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FFXI progress. Good Luck Shirocat :)

So… what have I been up to? I’ve been playing more than I expected but finding it far easier to walk away when needed. My newish job out in the real world is keeping me on my toes which is great but sometimes leaves me tired or wanting to do other stuff rather than game. I’ve had a few busy weekends away too.

I’m still dipping into Guild Wars 2 as and when I feel like it. I have some good friends who play and I do like it but without the pressure of a subscription, I can pick it up and put it down as I wish. This weekend there’s a whole new area and dungeon etc to mess around with.

As far as FFXI goes, I think last night was pretty interesting. I got to try Provenance with a pickup group. When I came back at the end of August, I was quite a lot behind in terms of Voidwatch wins. VW being one of the things which pushed me over the edge. A future of only VW was enough to scare anyone away. All that being said, it meant that when I came back I only had 4 stones and no access to Provenance. I had Jeuno 1-3 complete, had fought most of Jeuno 5 and 6 but only had progress for one mob in 5 recorded. I hadn’t finished Zilart (needed the many-armed guy) and obviously hadn’t been there for the start of ToAU and CoP routes.

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Supernal Abjuration: legs

Supernal Abjuration: legs

Typical Voidwatch… This is what drives people mad. It was the first time I’d done Morta… there are 2 other drops I wouldn’t mind including one for COR. Instead… the one I can use the least!

Seriously, VW loot system..come on. – Page 58

Seriously, VW loot system..come on. – Page 58.

Hey everyone.

I followed up with the development team to get an answer as to whether or not you need to already possess the rare/ex item to obtain a ticket. They said that you will in fact need to have the item in your possession and they are not planning to make it so you can give a ticket to someone else when you could obtain the actual item.

Also, to clarify the original post; each piece of gear will have their own ticket (and I’ve amended the original post for clarity). I’ve also seen questions about “will this apply to Heavy Metal Plates, too?” and the answer is no, this is currently planned for equipment pieces only.


Knew it.  So you can’t even just turn a body you don’t want into a ticket. You have to have the body, have it on you and then should you get a second THEN take a ticket.  As there is zero accountability to others in terms of seeing drops a lot of people won’t bother.

I mean teams of friends might of course but a lot of Voidwatch isn’t done like that.  Why do you as a melee take a mage body you don’t need AND make sure you have it when you do that fight again in case you get a ticket?  If your friend is lucky, it’s to help them out. If we’re unlucky it’s to help out your wallet.  How many of these items do you think are out there SE?


Of course there will be tickets generated by people who have the body and need it so it’s not a disaster but honestly this is just pathetic as a response. The price of these tickets for some items is going to be ridiculous.

I’m just so glad that my WHM was so well geared it didn’t need a Heka body to cap cure potency…  Would have been awesome on my RDM, SCH, SMN and BRD tho…

When I have the energy I’m going to write a response in the appropriate thread on the official forum.

I’ve just seen the post about the Dipper TH nerf… It’s kinda fun being the cranky old woman waving her cane at SE right now without having to actually deal with it.


Seriously, VW loot system..come on. – Page 44

Seriously, VW loot system..come on. – Page 44.

So I’m going to take a look at the new post about Voidwatch drops. I’m doing this because it’s one of the issues which had led to me cancelling my accounts this month whilst taking a break.  It was for me a breaking point.

  • In the event that a rare/ex item drops to you when you already possess the item, it will be possible to exchange that item for a ticket (name pending)

Problem 1: getting the freaking item to drop in the first place!  Most (not all) people are doing Voidwatch and targetting specific pieces with the sole intention of getting them and moving on. Sure if their friends need help or their linkshell does a run they will go again but a lot of VW is run via pickup groups. People often pick and choose the runs they attend just to get the gear they want. I can’t imagine that much has changed in 2 weeks…

So to get the item you want you have to get the item you want to get a ticket to get the item you want. Ok, overly sarcastic and I do know of people who have gotten multiple drops but it isn’t that common… Still it is a sign that SE is bending. Now they downright need to break on this issue.

