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I hear you like belts… WoE, Voidwatch & Dynamis

Had a lot of fun in Dynamis last night, completely unplanned.  Helped Hank get up to speed with Abyssea a bit by getting him a celerity abyssite, introducing him to cruor and doing a few Grauberg pages. I got another level done on COR whilst Kai skilled up on PLD and Nia got some RDM xp.

After which, Ure asks if anyone wants to do Dynamis.  Like a lot of people, Ure is saving for various shinies and so is building up a ton of cash. Just like I did with gaiters.  People know Dynamis is easier now and whilst currency prices are dropping ( and I predict will continue to) quite a few people are creating weapons and so demand is pretty decent.

Ure asked Shiro, Nia and I if we wanted to go on shell.  Rin, Syrik and Thiery were planning to go quite soon too. Then a few people indicated they were interested so instead of 3 low man groups we ended up going as a 10 man alliance.  It turned into quite a fun session. And we walked out with the equivalent of  almost 600 singles. One of which was an epic white proc by Syrik.

Everyone walked away with 58 singles and a couple of people got a couple extra.  Along with a sea of ‘emo’ (DRK) capes. We saw so many accessories for PUP, MNK, BLM, NIN, DRG & RDM, it was crazy. We also got RIn’s  -1 THF hands out the way and saw a random Valor cape. To be honest though our efforts were bent towards farming crazy amounts of currency.

So far currency has helped me fund gaiters and some of my outstanding scrolls. I’ve picked up Curaga V, Boost STR, Ice Carol II and Comet from Walk of Echoes; and Thunder V and Breakga  from the AH.  I still need Blizzaja, Holy II, Temper, Gain STR, Pining Nocturne and the tier 2 lullaby. I possibly now need some dice for COR.

I sold 15 of dice from WoE so now I’m saving them in case I do the WoE version of the gun. I have enough coins to complete a staff should I want to but I’m 2/3rds done with the gun coins at least. In fact I have a ton of various coins and I’m just stashing them away. I should really do the sword at some point.

In terms of magian trials I now have 4 +3 staves. MAB for Dark, Ice and Thunder for BLM and Cure potency for WHM etc.  It’s nice to have that extra cure potency on my other mages. Should I get lucky and walk away with the new cure pot body, even my RDM should be seeing crazy Cure potency numbers.

Voidwatch continues steadily. It’s nice when we race through the mobs, procing a ton and getting KIs and slowly increasing loot. We still need to work on more procing but the difference to the fights is huge and we are seeing more loot out of the chests. I want to get moving a bit more on the Jeuno path but when we’ve had lower numbers we’ve ploughed through some of the others and that’s great to see.  Abyssites and Periapts for everyone!

This prompted a brief discussion about ls events which I think we’ll have in more depth soon but my only issue with Voidwatch right now is how long it’s going to keep us occupied. Eventually of course we’re going to get to the point where people are lobbying to spam certain mobs over and over and at that point I can see people getting tired of it. We’ll see though. If we can manage lots of nice shinies for all, I’m sure it will be appreciated.

Another thing we did this week which made a change was go with most of the Salvage group to do some assaults.  Nia and Ure were both pretty close to Captain and Ere needs assaults all over the place. We managed to find 4 which all 3 needed and that leaves Nia with 6, Ure with 7 or 8 and Ere with quite a few to do.  I don’t think Salvage interest has died completely but we’ve done a lot of it and with Mart and Eid gone for now,  me needing a break from organising stuff and Ere trying to buy a house – a few weeks off is welcome.

We’re back to Abyssea for November, with Rin and Doy now up-to-speed on how we run events and everyone having had a chance to get a few things out of the way.  Slaan and I have had a breather and now the sack team is back up to a respectable 5 we should see less pressure on any one individual.


Yama, Yama, Yaaaammaaaa (aka trials for the MAB Darkness Magian Staff)

Yama's Staff During the time we had a Nyzul Isle static, Firi and Ere instigated a good luck chant for drops. This involved them singing ‘Yama, Yama, Yaaaaammmaaa’. Whether it comes from something, I have no idea but it reduces me to giggles whenever I see the staff I have created.


So far,  I have a ‘Yama’s Staff’ which means I have one more mob trial and one more geode trial to finish. Not bad at all and sped up enormously by a) the bergicat and b) the Cataclysm brigade!

Trial 790: Treants, any weather.  Went to Grauberg [S]

Trial 841: 50 Slimes under the dark half of the weather so Ice/Darkness/Water/Earth. Level synched to 13 inside Ranguemont Pass and killed the slimes just inside the entrance.

