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Where am I now?

Rather than focus on the future, let’s focus on where I am right now.

<DRUNK> is a small FC on Siren consisting of old FFXI players, some SWTOR players and a few people we’ve picked up along the way. I spend most of my time hanging out with Rotz, Jero, Nia, Tibi, Akai, Brach and Mara.

Mexi is 50 in all Disciples of Hand (DoH) and Disciples of Land (DoL). I find Gathering (DoL) fun and really enjoyed levelling Botany and Mining. Fishing was slow to start with but then I got bitten with the Big Fishing bug for a bit and that got me into it. All three DoL classes have their basic weapons from the guy in Revenant’s Toll but I haven’t upgraded any of em yet. I have the stupid straw hat too. My Botanist is around 408 gathering I think.


My Miner and fisher are partially melded – I can grab Grade 3 soil for example and almost all fish except the highest tier.

In terms of crafting, my Weaver is my best geared and I enjoy Weaver and Leatherworker the most. I use all of the classes and it’s fantastic to be able to repair any of my gear on the fly. I have the spectacles for all of my DoH and recently got the Ixali hands. My Weaver is melded but needs some upgrades. I have my base Rev Toll tool but again need to upgrade it. I am by no means a Mastercrafter but I can make a lot, including 3 star stuff if I use food.


In terms of Disciples of War classes, it won’t come as any great surprise to know that I main a healer. The surprise to me was how much more I enjoy SCH over WHM. WHM has more power heals and better AoE healing capacity whilst SCH has more in terms of damage mitigation and speed. I do have WHM levelled (and well geared) but I hate not playing SCH for big fights. WHM feels so slow in comparison. Lustrate is a godsend.

I would play SMN more as I really enjoy it but currently it shares its stats with SCH so it’s a bit gimp because I allocated all of my stats into MND. SMN needs INT and I’m 30 points down which is effectively an entire set of armour behind at 50. I’m hoping they change that.


So I levelled BLM so that I could have a non-gimp caster. BLM has a tomestone weapon and a most things on the left (body armour) are 110, the exception being the body which is 100. My accessories could use some work with a mixture of i90 and i110.


I love playing WAR but I’ve neglected it recently. I had to put a lot of work into my SCH Novus book and right now of course I’m trying to upgrade it to Nexus. So that means playing SCH a lot to imbue my book. My WAR gear is lagging behind right now but I should be able to throw some tomes at it soon. Probably around the time 2.4 brings us some new gear!

  • WHM – Yagrush (i110)
  • SCH – Omnilex Novus (i110)
  • BLM – Laevateinn (i110)
  • WAR – Allagan Battleaxe (i95)

The other thing I spend a lot of time doing is Gardening. I love it. I have no idea why as I don’t do any of it in Real Life but ingame, I have grown ALL the things! We have 2 large garden patches in our Free Company garden and I’ve just (and I mean last night!) bought my own small house in Lavender beds where I’ve put in another large patch.

In our FC garden we have grown a lot of minions and boco food. We’re currently focusing on growing onions so that people can rank up their bocos. It’s fun and for some reason I’m addicted.

So currently I’m working on upgrading my SCH book, equipping my caster, levelling an alt and growing ALL the things. Hopefully we’ll be doing some Second Coil soon and whatever the new patch throws at us!


Ready for the update?

Well I guess I am almost done. Took BLM out last night to get my last 5k to recap it. Was a nice ls party with some random blms on Mt Z thrown in. I skipped out to let Silk get some xp once my buffer was done. I retraced to the past, changed to SCH andwithin one fight I was capped on that too.  Followed up by a session on SMN and WHM.

Dynamis Valk will probably kill my RDM xp buffer tonight but at least its one job, not many I’ll need to cap.

Eld as a level 40 WAR

Eld as a WAR

This morning whilst I cleaned up my house, I sat afk on WAR, seeking for party. Not long before I was about to give up I hear the telltale chime and see an invite for an E. Ron party.  It wasn’t the best party I’ve had there but it got me from 37 to 40, almost 41. The NIN has to have been the laziest mofo I’ve seen in a while. Gotta hate the wave of cheap subjob Ninjas. And yes, I got invited to a party by JohnnyDepp who for some strange reason is currently blonde. No, I don’t get it either.