  • Once you obtain a certain amount of these tickets, it will be possible to exchange them for a rare/ex item of your choice.
    *There will be different types of tickets for different items and you will need to collect the respective ticket for the item you would like.
    *The required number of tickets is still being looked into and there is a possibility of change, but currently we estimate it to be about 5~6.

OK, being able to trade in tickets for items is not a bad thing. Now reread…

*There will be different types of tickets for different items and you will need to collect the respective ticket for the item you would like.

So to get the item you want, you have to get the item you want more than once to get tickets to get the item you want.  You can’t just get tickets for drops in a tier… like Jeuno T3. So for me to get a Heka’s Kalasiris I need to get a Heka’s Kalasiris 5 or 6 times to trade in Heka’s Kalasiris tickets to get my Heka’s Kalasiris! OK, ok I know I’m being facetious here but for me to get my Heka’s Kalasiris I need to either get lucky in VW (it happens) or I need to collect 5-6 tickets from other people who don’t want or already have a Heka’s Kalasiris.  So we have to see 5-6 unwanted Heka’s Kalasiris drop. Which is nice.  To do that you have to spam VW over and over and over again.

To encourage people to continue doing VW, SE then propose that the tickets are sellable somehow. To make them worthwhile to farm the tickets will need to be worth a fair amount. Because for some the random number generator has been unfair or they don’t have enough time to reasonably spam VW, there will always be people willing to pay for them. So I guess that will drive others to participate in runs (not a bad thing) to farm tickets. Which will then get sold at fairly high prices. Because the drop rates are not that high in the first place. So people will end up spending 5-10m I’d guess on a VW body.I can see people feeling pushed to RMT as we speak. Come on SE, seriously? Abyssea was perhaps too far into easy mode but the freaking awesome thing about it was how with work you could make progress… without having all the gil in the world. Abyssea made a severe dent into RMT and you’re practically opening the doors and welcoming them back in.

  • Tickets will be tradable and sellable.

The development team feels that this will not destroy the meaning of having personal rewards, and though the drop rate balance will not be changed, even if you continue to have bad luck obtaining the item you wish, by collecting the tickets from your friends you will eventually be able to obtain the item.

Since there are a lot of rewards items, meaning a large amount of tickets to be created, we will start off by looking into implementing the hard to get items first. Please understand that it will take some time before this is all implemented.

I’m not saying this is all bad. I know it will help a bit. But it is such a minor concession and such a miserable way to do it.  It does mean that people don’t have to send /tells to each other saying they’ve got an item they can’t use AGAIN and people who know each other and get along may exchange tickets.  The fact remains though that the drop rate is low, the demand is high and whilst I’m glad SE is bending this isn’t much of a concession.

I do love though how to get my Heka’s Kalasiris I’d have to get my Heka’s Kalasiris 5 or 6 times to get Heka’s Kalasiris tickets to trade in for my Heka’s Kalasiris.


If, they introduce tickets across tiers, then it could work I guess. But why not allow you to trade in drops from tiers and save up for the item you want? If they do that then ok, I can see it working. But if you need to trade in item-specific tickets then I don’t think it’s an improvement.

I hear you like belts… WoE, Voidwatch & Dynamis

Had a lot of fun in Dynamis last night, completely unplanned.  Helped Hank get up to speed with Abyssea a bit by getting him a celerity abyssite, introducing him to cruor and doing a few Grauberg pages. I got another level done on COR whilst Kai skilled up on PLD and Nia got some RDM xp.

After which, Ure asks if anyone wants to do Dynamis.  Like a lot of people, Ure is saving for various shinies and so is building up a ton of cash. Just like I did with gaiters.  People know Dynamis is easier now and whilst currency prices are dropping ( and I predict will continue to) quite a few people are creating weapons and so demand is pretty decent.