Trial 878: 50 mobs on Darksday/Dark weather. Went to Castle Zvahl (present) and killed demons

Trial 879: 50 Beasts on Darksday/Dark weather. Went to Xarcabard [S] and oneshot Gigas pets Read More…

Abyssean Armour

I seem to go in waves with this blog. Some weeks I want to write constantly and others I just ignore it. We’ve been very busy as a linkshell and I’ve had some time off work so I went nuts for a few days. Fuelled in part by the return of Clevan.

It was great to see him online. He’s just finished his chemo and that’s about all I can tell you right now. So we focused on getting him involved and a little caught up. He timed his return perfectly… there I was with some time free to get him restarted!

We managed to get him some xp, introduce him to Bastion & Dominion ops, pick up Razed Ruins & Voracious Violet AND complete 2 NIN AF+1 in 3 days… He was already 80 as he’d been on briefly in the early autumn but he’s now 90 and has a few more seals towards the Iga head +1.  He also proved how freaking good a tank he can be by holding his own at 83 with (at the time) one Atma.  Now he’s 90 and has 2 whilst we slowly get boss kills for the 3rd. We need some kills for others in the shell. Whilst I was offline on Friday/Sat the guys popped Kenda’s Tier 3 VNM and picked up a Hochomasume for C and the hands for Slaan.

We had quite a laugh when we realised that my PLD is a higher level than C’s… It’s been good to see him. We’re not sure of the big picture but I figure he’s here right now, so let’s make the most of it. Now to persuade Dell he wants to come back… so I have two of my favourite Elvaan back ingame to torment.

Orison Bliaud +2

Orison Bliaud +2

In terms of personal progress, I’ve made so much its insane. I’ve now upgraded the WHM body to +2 thanks to awesome efforts of the shell. We’re knocking out people’s tier 1 wishes constantly and it makes for a lot of fun. So now I’m sat on 3/5 +2s and I’m halfway to the 4th. Orison Hands +2 aren’t a huge priority but will probably go on the list next month just for the set bonus.

I’ve had a lot of fun in Abyssea – Miseraux recently. C and I went out to duo initially, to see if we could do the bugard NM for his leg seals. We bumped into Rin and Syrik trying to duo and proc the bird NM. We teamed up with them and soon Pooter and Sytorius showed up. We made an awesome team and managed to finish Rin’s legs, Syt’s legs and some others. We also got some NIN leg seals. I picked up an odd BRD leg seal too.

Goetia Chausses +1

Goetia Chausses +1

I went back with some other peeps to try Funereal Apkallu. Really to finally get around to upgrading my BLM legs. I’m not really interested in the +1s but the +2 seem good. We’ll see of course… We spammed that penguin and he dropped tons of seals. I finished my BLM legs, my BRD legs and my COR legs that day. I had to spend some time doing Bastion just to get enough points to finish em. I’d had 4 or 5 BRD seals before we started so that was super quick. BLM we got all 8 seals and an extra for the late-t0-the-party Mart before heading over to Attowha to finish up Slaan’s headpiece. I should work on the seals I need for SMN legs now I have one.

We’ve tried some bitchy mobs recently. Orthrus is fine. Even more so once you get his atma. However… Alfard is revolting… and I don’t like him very much. We eventually figured him out but man is it easy to mess that up.

Don’t talk to me about the UR Iron Giant and his resulting NM, Pantokrator. They are bitchy as all hell. Still, we have the BRD instruments and the tiara we needed so we’re ok.

I’ve helped Poot & co. with some tier II VNMs for body seals. In the process they kindly let me ninja some spare BLM seals. We also got Niamh and Clevan, Creed Earrings.  I’m 6/10 on the BLM body +1. I’m not as concerned about that as I once was because of my shiny new Morrigan’s robe from Salvage. However the +2 is hawt so I guess that’s where my focus will go if the upgrades to Salvage gear are phail.

I’ve also skilled up a fair amount and seen Mart kick BUTT with Catastrophe so when I have a moment I’ll go and get that finished off. I’m sat at 281 staff so its around the corner.

Somewhere along the line we got Niamh the Shinryu win and a nice torque but we’ve yet to see a mail drop. I have a shiny cloak but we need lots of mail for our melee.

I finally finished up my Varuna’s Staff +2 and completed another trial towards Gambanteinn.

There’s tons to talk about in terms of changes to the shell and game right now so I’ll take that to a separate post.

Gambanteinn (lack of) Progress

Don’t ask me why I’m doing this, there’s no sane reason. I just want to. The WHM in me cries out for it. I figure don’t get too stressed about it and when I’m 99 it’ll be a lot easier.

