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I hear you like belts… WoE, Voidwatch & Dynamis

Had a lot of fun in Dynamis last night, completely unplanned.  Helped Hank get up to speed with Abyssea a bit by getting him a celerity abyssite, introducing him to cruor and doing a few Grauberg pages. I got another level done on COR whilst Kai skilled up on PLD and Nia got some RDM xp.

After which, Ure asks if anyone wants to do Dynamis.  Like a lot of people, Ure is saving for various shinies and so is building up a ton of cash. Just like I did with gaiters.  People know Dynamis is easier now and whilst currency prices are dropping ( and I predict will continue to) quite a few people are creating weapons and so demand is pretty decent.

Ure asked Shiro, Nia and I if we wanted to go on shell.  Rin, Syrik and Thiery were planning to go quite soon too. Then a few people indicated they were interested so instead of 3 low man groups we ended up going as a 10 man alliance.  It turned into quite a fun session. And we walked out with the equivalent of  almost 600 singles. One of which was an epic white proc by Syrik.

Everyone walked away with 58 singles and a couple of people got a couple extra.  Along with a sea of ‘emo’ (DRK) capes. We saw so many accessories for PUP, MNK, BLM, NIN, DRG & RDM, it was crazy. We also got RIn’s  -1 THF hands out the way and saw a random Valor cape. To be honest though our efforts were bent towards farming crazy amounts of currency.

So far currency has helped me fund gaiters and some of my outstanding scrolls. I’ve picked up Curaga V, Boost STR, Ice Carol II and Comet from Walk of Echoes; and Thunder V and Breakga  from the AH.  I still need Blizzaja, Holy II, Temper, Gain STR, Pining Nocturne and the tier 2 lullaby. I possibly now need some dice for COR.

I sold 15 of dice from WoE so now I’m saving them in case I do the WoE version of the gun. I have enough coins to complete a staff should I want to but I’m 2/3rds done with the gun coins at least. In fact I have a ton of various coins and I’m just stashing them away. I should really do the sword at some point.

In terms of magian trials I now have 4 +3 staves. MAB for Dark, Ice and Thunder for BLM and Cure potency for WHM etc.  It’s nice to have that extra cure potency on my other mages. Should I get lucky and walk away with the new cure pot body, even my RDM should be seeing crazy Cure potency numbers.

Voidwatch continues steadily. It’s nice when we race through the mobs, procing a ton and getting KIs and slowly increasing loot. We still need to work on more procing but the difference to the fights is huge and we are seeing more loot out of the chests. I want to get moving a bit more on the Jeuno path but when we’ve had lower numbers we’ve ploughed through some of the others and that’s great to see.  Abyssites and Periapts for everyone!

This prompted a brief discussion about ls events which I think we’ll have in more depth soon but my only issue with Voidwatch right now is how long it’s going to keep us occupied. Eventually of course we’re going to get to the point where people are lobbying to spam certain mobs over and over and at that point I can see people getting tired of it. We’ll see though. If we can manage lots of nice shinies for all, I’m sure it will be appreciated.

Another thing we did this week which made a change was go with most of the Salvage group to do some assaults.  Nia and Ure were both pretty close to Captain and Ere needs assaults all over the place. We managed to find 4 which all 3 needed and that leaves Nia with 6, Ure with 7 or 8 and Ere with quite a few to do.  I don’t think Salvage interest has died completely but we’ve done a lot of it and with Mart and Eid gone for now,  me needing a break from organising stuff and Ere trying to buy a house – a few weeks off is welcome.

We’re back to Abyssea for November, with Rin and Doy now up-to-speed on how we run events and everyone having had a chance to get a few things out of the way.  Slaan and I have had a breather and now the sack team is back up to a respectable 5 we should see less pressure on any one individual.


Walk of Echoes. Ranty Mc Rant of the Clan McRant!

Walk of Echoes has been ok on Shiva but the interest is definitely waning. In the few weeks since the update the interest has been slowly dying off. Still most of the time there is enough interest to have 1-2 fluxes going on. Usually 7 & 9. During JP primetime it tends to be a little busier and 11 gets spammed.