Ure asked Shiro, Nia and I if we wanted to go on shell.  Rin, Syrik and Thiery were planning to go quite soon too. Then a few people indicated they were interested so instead of 3 low man groups we ended up going as a 10 man alliance.  It turned into quite a fun session. And we walked out with the equivalent of  almost 600 singles. One of which was an epic white proc by Syrik.

Everyone walked away with 58 singles and a couple of people got a couple extra.  Along with a sea of ‘emo’ (DRK) capes. We saw so many accessories for PUP, MNK, BLM, NIN, DRG & RDM, it was crazy. We also got RIn’s  -1 THF hands out the way and saw a random Valor cape. To be honest though our efforts were bent towards farming crazy amounts of currency.

So far currency has helped me fund gaiters and some of my outstanding scrolls. I’ve picked up Curaga V, Boost STR, Ice Carol II and Comet from Walk of Echoes; and Thunder V and Breakga  from the AH.  I still need Blizzaja, Holy II, Temper, Gain STR, Pining Nocturne and the tier 2 lullaby. I possibly now need some dice for COR.

I sold 15 of dice from WoE so now I’m saving them in case I do the WoE version of the gun. I have enough coins to complete a staff should I want to but I’m 2/3rds done with the gun coins at least. In fact I have a ton of various coins and I’m just stashing them away. I should really do the sword at some point.

In terms of magian trials I now have 4 +3 staves. MAB for Dark, Ice and Thunder for BLM and Cure potency for WHM etc.  It’s nice to have that extra cure potency on my other mages. Should I get lucky and walk away with the new cure pot body, even my RDM should be seeing crazy Cure potency numbers.

Voidwatch continues steadily. It’s nice when we race through the mobs, procing a ton and getting KIs and slowly increasing loot. We still need to work on more procing but the difference to the fights is huge and we are seeing more loot out of the chests. I want to get moving a bit more on the Jeuno path but when we’ve had lower numbers we’ve ploughed through some of the others and that’s great to see.  Abyssites and Periapts for everyone!

This prompted a brief discussion about ls events which I think we’ll have in more depth soon but my only issue with Voidwatch right now is how long it’s going to keep us occupied. Eventually of course we’re going to get to the point where people are lobbying to spam certain mobs over and over and at that point I can see people getting tired of it. We’ll see though. If we can manage lots of nice shinies for all, I’m sure it will be appreciated.

Another thing we did this week which made a change was go with most of the Salvage group to do some assaults.  Nia and Ure were both pretty close to Captain and Ere needs assaults all over the place. We managed to find 4 which all 3 needed and that leaves Nia with 6, Ure with 7 or 8 and Ere with quite a few to do.  I don’t think Salvage interest has died completely but we’ve done a lot of it and with Mart and Eid gone for now,  me needing a break from organising stuff and Ere trying to buy a house – a few weeks off is welcome.

We’re back to Abyssea for November, with Rin and Doy now up-to-speed on how we run events and everyone having had a chance to get a few things out of the way.  Slaan and I have had a breather and now the sack team is back up to a respectable 5 we should see less pressure on any one individual.

Trolling for scrolls

OK, now I should write a real post. We’ve done tons of stuff, I just haven’t gotten around to any real blogging. This season we are mostly doing… Voidwatch & Walk of Echoes.

The shell decided to try and catch up a bit with Voidwatch during August and early September and I am pleased to say it paid off. Alas we haven’t gotten to the mindnumbing stage of spamming things over and over for particular drops. We will, I see that coming shortly.

We have however opened up access to the Jeuno path and had members scurrying all over the place to start the Zilart path.  So on Thursday I see some new fights in our future.



I personally have picked up absolutely nothing of any worth from Voidwatch so far. We have seen a few bits and pieces but nothing epic. The odd bow, some flowers etc.

I hope by the time we’re on top of this, SE will relent somewhat on the drop rate. Otherwise once we’ve beaten the fights, the entire linkshell will get pissed off and bored.

