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Healers and DPSing

I’m going to be straight here and admit that my SCH is 60, my WHM is 50 and my AST is 53. So, I don’t have 60 experience as a WHM or AST. My 60 experience is as a SCH but it gives me some insight into what’s going on with healing and dpsing.

I am not a ‘world-first’ player. Hell, I’m not even as hardcore as I was in FFXI. I’m a decent player who makes an effort to level all classes and jobs for the appropriate cross-class skills. I get around to trying most things and up until Heavensward had beaten all extreme Primals and up to T9 in Coil. I figure this puts me fairly middle of the road. I’ve cleared normal Alexander multiple times now and have access to Savage.

How do I feel about healing and DPS?

I have mixed feelings about it. I think confidence is also a thing in DPSing as a healer.

Whilst levelling, I spent a lot of time learning. I kept my gear uptodate but I didn’t know where the crisis points were in dungeons, where the big pulls were and which fights were going to strain my MP. Other people were also learning. So DPS got caught out in more AoEs, tanks didn’t always have their cooldowns ready for big hits etc. If I feel the group isn’t coping well or is dealing with a lot of new stuff, I won’t DPS. So, if the DPS are getting hit by a lot of damage, if the tank doesn’t have or use their cooldowns etc and everyone is generally being hit hard, I’m not going to go out of my way to DPS. Even then I’ll throw out Virus.

If my party members aren’t getting hit by much and the DPS is really slow, I will switch to Cleric Stance and try and help out with DPS. A lot of people who don’t play healers don’t realise what a change it is that Lustrate is no longer an ability but is now an insta cast cure. This cuts down how much it cures under Cleric Stance. So whilst previously I’d have more wriggle room, I feel like I have to be a little more careful with curing on SCH now.

When we all started hitting 60 and gearing up, I noticed more opportunities and more breathing room for DPS. So I will if I can but it’s not my focus. My focus is keeping you alive. I always look at SCH’s DPS in 60 dungeons as a bonus to help a bit.

In raids, things are a bit different. For one, there’s another healer there, so there’s some cover for your oshit moments. Also people tend to try harder and work better together. I find with raids there are often points in fights where you can DPS and then other moments where you really can’t. The prime example of this is Faust in Alexander. I haven’t done Savage yet but even the first one is a great example. In the beginning you can DPS and contribute significantly. Later the tanks take more damage and it becomes harder.

I honestly don’t feel that DPS is my role but I can see that it can help a bit. I don’t hugely enjoy it but will contribute if I can. Sometimes it’s fun to see how much I can throw out there as a SCH (a lot) but I often feel that if you want me to DPS, let me go SMN and I’ll do it properly.

I don’t know how WHM is at 60 but I feel before the AoE nerf that WHMs were better at DPS than SCH even though our DoTs are more significant. So far AST DPS seems pitiful. I’m kinda enjoying AST but SCH so far outshines it in so many ways it’s hard to be motivated to get it to 60. I currently don’t see any reason to take my AST to things over my SCH. I have met amazing 60 AST so I’m going to keep on levelling it but honestly for me SCH wins hands down.

So, if you want me to DPS more – then DPS players need to hit hard, avoid AoEs and learn mechanics. Tanks need to use cooldowns and avoid what you can (harder for you, I know). Then I won’t be constantly mopping up and can then contribute more than healing.


Learning Arise

Learning Arise

Feeling good about my WHM

Epic weaponry & WHM. Or reasons why I don’t have a Yagrush.

I’ve been thinking a lot about weapons recently. Since Ere, Nia and I decided to team up and get a G. Horn and an Aegis done, my thoughts have turned to whether there’s another weapon I want to complete.

I’m at 39/50 Bukhis Wings for my Gambanteinn after last night. So having completed the two #1s which require Bukhis kills this month, I’m looking at farming up 6-10 popsets only.  I had contemplated finishing this back in October but because I knew my #1 wish would involve Bukhis kills I decided to see if anyone else’s did. Lo and behold, Bergi wanted to complete his Caller’s Pigaches +2 as well.

I know I’ve done this incredibly slowly.  This is in great part, intentional. I didn’t want to feel under pressure or stressed about it. As Bukhis drops are needed a lot by the shell I’ve just constantly wishlisted wings and picked them up. I’m only currently planning to get it to 85 as I have other goals.  That might change later.

If someone could hand me a completed weapon of any time, it would be Yagrush.  I considered a g.horn for my brd. I even thought about a Mandau for my THF. Fact is I don’t play or even want to play BRD enough these days to justify the effort.