I actually prefer 8 and 11. I’m beginning to hate Amphiptere.

If you are EVERYONE!

The countdown timer for the battlefield does not start until you aggro or engage the first mob… So if there are 5-6 people inside waiting, do not run in AND START FIGHTING THE FUCKING MOB!  Especially if it’s 10 a.m. game time and you know there aren’t a horde of people about to enter. People are sat here because they want to do the fight and so want to encourage people to enter. However because they want to beat the bloody conflux, they are waiting for others before engaging. It’s not fucking rocket science!

I appreciate that not everyone knows how SMN works or in fact (it would seem) how any game mechanics work.

If you are a SMN

Garuda is not always the answer to everything!

What heresy is this I speak?! No seriously… Yes Garuda is a great DD but let’s think about it a second. If you are fighting mobs weak to blunt, use an avatar which inflicts blunt damage. What?!

Avatars do have different damage types.  On bones, Titan is awesome. He’s awesome for two reasons…

1)      He does blunt damage

2)      He has good protective bloodpacts

If a mob is spamming an AoE attack which AoE drains HP from everyone in range then it becomes harder to kill it, the more people/pets around it there are. So… how about this? You use Stoneskin which lands on those 15-36 people and the mob drains nothing back and you get to smash it faster?

Learn your elemental wheel! If a mob is strong to wind based attacks then don’t use freaking Wind Blade on it. Sure if it’s dishing out wind based attacks it’s nice to not take much damage from them but the avatar which is of the element STRONG to wind, i.e. Shiva (Ice) won’t either. Oh and look, Shiva does more damage!

Oh  and Tapana has stances. You have both physical and magical BPs.  Amazing. Learn which is which!

Think about which bloodpacts your avatar has which can help the group at large. If you’re weak and don’t have much MP, stick a free Carby in there.  You can AoE cure a ton of people and more useful ly AoE remove HP and MP down… Same with  Leviathan. He can do great physical damage AND heal.  Or he can enfeeble the mob.

Think about the group at large. Sure Hastega is nice but if Garuda isn’t doing much damage, why not try something else? Titan on Bones, maybe Shiva or Leviathan on Amphiptere? Maybe Carby occasionally. Try dispelling with Fenrir? Or hell Stun with Ramuh.

Garuda is not always the answer to everything.

 If you are a BLM.

Leave Walk of Echoes and never darken my door again.  Well ok, there’s like  1 in 10 BLMs who I applaud in there, the rest can go jump.

YAY! You have big spells aren’t you clever?!  Oh shit, you’re running for your fucking life?!

1)      Avatars are not good tanks in WoE. They get nommed easily. They do a ton of damage and then get eaten. A  SMN then can resummon but wait… it’s not the same guy! Yeah, yeah I know it LOOKS like the same guy but this guy is just like the other guy but WITHOUT ANY HATE! So every time an avatar dies, the mob looks around for whoever is next on its hate list. ZOMG that could be you, the BLM who just Bliz V fifteen spells in a row.

2)      Enmity douse is on a 10 min timer. So don’t fucking be stupid and overnuke when its down. Sure Manawall helps. Not much, even with taru mp.

3)      SMN BPs can easily be lost so if the mob is being kited around Walk of Echoes by an idiotic BLM in a panic it makes it more difficult to rescue your stupid butt.  If you’re lucky, someone will use a magical BP which has more chance of landing at range, do sufficient damage to distract the mob and save your butt. Otherwise they’re trying to use a physical BP which is dependant on the fucking mob being hit and not run out of range. SE gave us a break because believe me if I still had to wait 45-60s to BP again, I would hunt you down and kill you for the number of times I’ve lost BPs.

4)      Stun is awesome. If you are not stupid.  Don’t just stand there and marvel at the sea of Garudas (grrrh!) depopping and all the players falling to the floor. Stun the nasty bloody TP moves you idiots.  Yes, I know timers exist and no, you can’t stun all of em. But if 4 BLM decide to cast stun instead of getting themselves killed by pure stupid, the entire run will go more smoothly.

