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16 Dalmatica Augments


Sky/Abjuration Gear Synergy Augments

Sky/Abjuration Gear Synergy Augments.

Over on BG

Full of win! Teleport Nashmau!

Not only did I ding! 80 on WHM today (albeit with a 4k buffer which I need to improve) I made this! I corrected wiki, as this is a level 50+synth…  (Journeyman)

Nashmau Earring

Nashmau Earring

Almost makes up for them messing up my Tidal Talisman order. I hit 43 synergy on this too 🙂 Now I have a queue of peeps wanting them and running around completing the inital synergy quest 🙂  As you can see, I also made the new Empire Earring.  I had previously made the Jeuno and Bastok ones.  Jeuno earring pops you out next to the signet guy in Upper Jeuno, opposite the tele-whitegate guy. Bastok one drops you in Markets, Nashmau one drops you close to the docks. I have just made the Whitegate one, but haven’t used it yet. I might make the Tav one, so I have a second option.

No more struggling to get to Einherjar or dependancy on other people. Huzzah! Now to do the quest on Mitch, so I can make one for him.

Things I’ve recently learned about group synergy

When I logged in last night, I had no plans. In fact my plans consisted of getting high enough on Dragon Age to move onto the new expansion but I popped in to say hi.

Mac sent me a /tell asking if I was high enough to synergise his Ebon Frock. I thought initially he meant craft him one but not, he had the frock and he needed it turned into a Talar. Whatever one of those is… Read More…

Clothcraft, Goldsmithing & Synergy

No idea if I’ve won on the Mog Bonanza yet, as I have to leave the house for work just before the numbers were released. If the last couple of years are anything to go by I may win 1-4 Rank 4 prizes and a handful of rank 5s.  These days I tend to ask the Moogle to generate a random number then I make up a series around it. Some mules I just go for completely random because I can’t be bothered.

I’m not expecting to win anything significant, but it would be nice if I did. Especially as I’m crafting a lot at the moment.  Last night I dinged 50 in Goldsmithing. So I’m nearly there in terms of being able to make an Ebon frock. This was actually the thing that gave me the kick in the behind to finish off another important sub for Clothcraft.  I’ll probably get it to 55 at least, then do the rest slowly. I want to go back to trying the odd synth to finish up to 100 before XIV steals people.

Still can’t get the right Aptant to drop, but haven’t been trying *that* hard. Once I have the frock, no doubt I’ll be harassing people to help me kill bunnies or whatever the overcamped mob in Fei Yin is… Last time I went up there it was like an HNM camp, but that wasn’t long after the release of Synergy. Speaking of which, I should really cap that out.  It’s fun to have a project to work on and creating  an Ebur something is it.

Looking at the gear, I think it depends on whether  SE releases some more evolith as to whether the gear will be worth it in the longer term.  There are a couple of pieces which peeps may find easier than doing assaults to get  butit’s all a bit situational. You can make a great BRD pulling set for birds etc. I could make the Ebur Coat (I have the pigment from Oupire) for BLM and SCH but it’s a bit of a downgrade really. I don’t yet own a Genie Weskit, but I do own a Redingote and I can nuke on RDM, BLM and SCH in it, with extra MP and  4 MAcc.  Suspect I just want something pretty >.>

May have to make a hat from the BLM/SCH set just because it looks awesome… suspect this is all a ruse to get us comfortable with the way FFXIV gear looks.


I’ve been working on Synergy a bit. I managed to unlock the quest and pick up my Portafurnace. I need to sit down and craft some Fewell then I’ll try and get my apron done. But I’ve realised I have a more serious problem and that is my Goldsmithing subjob for Cloth. Because I’m 99.2+3 Cloth and 60 Leather a lot of people are asking me about the new set synths. Which I can’t make yet and so, I’ve finally restarted Gold. I’ve mapped out a path to 50 at least and it’s not too bad. From 50 on it looks bad, but that’s pretty much the same for all crafts. Hell, my Smithing is only 53 (raised it another point the other day).

I’m on the Mythril Ingot phase. Start with beastcoins, move to Ores when I can and if needed, end with nuggets. Then spam gold dust til 47 and turn it into Vellum with my leather. Selling things off slowly but shouldn’t lose much at all. Least til Gold and that gets me to around 50 before I need to really look closely at newer synths.

50-60 just looks rough.

I’m sitting on a ton of platinum silk, silver chains and even some of the leather I need for Argent Coats. Every now and then I need to go buy a galateia and synth another for a chance at a Cloth skillup. Except now I’m spending my gil on goldsmithing.

Maybe it’s my turn to win the Mog Bonanza. Night guys.

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