Right now, Yagrush in gil terms is the equivalent of 3 relics.  Mythic weapons are deeply selfish things. I’ve decided that I will try and get some of the prerequisites out of the way so that should the Alexandrite situation ease up, I’m in a position to complete it.  I’ll keep any I earn (rather than sell) and perhaps I’ll even buy some if I see it cheap but as I’m pouring my gil into Nia & soon Ere effectively, that won’t happen for a while.

Objective Status
Captain O
Runic Key O
Vigil Weapon O
Odin. (Elite Einherjar) O
Long-Bowed Chariot in Bhaflau Remnants. (Comet Charioteer) O
Armored Chariot in Arrapago Remnants. (Sun Charioteer) O
Battleclad Chariot in Zhayolm Remnants. (Star Charioteer ) O
Long-Armed Chariot in Silver Sea Remnants. (Moon Charioteer) O
Gurfurlur the Menacing in Halvung. (Troll Subjugator)  X
Gulool Ja Ja in Mamook. (Shining Scale Rifler)  X
Medusa in Arrapago Reef. (Gorgonstone Sunderer)  X
Acquire Balrahn’s Eyepatch. 100,000 Therion Ichor ~33,000/100,000
Acquire the Wyrmseeker Areuhat 150,000 Tokens from Nyzul Isle ~80,000/150,000
Lebros Chronicle 0/10
Leujaoam Log 0/10
Periqia Diary 0/10
Ilrusi Ledger 0/10
Acquire 30,000 Alexandrite. 250/30,000
Tinnin’s Fang  X
Sarameya’s Hide  X
Tyger’s Tail O
Defeat Zahak  X

In all likelihood I won’t have a Tyger’s tail for long as we’re going for a PW pop but now that they’re 100% I’m less worried about those.

I think I’m going to work on getting the Beastmen titles asap. I’ve tried for at least one in the past but we got there as they left for Besieged and so he disappeared.  However if I get those done, then I’m onto the stage where I can work on points.  Redoing assaults will be dull but straightforward. Nyzul Isle tokens are cake to get.  Ampoules I’m kicking myself over, I should have saved some but I think farming will become realistic if we can enter daily. Meanwhile I know some other people who need some so I might be able to set something up.

The Alexandrite is literally my personal stash.  On shiva I see it selling for 15k a piece. Occasionally 10. You’re talking 300-450m gil’s worth. I  Even with donations and sourcing suppliers at a lower rate, it’s a lot of gil.  Farming some of it will help, but you need to go every day to make any dent in it. The supply isn’t high right now. t’s not impossible but the commitment needed is crazy high. I’ve witnessed this when Staren and Anexya talk about the work they’re putting in.

Of course you might get lucky and win a Catseye from the Mog bonanza; or they may finally cave in to player pressure and improve the supply and/or reduce the amount of alexandrite needed for these weapons.  I hope they have the sense to do both but I’m not holding my breath. Make it 10k already.

These weapons were not supposed to be about gil, but they made it ALL about the gil.  I won’t fund a Yagrush with a credit card (and god knows how much that would cost anyway) because I don’t believe in RMT. I can make money when I need to but this is on another scale.

So I’ll continue to chip away at the requirements so that I am ready should things change but until the Alexandrite portion becomes more reasonable, that’s all I can do.  Neither Mjollnir nor Gambanteinn are the slightest bit useful in comparison and that irritates me enormously.

In more positive news, I’m 2/4 on La Velue and then have Hovering Hotpot to do before moving onto the VNM trials for my gun.  Even after WoE spamming, I don’t have the coins I need to complete it yet and am more likely to team up with Ere to make Armageddons.

I do (like anyone who does WoE) have enough coins to create a staff. I’m just not sure I can face it. I am going to work on a Garuda -perp staff next.

[Test Server] WHM

Not much to add here but…. the WHM job ability is called Sacrosanctity, lasts 60 seconds and is on a 10 min timer.

Holy II under Light Arts costs 135 MP and did 558 damage with an Apollo’s staff/some mind gear. Nekkid with no arts or gear 150 MP and 1 min recast and 338 damage. This is without capped divine or anything tho as I forgot to recap my skills via the moogle. Gai n Str looks dull. Holy II is exactly the same as Ultima and Sacrosanctity makes you look like you’re inside a plastic die.

[Job Adjustments Manifesto] WHM

[Job Adjustments Manifesto] WHM.