I’ve completed 4 trials so far.  So I need the following:

Trial 714: Ankabut x4
Trial 715: Okyupete x4
Trial 716: Urd x6
Trial 717: Lamprey Lord x6
Trial 1600: Tammuz x8
Trial 1601
: Fistule Discharge x50
Trial 2140: Bukhis’s Wing x50

I waited for others for a bit but things keep changing so I’ll just get moving again.  714 and 715 should be quick. Urd isn’t bad. Lamprey Lord isn’t bad anymore and Tammuz is fine.

Fistule is cake. I might try and level Mitch’s BST the last few levels so that I can try duoing on SMN and BST but Ere and I are considering teaming up to get our first Empy stages done. I have some Fistule and Bukhis bits already but nothing to write home about.

Fish! Today’s fish is orobon a la creme. Please enjoy your meal!

I know, I know… I haven’t posted in a while.  Things have been busy at work and in game but I just haven’t felt much like posting.  No drama, just have other things to do – damn work for being hectic!

Walk of Echoes

Gathering inside for Walk of Echoes

Gathering inside for Walk of Echoes

Well we’ve finally caved in and are doing some Walk of Echoes. I still REALLY don’t like the way SE has done things in regards to loot distribution and keeping the zones open but our melee need weapons and our mages quite like hMP gear. Yes, ok so we spend most of our lives in #2 because its easy but we have dabbled in #1 and #5. I’ve added my feedback about the event to various threads. Read More…

Updating everything all over again.

I can’t actually keep on top of all the new gear right now. I’m not even attempting to gear all 7 jobs right now. I’m trying to focus on pieces which make a difference to several jobs or to key jobs. The problem is, right now I’m using different jobs… WHM will always be number one. That’s the easy one.  RDM has become increasingly useful, whether I like it or not. BLM doesn’t get used as much as it did, but that goes in cycles anyway.  SMN has come out far more than it has in ages and I’m glad it’s now 85. I thought I had resigned myself to leaving SCH and COR behind. Alas, no. COR is still the most likely to get dropped but now I doubt it.

I’m just under halfway to finishing my Surya’s Staff +1. I have something like 97 lightsday kills to do and I am done. Thanks to the help from Kaibelf & Martinius. By which point I suspect my SCH will be complete as it is now 83… I managed to complete my WHM Afv3 legs at the same time as Kenda finished his THF. Not much progress on the headpiece, I really need to focus.

Orison Pantaloona +1

Orison Pantaloona +1

Read More…

Having a day off work helps

I didn’t take the day off to play the game. I needed to use up annual leave before the end of the month. This week I’d been really run down and needed sleep. So after I got some sleep out the way, I jumped into FFXI.

  • Celerity Abyssite #2 (cos I have almost no stones)

Did this one, so I am now picking up a fresh stone every 12 hrs

  • Start work on seals for WHM Head and legs

We went out as a shell and tried to farm time chests in Attowha and then kill NMs. Chests were a bit random and I found the whole thing exhausting. Peeps weren’t on top of stuff. We did kill the Crawler and Cockatrice NMs twice. We also failed to kill the Couerl.  Saw a few seals and now I officially am 1/8 on the WHM head. At this rate I’ll be complete 2 years after the servers go down but… to be fair we learnt a ton and it should be easier next time.

  • Xp BLM to 85 and start on RDM.

Did manage to do this. BLM is now 85 and RDM is 81.  If I have enough stones to make it worth it, I’ll be xping later and getting my RDM from 10k to 82 to 85. After that, I’m not sure which jobs to focus on, if any. Figure WHM, BLM and RDM cover most things. I’ll hit up BRD I think but after that I’m not sure. SCH, SMN and COR are all nice jobs to have. COR is probably the first to drop off the list. SMN is getting more useful so it might not.

  • Finish off the slimes.

Did this. I’m not even sure how. I did them pretty much in one sitting. I just kept going, made lots of tea and tried not to make a big deal out of it.

So quite constructive so far. A big thank you to Pharm for the seals.

This weekend is Valkurm and another shot at Odin, if we have the peeps. We’re going to be lowish but the jobs are better. We’ll see if it happens.

99 Slimes in the zone…

Temptation to write stupid variations on travel songs is high. Because Bergi and Evilpaul keep making me feel gimp with talk of nuking staves I have been working my way through the thunder one incredibly s l o w l y. Also there are lots of new shinies… and they don’t help! Bergi hit ssome stupid 4k+ number on the KSNM99 Wyrm this weekend!

Still, once I complete my currently trial, my thunder teiwaz will be more powerful than my Jupiters. I have 75 Slimes still to nuke to death. 125 have been squished so far. If I can try and do 25 in a day then by next week I’ll be bitching about being back at the goblin’s beetle camp.

Still, my BLM is 83 and has access to Aero V, which is helping a lot. I really need a Novio and a sorc ring. Ugg pendant is super useful for now but there are new pieces of gear which I need to work on.