So now I have NIN and WAR done, so COR and BRD are covered for now. I will level DNC and RNG as and when. DNC should be more fun next week and RNG I rarely use these days. DRK should go to 45 but I’m not sure I can be bothered.

Finally,  I want to show a screenshot of my EmoChoco. This bratty chick was raised from an egg I picked up in an ISNM. It’s only the second time I’ve tried raising one and the first was incredibly bland.  Back to the gentleman in question… he’s been bored, dull, in love, sick, injured and restless and royal pain in the butt.



But he’s blue. And kinda cute. And surprisingly, not as slow as I feared. I can’t get his stats up very far but am hoping to breed him with a colourful female and see if son or daughter of brat-choco will be faster…

So, will you be levelling RDM for your WHM? Subjobs again

I just did a quick trawl through wiki, after a discussion prompted me to think about it on Alla. This is just a whistle stop tour of existing stuff that each of these sub jobs have at 49.

If you don’t already have it, does anyone else think there’s a serious chance that /RDM may be come a necessity for 99 WHMs? I guess it depends a lot on what other spells they give us on the way up and whether they nerf convert and refresh at all for subjobs?  I don’t think it will replace /SCH entirely but I can see it coming up as a serious secondary sub. Read More…

More WHM


I’ve been pretty busy in the real world so, as a result I’ve had to regain a lost Campaign medal and fall behind on missions. That’s not the end of the world – I’m sitting on the last fight for ASA, along with a couple of others. Perhaps we can get it done this week.

Of course then I have to get into the whole pants dilemma. The career WHM in me says…MP+25, ENM-4 and Cure potency +5%. But she also wants movement speed. So the compromise for the new ugly pants is movement speed +8%, cure potency +5%. But that’s really kinda bland and I lose the –ENM, even if the haste isn’t huge… Or I could say screw WHM (SCH, RDM…) and go for movement speed and phys damage taken down. It never hurts to be MP efficient and at this point Cure potency is pretty much the only way I can improve my cures. My Cure V is already at 906, and I’m not even an elvaan. If I were and if I hadn’t thrown so many merits into INT, I suppose it might hit 910? But at what point does it become ridiculous to throw more Cure potency in there?

For lesser cures, pretty much never I’d guess but for Cure V, outside of Besieged and the occasional uber-crisis, things rarely get that bad. I don’t think I can walk away from the cure potency but with WHM, RDM, SCH, BRD, SMN, BLM and SMN to hand along with my COR it becomes equally hard to turn down movement speed. Not like I have 12-16m to hand for gaiters and they only cover certain jobs. Ugly pants with Cure potency +5% and movement speed +8% just seem kinda wrong. /shrug.

/SCH again

I got a bit frustrated last night hearing someone I consider a decent WHM moaning about needing to cast more and faster. I mean we all want to be casting several things at once. Altana knows when you’re casting haste or regen III and so drops something nasty on your tanks or dds… but I suggested again, that /SCH helps a lot with that and sparked a small row.

The issue of contention is /SCH. This is not the first time I’ve come up against this kind of old school stubbornness against levelling what is currently without a doubt the best sub for WHM. The worst culprits are always long term WHMs. It doesn’t mean that all other subs are shit or there is no use for them, situationally you can squeeze out a few instances where there’s a reason for using something else. It certainly doesn’t mean the player is shit either it just means that something new has come along which has changed the job – nothing to take personally…

What especially irritates me is that there’s absolutely no consideration of it. I’m not faced with decent arguments (IMO there aren’t any but I’ll listen) or discussion or scheduling conflicts or in fact anything. Just ‘No’.

If you consider WHM to be one of your strongest jobs then you should seriously have SCH as a subjob. If you sub SCH and use the Arts, you will cast 10% faster, lower your recast by 10% and lower the cost of your spells FROM THE MENU by 10%. Let alone Conserve MP, Sublimation, access to other spells, raising of skills and penury/celerity.