The cliff notes:

  • Holy II coming next update
  • Higher tiered version of Raise coming which may or may not be called Arise and may or may not cover more people and do some other stuff.  Not this version update
  • We will have a spell like Cursna for Doom, which deals with Amnesia in the future
  • We won’t be able to cure Terror
  • Cursna is not being adjusted any time soon but they are monitoring it
  • Recast timers for Esuna and Sacrifice will probably be reduced at some point to the same as Erase
  • They like the idea of AoEing Divine Caress and will look into it
  • Barspells are ok right now and will get stronger so they’re not currently doing much but monitoring them
  • They *might* consider Barlumina and Barnocta
  • They may be able to fix barfira being overwritten by a BRD >.>
  • They’re not going to re-centre enhancing magic on others
  • Cure potency merits are not coming

WHM – August 2011 Edition

Time for an update. I’ve managed to get hold of Owleyes, Portent Pants, a Zelus Tiara, a Goading Belt  and a better Facio Bliaut. Edit: this isn’t about me telling anyone else how to gear/play their WHM, rather a reflection on where I am with it. Read More…

Oh god not this again. CoP rings

No. I’m not currently intending to get a Rajas ring. No matter how awesome it is. Yes, I’m upgrading Gambanteinn to 85. Yes, I intend to make decent TP and WS sets to get the most out of it. However I am a WHM. So my main role as far as I am concerned is not to prance around smacking the crap out of things in most group situations. Sure there are some situations where it would be a) useful and b) possible. I am not however going to give up my primary function of healing/support which I feel is done better using cure/enf/enhancing appropriate gear.

I have WHM, RDM, SCH, SMN, BRD, BLM as well as COR and PLD. I levelled everything except PLD before the level cap was raised. I am a career mage but most especially I am a career WHM.

The best curing ring in the game right now is still the Tamas. Therefore… the Tamas Ring will stay welded to my finger.

Is Rajas amazing for melee? Hell yes. Is melee important to me? No. So why am I upgrading a Gambanteinn (15/50, 18/50)? Because I can. OK, ok it’s not that simple but essentially I can do most of the work solo or dualboxing. No one else in my shell is currently working on anything along this path and the only guy who was even thinking about it is not playing right now.  So Bukhis wings would go free lot or drop to the ground and I enjoy the occasional WHM challenge.

Sure I will do my best to acquire gear which improves and supplements my melee but I am in no way, shape or form prepared to drop 30 MP, -3 ENM and 5 MND on one slot which barely ever leaves my finger for a Rajas which I’ll use for WHM melee and that occasional time when my COR gets let out of the closet.

So when I ask for advice about meleeing on WHM whilst I expect people to say ‘ Rajas would be good’.  I do expect them to accept that in this extremely limited set of situations where I will really get to play with WHM/NIN and Gambanteinn I should not drop my primary function as healer nor a piece of gear which support it extremely well.

No I will not currently drop my f**king Tamas Ring for a Rajas. Got it?

WHM Gear (April 2011) Edition

Time for the regular update on my gear for WHM. I’ve managed to snag a few shinies for it, the most recent being an Orison Locket. I’ve also picked up an Orison Earring and want to get hold of some Auger Hands at some point. There are always improvements to be made but this is where I am so far.

WHM Idle

WHM Idle

Dryad Staff/Staff Strap/Cleric’s Belt and Roundel Earring are the ambiguous pieces. Pretty basic set which maximises MP/HP and gives me some decent movement speed and Refresh.  I’m working on finishing up Wings of the Goddess for the Moonshade Earring but I don’t think I’ll go for the RefreshSubligar. I should really work on a Wivre Hairpin for both WHM and BLM. Read More…

Progress Report


  • Club is over 300 but not capped
  • Staff is now sitting at 284. I should go level it to get Cata… but honestly cba right now
  • Shield is around 280
  • Great Sword is still 197. I’ll get around to it.
  • Healing magic is 330ish… slow but sure. Enfeebling/Enhancing getting pretty close to cap


  • Trials 716 (Urd) and collected quite a few Bukhis wings this month. Can’t wait for stacking…
  • Now 4/5 on Orison +2 with the Hands at +1
  • Aqua Sachet got


  • Varuna +2 done
  • Full +1 Goetia set now
  • 2 gems towards +2 hands and 1 towards +2 something else


  • 90!
  • Merits capped
  • W legs – yeah right…


  • Weirdly I finished +1 COR set this month with no real effort… Seals just drifted in
  • W legs – see PLD
  • Merits now 90% done. Just throwing random crap into the JA in group 2 now to cap out.