5)      If you are double weak your spells will do shit. Think about it.

6)      If you are running for your life… do NOT run towards hordes of resting people. You know those people trying to get MP after dying to that TP move you DID NOT STUN. Because their HP will be low and any TP move or spell the mob uses will kill them all over again. Oh and probably make them double weak. Move the fuck away or just freaking die. How can anyone save you if they can’t hit the fucking mob?

So yeah, er. That’s my opinion on some stuff in Walk of Echoes >.>

Trolling for scrolls

OK, now I should write a real post. We’ve done tons of stuff, I just haven’t gotten around to any real blogging. This season we are mostly doing… Voidwatch & Walk of Echoes.

The shell decided to try and catch up a bit with Voidwatch during August and early September and I am pleased to say it paid off. Alas we haven’t gotten to the mindnumbing stage of spamming things over and over for particular drops. We will, I see that coming shortly.

We have however opened up access to the Jeuno path and had members scurrying all over the place to start the Zilart path.  So on Thursday I see some new fights in our future.



I personally have picked up absolutely nothing of any worth from Voidwatch so far. We have seen a few bits and pieces but nothing epic. The odd bow, some flowers etc.

I hope by the time we’re on top of this, SE will relent somewhat on the drop rate. Otherwise once we’ve beaten the fights, the entire linkshell will get pissed off and bored.

I’ve been spending a HUGE amount of time in Walk of Echoes. In fact so determined am I to get my bloody spells, I’ve now gotten Mitch access so I can play his BST inbetween runs on my SMN. In the process of living in WoE, Bergi finally relented and levelled SMN and in true bergi style, now cannot be stopped until he has everything +3 and better than everyone else. Not that I blame him but I am so obsessed with these bloody scrolls that I can’t leave WoE.

I did managed to score big on Comet. I used it promptly before I sold it. I also got Ice Carol II. So I just need Holy II, Curaga V, Thunder V, Blizzaja, Breakga, Pining Nocturne, Horde Lullaby II, Boost STR, Gain STR and Temper! Approximately 6m gil worth of scrolls. And that’s after significant drops and the 3m price tag Comet had on it at the time I got it!  Dear SE, I do not want to be spending 10m+ on spells. WTF were you fucking thinking?!

I will probably cave in and buy some but I’m not buying them all. I’m trying to save for Gaiters right now and am up to just under 6m already. So I don’t want to waste the gil on things like Holy II.  I’m hoping for another Comet drop so I can buy a couple without feeling guilty. It’s getting a bit irritating that all the melee I know seem to be getting the bloody scroll drops!

Shiva hadn’t opened all its fluxes before the update. But within 24 hrs 1-7 were done and overnight (if that) 8-11 were up. I have now won all of them except the Crabs and the Mandies (#10). No one is doing the mandies and I’d love to. Apparently it’s hell on earth or something but it’d still be fun to try.

I spend most of my waking moments in flux 9 or 11.

We did go back to the HKCNM but after our easy wins, we took a bad setup and didn’t do so well. I did net a 100k shield but that was about it. Hoping Voidwatch ch.2 will also help with scrolls.  It’s that or I go insane.

Gulp. Flux 11 Megaboss Tapana

He’s not very friendly.




[dev1020] Walk of Echoes Battlefield Adjustments

Well here it is folks! Not actually a bad compromise honestly. It’s gotten rid of the worst feature and made it more possible to team up. Still prefer it not to be open but this is more managable.

Walk of Echoes Battlefield Adjustments

A number of changes will be introduced to Walk of Echoes battlefields in the next version update:


The no-reservation system will be preserved.

The once-per-Vana’diel-day entry restriction will be preserved.

All PCs in a single battlefield will form an allied group, similar to Campaign battles.

The spawn delay for subsequent waves of monsters in each walk will be reduced.