I’ve been spending a HUGE amount of time in Walk of Echoes. In fact so determined am I to get my bloody spells, I’ve now gotten Mitch access so I can play his BST inbetween runs on my SMN. In the process of living in WoE, Bergi finally relented and levelled SMN and in true bergi style, now cannot be stopped until he has everything +3 and better than everyone else. Not that I blame him but I am so obsessed with these bloody scrolls that I can’t leave WoE.

I did managed to score big on Comet. I used it promptly before I sold it. I also got Ice Carol II. So I just need Holy II, Curaga V, Thunder V, Blizzaja, Breakga, Pining Nocturne, Horde Lullaby II, Boost STR, Gain STR and Temper! Approximately 6m gil worth of scrolls. And that’s after significant drops and the 3m price tag Comet had on it at the time I got it!  Dear SE, I do not want to be spending 10m+ on spells. WTF were you fucking thinking?!

I will probably cave in and buy some but I’m not buying them all. I’m trying to save for Gaiters right now and am up to just under 6m already. So I don’t want to waste the gil on things like Holy II.  I’m hoping for another Comet drop so I can buy a couple without feeling guilty. It’s getting a bit irritating that all the melee I know seem to be getting the bloody scroll drops!

Shiva hadn’t opened all its fluxes before the update. But within 24 hrs 1-7 were done and overnight (if that) 8-11 were up. I have now won all of them except the Crabs and the Mandies (#10). No one is doing the mandies and I’d love to. Apparently it’s hell on earth or something but it’d still be fun to try.

I spend most of my waking moments in flux 9 or 11.

We did go back to the HKCNM but after our easy wins, we took a bad setup and didn’t do so well. I did net a 100k shield but that was about it. Hoping Voidwatch ch.2 will also help with scrolls.  It’s that or I go insane.

Voidwatch Test Server Findings

Voidwatch Test Server Findings.

Current thread on Blue Gartr about the future of Voidwatch. Not my work but useful.  Voidwatch is definitely here to stay.


Occasionally I’m allowed some time off from Abyssea and Voidwatch. Oh and even running the shell.  One of the things I’ve done recently is get myself the Cosmic globe furnishing thingy. It seemed to involve a lot of this… (love the outfit, don’t you?!)

Goldfish Scooping

Goldfish Scooping

Goldfish scooping. Oh and copious amounts of swearing as I don’t have the outfit from a couple of years ago which helps with Goldfish Scooping… Eventually I got enough points though and after having pranced around Bastok Markets and shot a lot of mobs in Port Basty, I made my new furnishing. Read More…

wild dragon chase: [FFXI] Voidwatch (Part I)

wild dragon chase: [FFXI] Voidwatch (Part I).

Spira does the business on Voidwatch!

Voidwatch! New event for May update

Released on the Dev Tracker via the FFXI Official Forums are details of a new event. The first stage will be released in the May update.  Up to 18-man battle fields against mobs called Voidwalkers… What made me giggle in the announcement was this…

savage entities that have breached planar bounds to invade multiple landscapes spanning past and present.

No, we cannot haz new zones for this! PS2 limitations! However, to be fair – it could be fun. OR it could be Walk of Echoes… we will have to see. I like the idea anyway and sounds like there will be lots of different battlefields/mobs to try.

I’ll be back later to post something meatier but this looks fun. Have the full announcement.

[dev1007] Voidwatch Emerges!

The forthcoming version update will feature a new battle system called “Voidwatch.”

In Voidwatch, bands of six to eighteen members will square off against “Voidwalkers,” savage entities that have breached planar bounds to invade multiple landscapes spanning past and present. By slaying these manifestations of terror, you and your stalwart comrades will gradually come to discover the true nature of the threat that has all of Vana’diel up in arms.

The upcoming May patch contains the first installment of this new challenge, and readies eighteen fields whereupon you will duel the dreaded Voidwalkers. The battle will expand to yet more areas in ensuing releases.

Click image for larger version  Name:	forum_20110408.jpg Views:	0 Size:	36.4 KB ID:	36

We will provide more information regarding Voidwatch in subsequent announcements, so stay tuned and steel yourself for battle!

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