  • Head/Legs +1 – finally started… some seals collected for hands/body. Need to work on feet
  • Merits capped


  • 4/5 on +1 RDM EAF with no progress on the body
  • W legs – see above


  • EAF Hands/Feet/Head done. Need to get the legs done. Some seals for body
  • Gifted Earring got! (Thanks to Bai’s Tier III VNM)
  • Soulscourge got! (Thanks to Bergi and co )
  • Macros all updated with new gear. Have a decent Blood Boon set now

Abyssean Armour

I seem to go in waves with this blog. Some weeks I want to write constantly and others I just ignore it. We’ve been very busy as a linkshell and I’ve had some time off work so I went nuts for a few days. Fuelled in part by the return of Clevan.

It was great to see him online. He’s just finished his chemo and that’s about all I can tell you right now. So we focused on getting him involved and a little caught up. He timed his return perfectly… there I was with some time free to get him restarted!

We managed to get him some xp, introduce him to Bastion & Dominion ops, pick up Razed Ruins & Voracious Violet AND complete 2 NIN AF+1 in 3 days… He was already 80 as he’d been on briefly in the early autumn but he’s now 90 and has a few more seals towards the Iga head +1.  He also proved how freaking good a tank he can be by holding his own at 83 with (at the time) one Atma.  Now he’s 90 and has 2 whilst we slowly get boss kills for the 3rd. We need some kills for others in the shell. Whilst I was offline on Friday/Sat the guys popped Kenda’s Tier 3 VNM and picked up a Hochomasume for C and the hands for Slaan.

We had quite a laugh when we realised that my PLD is a higher level than C’s… It’s been good to see him. We’re not sure of the big picture but I figure he’s here right now, so let’s make the most of it. Now to persuade Dell he wants to come back… so I have two of my favourite Elvaan back ingame to torment.

Orison Bliaud +2

Orison Bliaud +2

In terms of personal progress, I’ve made so much its insane. I’ve now upgraded the WHM body to +2 thanks to awesome efforts of the shell. We’re knocking out people’s tier 1 wishes constantly and it makes for a lot of fun. So now I’m sat on 3/5 +2s and I’m halfway to the 4th. Orison Hands +2 aren’t a huge priority but will probably go on the list next month just for the set bonus.

I’ve had a lot of fun in Abyssea – Miseraux recently. C and I went out to duo initially, to see if we could do the bugard NM for his leg seals. We bumped into Rin and Syrik trying to duo and proc the bird NM. We teamed up with them and soon Pooter and Sytorius showed up. We made an awesome team and managed to finish Rin’s legs, Syt’s legs and some others. We also got some NIN leg seals. I picked up an odd BRD leg seal too.

Goetia Chausses +1

Goetia Chausses +1

I went back with some other peeps to try Funereal Apkallu. Really to finally get around to upgrading my BLM legs. I’m not really interested in the +1s but the +2 seem good. We’ll see of course… We spammed that penguin and he dropped tons of seals. I finished my BLM legs, my BRD legs and my COR legs that day. I had to spend some time doing Bastion just to get enough points to finish em. I’d had 4 or 5 BRD seals before we started so that was super quick. BLM we got all 8 seals and an extra for the late-t0-the-party Mart before heading over to Attowha to finish up Slaan’s headpiece. I should work on the seals I need for SMN legs now I have one.

We’ve tried some bitchy mobs recently. Orthrus is fine. Even more so once you get his atma. However… Alfard is revolting… and I don’t like him very much. We eventually figured him out but man is it easy to mess that up.

Don’t talk to me about the UR Iron Giant and his resulting NM, Pantokrator. They are bitchy as all hell. Still, we have the BRD instruments and the tiara we needed so we’re ok.

I’ve helped Poot & co. with some tier II VNMs for body seals. In the process they kindly let me ninja some spare BLM seals. We also got Niamh and Clevan, Creed Earrings.  I’m 6/10 on the BLM body +1. I’m not as concerned about that as I once was because of my shiny new Morrigan’s robe from Salvage. However the +2 is hawt so I guess that’s where my focus will go if the upgrades to Salvage gear are phail.

I’ve also skilled up a fair amount and seen Mart kick BUTT with Catastrophe so when I have a moment I’ll go and get that finished off. I’m sat at 281 staff so its around the corner.

Somewhere along the line we got Niamh the Shinryu win and a nice torque but we’ve yet to see a mail drop. I have a shiny cloak but we need lots of mail for our melee.

I finally finished up my Varuna’s Staff +2 and completed another trial towards Gambanteinn.

There’s tons to talk about in terms of changes to the shell and game right now so I’ll take that to a separate post.

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