The cutscene displayed upon receiving Kupofried’s medallion will appear only once.

New upper-tier walks will be added.

Evaluation and Rewards

Evaluation conditions will be revised.

The system providing exclusive rewards to only the highest-rated participants will be changed to one in which all characters rated above a certain level will qualify for extra spoils.

Monster item drops and lottable spoils will be abolished.

New rewards will be added.

Coin drop rate will be increased.

Difficulty Adjustments

The linked enmity system will be revised.

Characters who remain KO’d for 30 seconds will automatically receive a Raise effect.

A possible time limit extension to 60 minutes is under consideration.

via [dev1020] Walk of Echoes Battlefield Adjustments.

WoEs – proposed changes

WoEs – Page 4.

As I am sure many of you are curious about Walk of Echo adjustments, we managed to grab the dude in charge and confirmed a couple details. The below points outline the current direction the devs are looking into:

• Change Walk of Echoes into an 18 person reserved battlefield
• With the move to a reserved battlefield, the time limitation will be changed from 45 minutes to 30 minutes
• Revamp rewards granted upon clearing the battlefield
• Abolishment of additional rewards to players who are evaluated highly
• Change so that the whole party receives the clear title instead of just the highest evaluated player
• Addition of higher tier Walks of Echoes

They will continue to be exploring the specific content from here on out, so please feel free to leave any feedback!

A screenshot or two… of the last few months!

Morning World! Yes, actually pretty cheerful this morning. I’m sure work will beat it out of me eventually but whilst I’m enjoying the sunshine and feeling pleased with all the stuff I got done this weekend, I thought I’d write a blog post. With pictures!

I usually take the odd screenshot but recently I’ve not kept on top of them. I find I take them and then forget and when it comes around to writing a blog post, the images are not where I am. Last night, I managed to crop up a few and upload them so I could reference them here.

It’s certainly been weird not being on XI for over a week but not all bad. I think I’ve had a small wakeup call that I need to ‘protect’ some of my personal time for the real world. I kinda knew that and every now and then I’d make sure I did it but I’ve achieved a lot this week (including way too much Dragon Age) and I don’t want to lose that momentum.

Right, so I have a selection of images from the beginning of the year which depict some of the stuff we get up to inside and outside of usual events… Read More…

Wow, what a crazy weekend.

Dynamis Beaucedine

We went back to try and finish off sets and finish them we did. Five people completed sets this weekend including me.   Bawb got done with BST, Mart with BLM, Josiey and Epic on SAM and me with BRD.  I almost got to the point of throwing my BRD relic away because it takes up space but no, it’s done now and I can store it. After almost 5.5 years of Dynamis I have one piece of relic left to get to complete all the sets I can use right now, RDM hands. I think this is the piece most people need so it may take a while. Read More…

WIDATW: Dynamis Tavnazia & Walk of Echoes

Oh hell, I hate Mondays. I really do. Anyway – before Monday comes a weekend which was full of stuff.

Saturday was fun. Earlier in the day, I helped Kendamarr with the rafflesia NM in Abyssea-Konschtat and on the second or third attempt, it dropped the BST mantle he wanted.

Dynamis ended up being Tav. We’d hoped for Xarcabard but once again the zone got ninja’d. It’s a pain in the butt that we have to go at the weekend because the Asian shells will stay up until crazy o’clock just to get in. Hopefully when the clocks change in a month, it will get easier again as many of the far eastern countries don’t use daylight saving.

So, having seen them go in and knowing they wouldn’t be done until 90 mins after our start time we decided not to wait this time and move. Read More…

I am f*cking furious!

Ok, I am F*CKING furious right now and about to R A A A G E!

That is after all, what a Blog is for!  I have one major AAAARGH to vent and one minor grumble. I’ll try and keep the swearing density down but insert a f*cking expletive every other word.

[I’m going to preface this with the fact it stems entirely from one comment on BG and I may yet be mollified by further information coming to light. But not right now!]

Let me sum this up:


Read More…

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