, pretty much never I’d guess but for Cure V, outside of Besieged and the occasional uber-crisis, things rarely get that bad. I don’t think I can walk away from the cure potency but with WHM, RDM, SCH, BRD, SMN, BLM and SMN to hand along with my COR it becomes equally hard to turn down movement speed. Not like I have 12-16m to hand for gaiters and they only cover certain jobs. Ugly pants with Cure potency +5% and movement speed +8% just seem kinda wrong. /shrug.

/SCH again

I got a bit frustrated last night hearing someone I consider a decent WHM moaning about needing to cast more and faster. I mean we all want to be casting several things at once. Altana knows when you’re casting haste or regen III and so drops something nasty on your tanks or dds… but I suggested again, that /SCH helps a lot with that and sparked a small row.

The issue of contention is /SCH. This is not the first time I’ve come up against this kind of old school stubbornness against levelling what is currently without a doubt the best sub for WHM. The worst culprits are always long term WHMs. It doesn’t mean that all other subs are shit or there is no use for them, situationally you can squeeze out a few instances where there’s a reason for using something else. It certainly doesn’t mean the player is shit either it just means that something new has come along which has changed the job – nothing to take personally…

What especially irritates me is that there’s absolutely no consideration of it. I’m not faced with decent arguments (IMO there aren’t any but I’ll listen) or discussion or scheduling conflicts or in fact anything. Just ‘No’.

If you consider WHM to be one of your strongest jobs then you should seriously have SCH as a subjob. If you sub SCH and use the Arts, you will cast 10% faster, lower your recast by 10% and lower the cost of your spells FROM THE MENU by 10%. Let alone Conserve MP, Sublimation, access to other spells, raising of skills and penury/celerity.

So fine, tell me you can’t be bothered to level SCH subjob or you’re too busy right now. But don’t tell me no because you seriously think 20MP per min refresh is worth it. And if any WHM seriously thinks the very small amount of MP extra you get from /SMN makes it worth it – no matter which race you are, then they need their head examined. The figures prove them wrong over and over.

Why on earth doesn’t anyone want to make their considerable experience look even better instead of falling behind? Esuna is a prime example of a spell that suits /SCH well. It’s recast is long but it’s so damn useful. Not only can I cast it faster, I can recast it faster. Which means in Einherjar my freaking melee spend less time enfeebled.

I wasn’t sure about /SCH when it first came out but 2-3 sessions competing against another WHM in dynamis and the benefits to my barspells alone compelled me to level it. Then they made it even better… and I was glad I did. I don’t care if you’ve been a WHM since 1803… you would be an even better WHM,  /SCH. And having /SCH would show off that experience even more.

I don’t get it.

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