So fine, tell me you can’t be bothered to level SCH subjob or you’re too busy right now. But don’t tell me no because you seriously think 20MP per min refresh is worth it. And if any WHM seriously thinks the very small amount of MP extra you get from /SMN makes it worth it – no matter which race you are, then they need their head examined. The figures prove them wrong over and over.

Why on earth doesn’t anyone want to make their considerable experience look even better instead of falling behind? Esuna is a prime example of a spell that suits /SCH well. It’s recast is long but it’s so damn useful. Not only can I cast it faster, I can recast it faster. Which means in Einherjar my freaking melee spend less time enfeebled.

I wasn’t sure about /SCH when it first came out but 2-3 sessions competing against another WHM in dynamis and the benefits to my barspells alone compelled me to level it. Then they made it even better… and I was glad I did. I don’t care if you’ve been a WHM since 1803… you would be an even better WHM,  /SCH. And having /SCH would show off that experience even more.

I don’t get it.

Just another subjob…

Well that was unexpected…  Did a couple of ENMs (nada) and didn’t feel like hitting the sack. Ended up duoing with the Carebear of War aka Sugarbear in Yuhtunga Jungle as a 34 WAR with a 34 SAM.  I think I held up my end fairly respectably, although the Bear is a thug… I managed to pull off a few 400+ Sturmwinds. Xp seemed to fly in, Sugar was /DNC and I had Mitch pl us on RDM/WHM. Which just meant zero downtime. In fact between /DNC and the chests it was barely necessary.

Eld dings 37 WAR

Warrior sub complete!

I was starting to fall asleep when we realised both of us were less than 2k to 37! Probably the easiest and most laidback 34-37 I’ve done in my recent levelling of subs. Now I have no excuse, I have NIN, WAR, DNC and RDM ready for PLD. I have DNC and WAR set for my COR.

I have to say, my linkshell is full of perverts. Especially Uneac. Late night conversation is often ‘colourful’ – that’s why we’re 18+ but boy does his imagination run overtime… and he just loves to plant images in other people’s heads 🙂

Still, fun evening with no stress and a lot of laughter… just what the doctor ordered before a house move.

Sub Jobs and Mog Houses

By the end of this game, I should have WHM, SMN, BRD, BLM, SCH, RDM, COR and finally PLD levelled. Well maybe. The problem is, levelling subs has driven me quietly nuts. My WAR is now 33, so not far to go with that but I can’t face finishing it at the moment. My PLD is 23 right now. I have NIN, DNC and RDM all done, just WAR to finish. WAR isn’t as much hell as DNC, it hits like a truck and my GA is staying capped. With a RDM tied to my back for curing I can plough through FoV pages for a while.

That’s most of the reason it’s driving me nuts to level subs. I can’t get parties in the time I have free. In EU primetime I’m constantly busy and by NA primetime, I’m falling asleep. I was about to have some free time being an unemployed bum but somehow seemed to have landed another job damnit!

Whilst I’m pleased to have an income again, it involves me relocating which I don’t really want to do and of course that means some running around the country finding a place to live. So less FFXI time, not more! C’est la vie.

Clothcraft is 99.2 now thanks to a random synth. So far 2/2 on skillups but that won’t last. I am considering just throwing gil at the problem until it goes away but I know I don’t have enough to make it to 100 without a lot of luck.

I’ve decided to collect more tat for my Mog House and have done the Halloween event. As well as the ever useful stable medals, I have picked up a Calla something lantern and have bought the nation lanterns from Jeuno Moogle. Essentially I’d like some cool screenies to look back on 🙂 as I figure this time next year a lot of peeps will either be playing XIV or about to.

I’m undecided about the cricket cage in my mog house, the noise it makes can be incredibly piercing at times… but I like the silly noises that come from the eggs etc as the hour turns.

I took the screenshots and redressed my mannequins. One has bits of Marduk-component gear on it, the other now has Morrigan-component gear on it. I have 2 level 15 skadi pieces too.

Salvage is going ok, we could do with seeing some more 35s though. We haven’t seen a Skirmish Pephredo yet… and we need 3-4 pairs of Usu feet.