WHM is 85 as of last Friday. This is a good thing. Have sort of tested out the Divine Caress thing and am confused but hey, at least I am remembering to use it. Unlike Cure VI. Which I still don’t really need.

Once more people get more Atma, maybe I will.

In other news, Salvage is on hold for now. Since the introduction of AFv3, the interest fell out of the group. We have agreed to review in December should Salvage gear be upgradable. We have decided however to keep a small group format for something, probably abyssea related.

In terms of AFv3, I have picked up the head and legs base pieces for WHM. I’ve done some questing but I am currently trying to work on getting a second celerity abyssite. So I raised my fame in Vunkerl to level 2 last night by trading dead bits of Abyssean wildlife and by running packs from base camp to the Bastion camp. Doing this with Atma of Ambition (ASA) and Mazurka, really helps.  I’m logged outside the maw waiting to go in and hopefully get from level 2 to level 3 tonight. After the third completion of the quest, I actually ran back and got a Caller’s Seal. So my SMN has the potential to upgrade something, should I take it up.

Head seals seem to involved killing NMs realistically as so far I haven’t seen quests repeatable on the galkan sausage stuffing or cookbook tracking level.

Aims of this week:

  • Celerity Abyssite #2 (cos I have almost no stones)
  • Start work on seals for WHM Head and legs
  • Xp BLM to 85 and start on RDM.
  • Finish off the slimes.

Trial of the Magians: more weapon trials and now armour

Latest update offering from SE. They’re really pushing these out now… You can read the whole thing here.

Introduction of Armor Trials

To this point, Trial of the Magians has focused on the enhancement of weapons. New trials to be introduced in the coming version update, however, will be centered on a new series of armor that will be obtainable in Abyssea. A unique set will exist for each job, and when augmented through trials, their powers will truly be a sight to behold!

—  so no upgrades to Salvage or other gear yet. But hints that later there may be other gear…

Additional Weapon Trials

Along with the all-new armor trials, additional weapon trials will also see their debut. Through these, weapons obtained via past trials, including Empyrean weapons, may be augmented to heretofore-uncharted levels of power. These weapons will not only boast improved attributes, but also allow their wielders to unleash new weapon skills.

— so more Cure Potency? Refresh? MPga? Who knows… It’s good they mention its not just the Empyreans…

The Marvelous Magian Spectacles

Is there anything these stylish and practical specs can’t do? With the next version update, the tome summoned forth by this item will provide you with a two-day weather forecast for your current area.

— I have these, I wondered why they might be useful. This is actually handy. Except it would be nice not to have to travel there in the first place. I can deal though.

Objective Adjustments

The objectives of certain trials, including monster types, weather/weekday conditions and finishing blows are scheduled to receive refinements.

— is it me or are they thinking enough people aren’t doing these trials yet?

Could be fun.

Magian Staves

Sorry to post two in a row but this was so different from the thoughts on Dyna that I figured it would be better to split them up.

I’ve just posted up on the Seren forum, asking people if they need help with the later trials. Most trial weapons are ok to at least the 75 version but after that it can get tricky.

I’m so not into these, even having completed the cure potency Surya’s Staff but I need to work on the MAB staves for Thunder and Ice. Bergi has pretty much dragged me through recently, he knows how much these trials bug me.

Indra’s Staff (Thunder, MAB)

790: 50 Treants in weather

791: 50 Spiders in weather

816: 50 Monsters thunder weather/day

817: 75 Beasts thunder weather/day – this is where I am now

822: 150 vermin, finishing blow 50= thunder damage

823: 200 Slimes, finishing blow 150+ Lightning damage

1682: 200 Beetles, finishing blow, Lightning damage

1683: 250 Funguars, finishing blow 250+ Lightning damage

Varuna’s Staff (MAB)

790: 50 Treants in weather

841: 50 Slimes Ice/Earth/Water/Darkness weather

842: 50 monsters on Ice day/Weather

843: 75 Amorphs on Ice day/weather

848: 150 Arcana finishing blow 50+ Ice damage

849: 200 Lizards, finishing blow 150+ Ice damage

1708: 200 Bees, finishing blow 150+ Ice damage

Trial 1709: 250 Crabs, finishing blow 250+ Ice damage

I haven’t even started the Ice staff but I will.  I’ll get the thunder one done slowly over the month and maybe start the ice. Just in time of course for the new ones to be released.

Kaibelf has been working on tons of these weapons. I do understand why but I find them tedious to complete. Of course I love the results but it’s not much fun.

I guess I should thank Altana that I don’t in the big scheme of things, need many. If  SMN goes any higher than 75 (still don’t know about this) then it will probably need a Darkness -perpetuation and maybe a Wind -perp. We’ll see.

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