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Sky/Abjuration Gear Synergy Augments

Sky/Abjuration Gear Synergy Augments.

Over on BG


Awesome weekend; many forms of kitty pants and ring!

Well wow, it’s been busy. Almost time for me to go back to work but before I do I have time to post about the last few days.

Saturday we had a nice Glacier run. Saw a few drops we were overdue on including, PLD. This was the weekend of pants for this particular kitty. We saw 10 drops plus a couple of hundred, making the run fun and profitable. By picking up the Valor pants, Niamh completed his relic set.

Niamh 5/5 PLD

Niamh 5/5 PLD

We seemed to spend every odd moment trying to upgrade people’s VNM crystals. I had a tier II which needed to go to a III and so did others. Bergi and Aunshi now both have Black Crystals and, after a few more tier II I think Alk and I both upgraded to a blue. So, last night after events, we popped Krab for me and not only did we get the title again, but it dropped the ring 🙂 So we’re 2/6ish on rings and I own a Karka!

Eld Karka Ring

Eld's new ring

But I’m jumping ahead. We had a pretty huge break on Sunday. Kirin is an easy kill for us and relatively fun now that we can zerg him regularly. However, over the three years or so that on and off we’ve killed him, he’s never dropped wyrmal legs. Niamh has been top of the list for those for so long, the rest of the shell had given up. He has PLD and RNG and uses both extensively. More to the point, over the years, he’s been up in sky a ton. Peeps would approach us to merc Kirin but we couldn’t take the risk… incase the pants dropped and people started /wrist.

Niamh and Aunshi

Niamh and Aunshi

Finally, last night, Kirin put out for Niamh. He can’t believe it, peeps who logged in couldn’t believe it. He’s had a pair of -1s for 18 months… The entire shell turned out to Al Zabi for a screenshot lol… And to add to the awesomeness of the run, Aunshi walked away with an osode.

Salvage, Sea and other animals

I think Altana is trying to tell me something about upgrading Morrigan’s gear. Today during Salvage we didn’t see any of the drops we went for (35 Ares Body or Skadi Feet) but we did see 4 15’s, which whilst easy to pick up and therefore easily dismissable, are still needed.

Started with pair #1 of Nemain’s Slops for Martinius, then pair #2 dropped which I passed to Zio and finally pair #3 dropped which I lotted on. The result being this…

Two drop at once!

Two drop at once!

So ok, 15’s but funny and kinda cool nonetheless. We’ve been back to Bhaflau (still no bees) and poked the Boss. We messed up otherwise I think we would have beaten him first time. Got him to 50 ish % second time around and learnt that he’s pretty straightforward as long as erases are flying before timing out. Read More…

Someone bribed Tzee this weekend

It always amazes me how many people disappear when you say you’re running Dynamis Windurst again. Seems no one likes the zone, even though for most peeps it’s not that hard. I could understand it if you were a sac puller or a BLM, but we’re always going into Windy with lower numbers.

Thankfully lower numbers these days are still pretty good and we don’t have problems clearing this zone. Usually though it isn’t that generous, this is half the problem. I don’t mind it personally but it can be a bit stressful on the front line. Read More…

More pew pew to come! Einherjar, Sky & Limbus

Morning World. I have to say my weekend was much improved by not being online. Which considering this is a blog about my online adventures, is somewhat contradictory.

However whilst I skipped out on most of Friday and all of Saturday, I was home in time for Einherjar last night.  I’m actually surprised how well we’re doing but we have, I admit stalled. Not because we don’t have enough muscle or support but because we are having a hard time pulling cleanly and controlling those pulls. I’d really, really like to come SCH because I think it’s the answer; but for one reason or another we were low on WHMs yesterday and so I came WHM. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be on WHM than any other job in there, but I was excited to try SCH and AoE Grav. Still, yet another member joined so we have more job flexibility now. Numbers are creeping back up. Meanwhile ampoules are rolling in.

After Einherjar we went up to Sky. There’s been a sudden interest in it recently as peeps get various jobs up to 70+ and start wanting haidate etc. Read More…

Been a while

OK, not since my last Blog post but since I posted a general update on the shell’s progress.


Good turnout for Xarc (go figure…) which made a pleasant break for everyone from the latest round of CoP and city runs.  No one seems to like Windy, so it was particularly refreshing. Drops were solid but not outstanding. Thankfully all but one went to a good home and we finished off two complete sets (Athenaa BRD, Codeyva BST). The highlight was probably Josiey’s hat though.

Furry Codey is furry

Furry Codey is furry

We’ve only seen one RDM hat before Saturday and it left the shell under a cloud. Josiey & Beren were neck  and neck for months waiting and waiting for more Chapeaux. Beren has to step back from the game because his real life is kinda hectic and so right now (and possibly permanently) he can’t play with us.  We started at the end of July last year and Josiey has passed quite a few other pieces to sit there at the top of the RDM lotting with 100 points. Finally, it dropped and now I expect to see a lot more SAM, DRK  and BLM open lot pieces flying her way.  We’ve seen a glut of RDM bodies but only those two hats so far.

Plans are to do another round of cities and glacier then work hard on getting a Valk win so we can farm Tav to hell and back.  Hydra Hauberts are calling my tanks…

Einherjar Read More…

WIDATW: Xarcabard, Siegrune & Sky

Well that was a really busy weekend in-game.  Probably too busy if I’m honest, I was a bit frazzled by the end of it. The gentle skillup session at the end of the day didn’t seem to help, although my Dagger skill is now 222 and my Sword around 210.

I ended up deciding to take DRK out. I need it for a RDM sub, that’s the situation where I am most likely to end up on RDM, as a CS stunner.  I went from 27 to 30. That’s another sub I can take to the promyvion zones!  I have to finish RNG for COR and DRK for RDM, both are 30-31.

Read More…

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