Getting my Jelly Ring from Sewer Syrup

Getting my Jelly Ring from Sewer Syrup

Been having some fun just chilling with peeps, chatting and getting to know them a bit better. Did take 2-3 days away completely because everything outside of FFXI was making life far too stressful and meant I had zero tolerance for any crap in game. Which there inevitably is, when you encounter anyone else.

Syrup down, ring got!

Syrup down, ring got!

So, DNC sub is done, WAR is 33. I’ve started building up Allied Notes but there is no way I’ll have enough for a while yet to even consider Iron Ram gear for PLD. Events are ok but my head is so full of other crap, I suspect I won’t be around as constantly as I have been recently.

Salvage and Dynamis are definitely the most fun I’m having right now.

DNC? Seriously? Who the hell came up with this torture?

I’m putting levelling this sub right up there with levelling NIN. I am beginning to despise DNC right now.

It’s awesome… if you have a week to kill each mob. It’s also awesome, if you want to tank so strongly that no one can rip hate off you ever. Fine if your support is good but not so fine when they’re shit. Or non existent. I can see it’s an excellent subjob, so is NIN. Didn’t like that either. In fact Ulathe would prolly tell you I was about the crappest NIN out there. DNC is like PLD with paper armour. Except I’m pretty sure, DNC generates more hate.

You either solo or duo carefully and slowly or you die as far as I can see.

Whoever has the patience to level this shitty godforsaken job to 75 is beyond me…

Just glad other people enjoy it. I don’t. Two bloody levels to go.

Fucking hate DNC.

‘Sh*t, my pet unsheeped!’ or why I love Firi

Last night I had some fun at a new camp for BLM xp.  Epoc, Aerynn, Bailie and I went to Beaucedine Glacier [S] and camped at the zone, nuking Gargouilles and the odd Imp. Decent xp, not as easy as puddings and probably best as a trio but it made getting my buffer over 20k infinitely more pleasant. Of course they’re strong to dark, so make sure you have a decent enfeebling set and bind to hand. Also I managed to reliably land Grav even on iceday in ice weather so I’m guessing they’re weak to it. I have very good MAcc and Enfeebling gear but I wasn’t the only one. Nice to spend some time with our newest members.

Once my buffer was restored to acceptable levels, I headed back to Bastok and changed to DNC. I’m not enormously enjoying DNC so far, but it’s getting more interesting and I finally hit 20 last night, giving me Steps and Flourishing Moves to worry about. Or at least I think that’s what the new icon is all about. Read More…

SCH v SMN v BLM : my WHM Subjob Guide for Alla

Let’s assume you have achieved level 30 at least once so you are able to unlock advanced sub jobs already. Or you’re close to it and are considering your next move. If you already have access to a sub job and have never levelled a mage job; make sure you level a relevant sub at the same time and keep them up-to-date. I don’t care how much hassle it is, if nothing else level BLM to 17 and live with that. At least that way you get Warp. Read More…

I’m not paranoid, they are out to get me!

Things are… weird.  That’s not all bad or me trying to say something subtly, they’re just weird.


I got done with my DRK sub. Not without killing Mitch in the desert first. Naturally, I was powerlevelling Eld with Mitch through a FoV training spree for the last level. I decided on Eastern Altepa Desert for this. I dutifully op’d out to the desert and got the quest.

Elds Current Jobs

Eld's Current Jobs

A while later Eld aggroed a cactuar. One of those things and NP I think to myself.  I’ll have this ‘ere level 63 RDM sleep it for now. I can zone it/log hate once the current mob Eld is killing, dies.

Well that would have been simple if not for one thing… Cactuar Rapido popped! And how do we pull Rapido you ask? By linking with another Cactuar. What? Like this one here asleep? H’oh yes.

15s later, one dead Mitchturbo.

Still, you have to laugh. Brachial came out and raised him for me and I slowly missed my way to 37 DRK. I used to like DRK. I don’t right now.  Good gear, good food and still you miss painfully slowly.

Ranger Read More…

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