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News from Tokyo – 2 more jobs and a new race

Au ra – new race, with horns!

Healer is Astrologian, uses cards

Ranged Dps Gun class, Machinist with attachments and some form of pet or machinery thecan use in the field

Alexander will feature in the Heavensward endgame

New Collector’s edition will include a Gryphon mount, helm and minion


[dev1028] Ex Item Delivery Revisions

[dev1028] Ex Item Delivery Revisions.
Quite big changes to what you can and can’t send between mules. Including adding the possibility to send all abjurations, limbus drops, salvage cards, coffer keys, ZNM triggers, WoE coins, strongboxes, attestations/fragments,  sea organs and tons more….


Check out the full  list


[Items to be Made Undeliverable]

Power Sandals
Homing Ring
Return Ring

5/9/2011 Update .DAT Mining/Discussion :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM

5/9/2011 Update .DAT Mining/Discussion :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM.

Road Map for FFXI released!

Finally… we know the score. EPIC thread posted here on the SE forum.

The FINAL FANTASY XI roadmap for the twelve-month period commencing April 2011

The FINAL FANTASY XI roadmap for the twelve-month period commencing April 2011 has been released.

Roadmap for FFXI Read More…

Voidwatch! New event for May update

Released on the Dev Tracker via the FFXI Official Forums are details of a new event. The first stage will be released in the May update.  Up to 18-man battle fields against mobs called Voidwalkers… What made me giggle in the announcement was this…

savage entities that have breached planar bounds to invade multiple landscapes spanning past and present.

No, we cannot haz new zones for this! PS2 limitations! However, to be fair – it could be fun. OR it could be Walk of Echoes… we will have to see. I like the idea anyway and sounds like there will be lots of different battlefields/mobs to try.

I’ll be back later to post something meatier but this looks fun. Have the full announcement.

[dev1007] Voidwatch Emerges!

The forthcoming version update will feature a new battle system called “Voidwatch.”

In Voidwatch, bands of six to eighteen members will square off against “Voidwalkers,” savage entities that have breached planar bounds to invade multiple landscapes spanning past and present. By slaying these manifestations of terror, you and your stalwart comrades will gradually come to discover the true nature of the threat that has all of Vana’diel up in arms.

The upcoming May patch contains the first installment of this new challenge, and readies eighteen fields whereupon you will duel the dreaded Voidwalkers. The battle will expand to yet more areas in ensuing releases.

Click image for larger version  Name:	forum_20110408.jpg Views:	0 Size:	36.4 KB ID:	36

We will provide more information regarding Voidwatch in subsequent announcements, so stay tuned and steel yourself for battle!

Job Updates! The Mercury Keeps Rising: Level Cap to Be Increased! (01/12/2010)

So here they are. Level cap is to go to 90 and there are some changes to existing JA which are coming too. Read More…

Before the next version update

New Version Update Draws Near! (09/11/2010)

The new FINAL FANTASY XI version update is currently on track for an early December release!

The development team is putting the finishing touches on a wide range of content headlined by the long-awaited conclusion of the Wings of the Goddess missions, the next stage of the level cap increase accompanied by a variety of new spells and job abilities, and the new set of job emotes announced at VanaFest 2010.

Adventurers can also look forward to new item storage features, additions and enhancements to Trial of the Magians, new synergy and synthesis recipes and much, much more.

Further details will be announced in the coming weeks, so keep watching this space!


You’ve probably seen it by now, but the first update notice was released today. Here is my to-do list. There are lots more things I’d like to do but these are the ones I really want to get done before we move on to 90 and more Abyssea.

  • Complete Indra’s +1 (0/250)
  • Finish levelling Synergy from 50-70
  • Regain top Campaign medal
  • Beat WoTG Mission #37 (Darkness Descends) – ideally also beat the final quests so I can do the running around to catch up on missions but this mission would be fine and leave us pretty close for the final installment.



New zones in the past!

Augmenting Armour: new gear!

The addition of ‘augmentable’ gear to the next update seems interesting.

I’m hoping they put some somewhat sensible restrictions on it. I know that they’re releasing 3 new armour pieces with the mini expansion which I suspect will be a little more special. Read More…

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